Pirates vary greatly in appearance. Some are very dapper, swanning around in the smart clothes of the admiralty, while others are perfectly content in a raggedy pair of trousers and not much else. With gold earned through voyaging, you can purchase various styles of clothing for your pirate including special themed sets.

Customise your hat, jacket, shirt, trousers, boots and gloves, and maybe get a matching eyepatch, peg leg and hook. You can also choose your hair colour, hairstyle and tattoos. This is your style and your choice!


Weapons in Sea of Thieves (those that aren't ship-mounted) take the form of cutlasses, pistols, blunderbusses and the long-range Eye of Reach. Each one comes in a variety of visual styles that match up with the clothing sets, from the basic Bilge Rat weapons to fancy Sovereign designs.

Obtaining new weapon cosmetics is a great way to show foes the extent of your experience, especially if you get your pirate paws on something special from a campaign or in-game challenge.


Pirates carry a variety of tools that make life easier for the plunderer on the go. These include a compass for navigation, a bucket for bailing, a shovel for unearthing loot and a speaking trumpet for making yourself heard over the waves.

There are also drums, hurdy-gurdies and concertinas with which to entertain your crewmates. Collect cosmetic upgrades for each of these items that match your attire, or pick and choose the fanciest you can afford to show off in the tavern!


Naturally, you want your chosen aesthetic to be appreciated from afar, not just when you've strayed within cutlass distance. So you're also free to customise your Galleon, Brigantine or Sloop with new designs for the sails, hull, wheel, cannons, capstan and figurehead.

As with your pirate's own clothing and loadout, new ship customisation options are made available to you in a number of ways: by completing certain campaigns or Commendations, reaching Pirate Legend status or simply throwing your gold at one of the in-game Shipwrights.


All pirates dream of becoming a Pirate Legend, famous for great wealth, greater deeds and the greatest outfits. The key to achieving this status is very simple: a pirate commands the renown and respect needed to be a Legend once they reach the highest achievable rank with any three Trading Companies.

So, keep pleasing the Companies and in time you too will join those high achievers, lighting up the seas in a selection of Legend-exclusive outfits and ship liveries showcasing your lofty rank!