Shores Of Gold

Grand adventures, vast riches to plunder, ancient secrets to uncover… stories of piracy and wild encounters on the waves. The Sea of Thieves is bigger and stranger than anyone knows. Tall Tales – Shores of Gold brings this pirate world into even more vibrant focus, leading you deep into long-lost legend and mystery. Are you ready to follow our trail of tales?

Tales Still Untold

Tall Tales – Shores of Gold takes pirates through a series of interconnected tales of wonder and discovery, exploring the stories of those who live on the Sea of Thieves. Revel in the quintessential pirate adventure as you embark upon a quest for a lost island, long believed to be mythical.

Many revelations and destinations lie ahead: you’ll acquire ancient artefacts and enchanted items, overcome traps and encounter new foes as part of this epic journey.

Lords of the Sea

Lords of the Sea

Tall Tales – Shores of Gold introduces Skeleton Lords, imposing characters clambering out of the oldest legends into the present day. Meaner than any of the bony marauders you’ve fought so far, these intimidating adversaries can only be encountered by following the story as it unfolds.

Be prepared for anything when seeking out Skeleton Lords – these resourceful foes will resist any attempt to send them back to their resting place beneath the sands. They’re big, tough and full of surprises…

Look Before You Leap

Your search for the fabled Shroudbreaker will take you to places protected by fiendish puzzles and even more fiendish traps. Getting your hands (and hooks) on other pirates’ treasure will be harder than ever, requiring brains as well as brawn.

Watch your step when you go seeking prizes that once belonged to others. You may get more than you bargained for! Tales can also play out differently with each telling, so you won’t always be visiting the same islands along the way.

Look Before You Leap
Strangers and Friends

Strangers and Friends

Visit the Mysterious Stranger in any tavern to begin Shores of Gold. This patient and otherworldly individual, an emissary of the Pirate Lord, has a curious tale to tell. No pirate worth their sea salt would miss out on such an introduction!

You’ll meet a variety of unusual characters from all over the Sea of Thieves as you explore each chapter in Tall Tales – Shores of Gold. Keep your eyes open for some old favourites too, including a scattering of familiar figures from the Sea of Thieves novel, Athena’s Fortune.

The Story Continues…

These interconnected tales, the special features within and a stash of further surprises await all brave pirates in Tall Tales – Shores of Gold, your next truly fulfilling pirate adventure.

You’ll meet quirky characters and discover exciting secrets. You’ll plunder hidden locations and vanquish terrible foes. And above all, you’ll be making your mark on a brand new era in Sea of Thieves’ history. What are you waiting for?