Incredible Creatures

As you set out to carve a legacy, be warned: not all figures of local lore are content to linger in the past. Crews that sail in search of these secrets may face the reality behind rumours of gargantuan sea beasts and other dangers lurking beneath the surface of the world. The Kraken has taken down far too many ships to be ignored, and following The Hungering One's rampage, the Megalodon menace remaining in the world is all too real!

The Kraken's grasping tentacles love to strangle ships and pluck up unwary pirates, while the Megalodon rushes ships in fearsome attacks that leave them limping in the water. On the bright side, defeat these beasts and they'll not only cough up loot, their meat can prove valuable too.

Skeleton Forts

The scuttling dead have prowled the Sea of Thieves since the first wave of pirates died… and came back. Since then, things have escalated: now there are different types of skellies needing different tactics to defeat, Skeleton Captains at large with bounties on their heads, Skeleton Forts heralded by skull clouds and ships crewed by cackling cadavers. All such encounters are likely to be hostile.

Subdue the cannons and angry foes of a Skeleton Fort to gain a Skeleton Key, which unlocks the vault at the heart of the stronghold. Within the vault lie great riches – but can you haul them safely back to an Outpost?

Skeleton Ships

Skeletons are not just a menace on land. If you spy a ship-shaped cloud, then Skeleton Ships have risen ahead and are spoiling to do battle with the living! These pitched battles are a challenge to all mortal pirates: who rules the waves?

Skeleton Ships are tough foes and often use Cursed Cannonballs to inflict troubling effects on your ship and crew, ranging from dropping the anchor to making you all dance a jig. Be aware that these ships can also attack without warning while you're simply exploring… but each one carries lucrative loot in its hold, so take heart from that at least!

Friend or Foe?

The Sea of Thieves is split into four regions. The Shores of Plenty are beautiful and idyllic, The Ancient Isles are steeped in history, The Wilds are a desolate place and The Devil's Roar is full of fire and fury.

You may think the scale of this place means there's plenty of space for everyone, but you'll soon encounter other ships and crews as you undertake your voyages. It's up to you how you interact and what kind of crew you choose to be. Create allies or enemies, be benefactors or betrayers, exchange banter or broadsides – you make the call! Of course, what you can't know in advance is how other ships' crews will react upon seeing you...

Duke and the Bilge Rats

When you're unsure about what's happening on the Sea of Thieves, visit any tavern where you'll find Duke, leader of the adventure-seeking Bilge Rats (he gets around). Duke has his ear to the pulse and his finger on the ground, always knowing what's new and how you can determine your next destination!

The Bilge Rats offer rewards for those pirates who excel in various special events and challenges that crop up on the seas. These rewards are paid out in Doubloons, the Bilge Rats' own currency, which can be redeemed for exclusive items or a healthy boost to gold and reputation!

Duke and the Bilge Rats