Shores Of Gold

Tall Tales - Shores of Gold is part of this Adventure, presented as a collection of interconnected tales taking you deeper into the lore of the Sea of Thieves and the lives of the characters who live there. The story of Shores of Gold ties in with Athena’s Fortune, the official Sea of Thieves novel, featuring new faces alongside some familiar favourites.

Players will not only enjoy a rich, narrative-led experience but also see special features such as deadly new traps for unwary explorers, items used in unexpected ways and some truly formidable foes who raise the bar for evil!

Character Customisation

Before you dive headlong into Sea of Thieves' world, you can pick from a near-limitless supply of possible pirates, ensuring that whatever your preference may be, there's a way to define yourself in-game. The finer details – hairstyles and hooks, accessories and armaments – will fall into place as you play, with everything from the clothes you wear to the weapons you wield helping to express your personality and style.

Head to the vanity chest on your ship or use the chests outside the shops on each Outpost to change your clothes, hair, beard, tattoos and more as you perfect your pirate persona.

World Events

While you're sailing the Sea of Thieves, you'll encounter a variety of events that can turn a simple voyage into a raucous adventure. Skeleton Forts can become active, meaning that you'll find a pile of treasure (behind a horde of bony adversaries) by following a skull-shaped cloud. Similarly, follow the ship-shaped cloud to find a Skeleton Ship battle – but beware, for those accursed ships can also sail out to find you!

That's not the only threat to your voyages. Watch out for Krakens seizing you with mighty tentacles and hungry Megalodons rising to take a bite out of your crew! Perhaps that player ship on the horizon could help you out of a scrape? Or perhaps it's just the next threat you'll have to face...

Getting Started

If you’re a new sailor nervous of all the things you might find on the tides, there are plenty of places to seek assistance and reassurance. It’s best to get familiar with the basics of moving, steering and stopping your ship, whichever of the ship types you choose. Crewmates can also prove very useful, and if you’re not bringing any with you from the start, there are ways to find them on the Sea of Thieves and out in the wider world.

Remember that when not actively tracking treasure or fending off threats to your life you’re free to strike up a shanty, indulge a taste for grog or practise your fishing, hunting and cooking. Meat from animals and fish can help you rustle up fantastic food to boost your health or coffers.