Sea of Thieves Storms into Season Six!

Sea Forts, Adventures and a Pirate Legend Voyage await in this story-centric Season…

Spring has nearly sprung and as the seasons change outside, it’s time for us to wave away the crisp chill of Season Five and let the spring breeze of Season Six waft into our nostrils. Everyone breathe in, get it into your gills – lovely. Now, what does Season Six bring to the map table?

Well, this Season leads with the exciting escapades enabled by the introduction of Sea Forts, but it’s also about expanding Sea of Thieves’ evolving narrative with Adventures and a special Pirate Legend-exclusive Voyage. All that plus new Seasonal rewards for you to earn, an optional Plunder Pass full of brand new goodies and more. Now enough preamble, let’s take a closer look at what’s coming in Season Six!

Sea of Thieves Season Six: Official Content Update Video

Duration 4:15

Strength and Fortitude

As he continues to marshal resources from the Sea of the Damned, Captain Flameheart has pulled forth six Sea Forts from that spectral expanse into the world of the living. Dotted around the Sea of Thieves, these fixed naval fortifications now provide a perfect drop-in activity for pirates short on time for a longer Voyage or Skeleton Fort encounter, providing a streamlined and satisfying combat experience on demand. 

Within one of these Sea Forts, you can scavenge loot from its various nooks and crannies, defeat the Phantoms that act as its guards and take its well-protected loot, after vanquishing the Captain and taking their Treasury Key. With the Fort now yours, why not use it as your own pirate hideout – complete with your own Homestead room for entertaining guests and potential hostages? Just don’t be surprised if other pirates come to claim the Sea Fort for themselves, rather than to play a friendly game of dice.

Meanwhile, if you want to play your part in thwarting Flameheart’s ambitions and liberating the captured residents of Golden Sands Outpost, keep your eyes peeled for our second time-limited Adventure, ‘Forts of the Forgotten’, starting on March 24th and featuring these imposing edifices at its heart.

Legends Only

In an update that’s been a long time coming, Pirate Legends will soon be able to go on a multi-stage adventure of their own: the Legend of the Veil, a special Voyage exclusive to those who have reached that auspicious milestone. Coming later in Season Six, this story-focused Voyage will send our Legends travelling the seas at the behest of the Pirate Lord, hunting down the lost Veil Stones and learning more about the mysterious Ancients. 

This stone search spans dramatic locations from haunted islands to shipwreck graveyards, and even a battle against a Ghost Garrison emerging from the depths. With the challenges you face changing each time you take on this Voyage, it is one truly worthy of its legendary title!

We’re also raising the maximum rank you can achieve with the Athena’s Fortune Trading Company from 20 to 30 when the Legend of the Veil launches, and adding new Commendations, achievements and cosmetics too. Combine that with the 100 new levels of Seasonal progression that Season Six already brings, and you’ll have quite the climb ahead of you – so pack your crampons!

Spring Collection

The Pirate Emporium’s had a freshen up in time for spring, with new ranges and a brand new Plunder Pass arriving for Season Six. This Season’s Pass contains the complete Spring Blossom ship set (including Collector’s Figurehead and Sails) and the evolving Forest’s Blessing Costume – and as always, Plunder Pass goodies are exclusive to the Pass for at least a full Season before reaching the Pirate Emporium at a later date.

So if you’re in the mood for window shopping, head on over to our dedicated Pirate Emporium page to browse all March’s headline cosmetics – such as a whole suite of gear boasting the loud and proud Islehopper Outlaw theme, comprising a ship set, weapons, costumes and banjo. Treat yourself to something eye-catching this spring...

And that’s that: all the major updates coming in Season Six in a nutshell. For those who really want to get into the weeds of everything arriving this Season, turn your sails towards to the release notes and our dedicated Season Six page. We hope you all enjoy what it has to offer, and don’t forget to head out on our next Adventure, ‘Forts of the Forgotten’, when it launches on March 24th!