Celebrating Sea of Thieves' Fourth Anniversary!

Special anniversary in-game goodies, Gold & Glory, sales and more await…

Happy anniversary, everyone! It’s been four eventful years since we first set sail on the ocean in search of gold and adventure, and the excitement continues apace. We’ve fought against terrors from the deep, sailed through volcanic waters, worked together to save the very pirate way of life and now in our fourth year, we’re embarking on bold new Adventures to broaden the narrative horizons of this sea we call our home. 

But that’s enough schmaltz, it’s time to party! As is customary for a Sea of Thieves anniversary, we’ve lined up some special goodies with which to mark this temporal milestone, ranging from free goodies to exclusive discounts. So grab yourselves a grog cocktail, put on a party hat and let’s see what activities we’ve got lined up!

First up, anyone who logs into Sea of Thieves between Friday March 18th (10am UTC) and Monday March 21st (10am UTC) can grab the lustrous Golden Sailor Wheel as a free anniversary gift! Larinna and the Merchant Alliance have also been able to wrangle some limited edition stock, with the Golden Sailor Cannon Flare and commemorative Anniversary Firework Crate on sale in-game throughout this celebratory weekend.

As an extra anniversary treat, we’ll be holding a Gold & Glory Weekend over the same dates and times, ideal for those looking to double their gold and reputation and get a Renown boost while rattling through Season Six’s 100 levels of progression.

Meanwhile, the Pirate Emporium is also hosting a sea of discounts between March 18th and 21st. The focus of this sale is squarely on ranges celebrating our Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life crossover with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, so enjoy saving Ancient Coins on everything from the Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa Costumes to themed ship sets, emotes and pets!

If you’re in the market for some physical swag to mark this anniversary, the Rare Store is offering a 20% discount on certain Sea of Thieves items over the weekend, as well as releasing a line of limited edition Sea of Thieves shoes! We have it on good authority that they make great dancing shoes for when you’re tackling a merry jig.

Those are all our exciting plans for the weekend ahead – take a look at some of them in action in the very latest episode of Sea of Thieves News, and we hope you’ll join in the anniversary celebrations out on the seas. Here’s to many more!

Anniversary Antics, Charitable Corsairs and the Next Adventure: Sea of Thieves News March 17th 2022

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