This week sees Sea of Thieves join forces with Twitch Prime to offer a bundle of exclusive, time-limited loot! Anyone who uses Twitch Prime can head over to their Sea of Thieves sign-up site right now to link accounts and pick up these goodies while they’re available. The Twitch Prime Pirate Pack will be available to Prime users until January 7th 2020, giving you plenty of time to get your hands on these bright and appropriately amethyst items as part of the partnership.

This bundle is the whole perfectly purple package and includes the Celestial Steed Ship Livery (Hull, Sails, Figurehead and Flag), the Amethyst Soul Capuchin and a trio of emotes: Pay Respects, Feeling Sad and Let’s Go. For a closer look at the loot on offer, you can catch the official trailer on Twitter!

This generous loot bundle is perfect for old and new pirates alike, offering all the essentials for sailing the seas in style. The Celestial Steed ship set is a colourful, unicorn-inspired livery set to stun all other pirates you encounter – and yes, the Amethyst Soul capuchin is a purple monkey. Who doesn’t love a purple monkey?

The emotes on offer are also perfect for pirate peacocks and ultra-competitive Arena battlers, offering a set of moves well-suited to reinforcing any wins or losses you might experience while sailing the seas.

To be eligible for this bundle right now, you’ll need to be a member of Twitch Prime – but if you’re not, don’t worry, these cosmetics and emotes will be available from Sea of Thieves’ in-game Pirate Emporium at a later date.

For full details, head over to the Twitch Prime offer page where a handy FAQ awaits your eyeballs. If you’ve attempted to redeem the offer already but you’re having trouble finding the items, please check the Sea of Thieves Twitch Prime FAQ support site article.