Creator Spotlight - KatLikesTacos

Cruising into the latest Spotlight is a lore-loving looter who adores the artistic side of life!

We’ve changed the bulb again, and the Spotlight now falls on another of our loyal Sea of Thieves streaming Partners! This time, we got the chance to sit down with the one and only KatLikesTacos, known far and wide for her seafaring fables. Join us in finding out more about the person behind this living encyclopaedia of lore on the Sea of Thieves!

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[Q]: What was your introduction to the world of games?

[A]: When I was young, I didn’t know how to read! I was really behind everyone my age. When I was 7 I was given a Game Boy Color and Pokémon Yellow for Christmas, but I couldn’t play it because I couldn’t read. My parents said they wouldn’t read it for me, so I learned to read just so I could play my first video game.

[Q]: How did you become part of the Sea of Thieves community?

[A]: I had seen someone stream Sea of Thieves at the tail end of 2018, and I thought the game looked fun! I spent a few weeks watching people play it before I decided to give it a try myself, and ended up super-involved in the Twitch SoT community as well. From there I got to know different sailors on the seas and formed friendships and crews!

[Q]: How did creating content become your ‘thing’?

[A]: A content creator I’d been watching a lot simply asked me one day if I stream, and when I said no, he asked why not? My answer was mostly I didn’t think anyone would watch, but he thought I was wrong. So I decided to give it a shot because I enjoy interacting with people as a viewer in chat, and discovered I love streaming more than I expected I would!

[Q]: How do you decide what kind of content to create?

[A]: Well, I’m incredibly passionate about the lore in Sea of Thieves, so it takes very little to get me going during a livestream. My background is English literature, so researching and diving deep into things comes naturally to me. But other than that, my content is very much like I am: all over the place, a little unhinged, but always straight from the heart.

[Q]: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced while creating content?

[A]: For me, I struggle a lot with staying on top of everything. I’ve got ADHD, have since I was a kid, and it’s difficult to remember all the emails to respond to, emotes to make, things to schedule, it’s so much!

But I’ve also struggled with balancing life on-screen with my life off-screen. I work a full-time job, so managing the stress and responsibilities I have away from stream can become difficult at times. I’ve had to take breaks from streaming when I needed to keep that balance, and as much as I hated to be away from it, taking a break ultimately kept me happier in the long run. Moral of the story, don’t be afraid to take time away from content creation when you have to.

[Q]: What different channels do you have?

[A]: As well as Twitch I’ve got a Twitter and Instagram, as well as a YouTube that I’ve yet to make any content for. Like I said, it’s tough to remember everything I’ve got to do, but I’ve wanted to post lore discussion videos for as long as I can remember!

[Q]: What’s been your most memorable Sea of Thieves moment so far?

[A]: Obviously doing Glitterbeard is one standout moment, but more than anything else I think my absolute favorite has been doing my New Year’s Blast last year. I got a bunch of friends and content creators together, and we basically just got as many kegs as we could and piled them all over Galleon’s Grave Outpost. At the stroke of midnight, we set them off in a chain reaction to send the year out with a BOOM!

Overall, the entire day was just so lovely. Getting to spend time with various members of my community, having fun and making memories. It was a reminder of why I started playing Sea of Thieves, and why I later started streaming too. Celebrating what brings us all together, no matter where we’re from, and using the sandbox elements of the game to create something unique and wonderful. That and I just really, really love kegs!

[Q]: What do you enjoy most about the game now, and what are you looking forward to in future?

[A]: One thing that has always hooked me in Sea of Thieves has been the lore. The team at Rare have made such a rich and deep story for the game and its universe, it never fails to capture my attention. Hearing people’s theories on what is still to come as well as their conspiracies about mysteries not yet solved really speaks to the part of me that has always loved reading. Not to mention, the Sea of Thieves books are all really well-written too. So there’s a whole ocean of stories and adventures to read up on and experience, in the game and out of it!

As for the future, I guess it’s still the lore! The game will always be evolving in terms of gameplay mechanics and quality of life adjustments, so I can’t really think of what I would want there. But the collective story our pirates have been building and subtly influencing over the past few years feels like it’s about to hit a tipping point, and I for one can’t wait to see where the cards fall at the end of the day! After all, it’s not about the gold, it’s about the glory.

[Q]: What’s something you’re particularly proud of accomplishing in gaming?

[A]: It might sound kinda cheesy, but when I started streaming, becoming a Sea of Thieves Partner was my only goal. More than anything, I wanted an opportunity to represent the game and community I care so much for and feel so strongly about! While I know it’s not just gaming-related, it’s still my proudest moment to date. I’ll never forget the way it felt when I found out, and that feeling is what drives me each and every day I set sail to show people all the best sides of the Sea of Thieves that I can.

[Q]: How did you come up with your channel name?

[A]: Well, my name is Kat, and I like tacos! Not to be confused with Tacos, he’s a person. My enjoyment of the food came before my appreciation for the person, but they’re both lovely in my book.

[Q]: What do you like to get up to when you’re not streaming?

[A]: Oh boy, lots of stuff! Anything hands-on and creative I’m super-passionate about, it’s a lot of art. It could be anything from painting, foam crafting SoT objects, making things out of clay, digital art, playing the cello, writing, I’ll try anything once if it’s arts-related! I even make and give things away on my stream once in a great while. But I also play a lot of video games off-stream, and it’s not uncommon to catch me playing some GTARP, Animal Crossing or whatever else has got me hooked at the moment.

[Q]: What advice would you give to a new content creator?

[A]: Everyone says the two obvious ones: keep a consistent schedule and don’t pay attention to numbers. But I would say the most important thing as a new content creator is to surround yourself with people who care about you and support you. Build your team from people you trust, who lift you up and celebrate you and your content just as much as you do. If you want to enjoy what you’re doing, that’s the best way to start in my opinion.

[Q]: What’s one thing you would advise a content creator not to do?

[A]: Like I said above, avoid the numbers, of course. But also, don’t ever lose perspective. Don’t let creating content make you forget who you are, and what’s important to you. So many people get lost somewhere along the way and find themselves struggling with content creation because they don’t remember what drove them to start in the first place. Whatever that was, hang on to it. Even if your reason changes, remembering what inspired you in the first place will always keep you grounded.

And don’t forget, no matter how big you get, you’re still just another player at the end of the day. Partner or not, we’re all sailing on the same waves together. Remember to stay humble and be open to new experiences!

[Q]: Could you give us one more random fact about yourself?

[A]: I can grab both of my shoulder blades at the same time!

And that’s it for another Spotlight! Thanks to Kat for taking time away from asking questions to answer ours – if we’d thought about it, we could have used the distraction to go make more of the Sea of Thieves lore bulletproof so she can’t catch us out.

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