Be More Pirate

Reputation is everything. Become a pirate legend!

There are countless ways to make your mark on Sea of Thieves' stunning world. The more voyages and adventures you see through to the end, the greater your reputation becomes and the more opportunities unfold before you.

Reputation is everything. Become a pirate legend!
Available now for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC!

Available now for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC!

Also enhanced for Xbox One X. As an ever-evolving game, Sea of Thieves is being continually updated with new features, adventures and ways to play. Take a look at our Updates page to see the most recent content and get a full rundown of everything added to the game since launch!

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Venture out onto a vast, open ocean, uncovering new regions scattered with unspoiled islands and the sunken ships of less agile sailors. You're free to approach this world and its wealth of challenges however you choose. Sail for the sheer joy of discovery or undertake dramatic voyages, following maps and untangling riddles, learning to expect the unexpected...


When parley is off the table, fight to protect your crew and your gold in ship-to-ship battles with cannon, pistol, blunderbuss and cutlass, pursuing rivals through raging storms and volcanic eruptions. Set sail in search of bounties, or ferry cargo through hostile waters. Fend off the skeletal remains of old raiders and beware marine menaces that lurk beneath the waves!


Sea of Thieves is as fun to watch and share as it is to play, bringing people together in a world that's exciting, fun and unpredictable. Whether you're questing with friends, testing the waters in a smaller ship or matchmaking to find a crew from the terrific community, great memories are easy to make in this world where a sail on the horizon may well be another crew of real players.


This ocean realm is an intriguing blend of ancient and new: pirates from a bygone age, now little more than malignant bones, still guard the gold beneath its sands, even as fresh-faced adventurers forge new legends by clashing with awesome beasts. You'll cross paths with settlers too, plying their trades or looking to employ the skills of bold seafarers to further their own agendas.


On your quest to become a pirate legend you'll amass loot and hard-earned rewards to adapt your appearance to your own liking. You'll climb the ranks and boost your reputation until other crews are awed to encounter you out at sea. The stories created through your deeds may even be reflected not just in your own surroundings, but in the wider world's lore.

Need to know more? Here are some FAQs...

What kind of game is Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves is a shared world adventure game (or SWAG) with crew co-operation at its core, designed to let you be the kind of pirate you want to be. Want to follow maps and solve riddles to find legendary treasure? Assemble the mightiest, most fearsome crew to sail the seas? Set a course for the horizon and just explore? Our ambition is to build a game that lets you pursue whatever adventure your salty heart desires.

When can I get my hands on it?

Now! Sea of Thieves was released for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on March 20th, 2018.

How has Sea of Thieves grown since launch?

The team at Rare has been busy executing an ambitious content plan for Sea of Thieves. Large content updates such as The Hungering Deep, Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores have introduced all-new features alongside time-limited campaigns, while intervening periods have applied quality of life patches and posed fresh challenges in Bilge Rat Adventures. This rigorous support plan is due to continue for the foreseeable future, bringing in even more features, deeper lore and scope for ever-bolder adventures.

Is Sea of Thieves available through Xbox Game Pass?

Yes! Like all future first-party Xbox exclusives, Sea of Thieves was added to the Xbox Game Pass library on launch day, offering yet another way to play. Find out more in this Xbox Wire post.

Can I play the game solo?

Absolutely, but be prepared for a challenge! At launch we have large ships designed for collaborative crews of four, and smaller ships designed for one or two players.

How do I progress through the game?

There is no predetermined narrative path through Sea of Thieves. In order to become a Pirate Legend, you undertake voyages and complete quests for the in-game companies at your own pace and preference.

How and when could people play the game early?

The Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha ran throughout 2017 and participants were selected from those who signed up for our Insider Programme. This was followed by the Closed Beta, Scale Tests and Final Beta between January and March 2018, which were not covered by an NDA and allowed players to share screenshots and videos of their adventures for the first time.

Can I get access to/a copy of the game to stream, review or create video content?

Review copies can be requested through Microsoft directly. As we're now post-launch, we're no longer forwarding along access requests for review purposes. Other requests from content creators can be sent to the Press email address in the site footer for consideration, but as we receive an overwhelming volume of requests and not all promotional activity is within our remit, we can't make any guarantees – so please don't be discouraged if we're unable to respond!

In which countries is Sea of Thieves available to buy at launch?

Sea of Thieves is available to buy in any country where Xbox Live is supported, except for China. We plan to launch the game in China at a later date. For a full list of available countries, please refer to this Xbox Live page.

Why is Sea of Thieves not available in China at launch?

We are committed to providing best in class support for Sea of Thieves players in China and are using the additional time to ensure a smooth and optimal experience tailored for that market. We're excited to welcome players in China to play Sea of Thieves at a later date, but we don't have anything further to share at this time.

What languages is Sea of Thieves available in at launch?

The game features in-game text language support for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (MX), Portuguese (BR) and Russian. Traditional Chinese will be added soon and we will also support Simplified Chinese when Sea of Thieves releases in China at a later date. Furthermore, Sea of Thieves' non-verbal communication system, which allows players to communicate with each other without voice, automatically translates between different languages, so you can play with anyone in the world regardless of your preferred language. Non-playable character voiceovers are in English only.

Are there any plans to release in additional languages in the future?

We want to make Sea of Thieves as accessible as possible and we're always exploring new ways to do so, including support for additional languages. From November 2018, Sea of Thieves will officially support Traditional Chinese as a language option.

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