Getting Started


Before leaving the island where your legend begins, you and your crew will need to learn the art of sailing – or at least get confident enough to make each journey a pleasure rather than an undignified series of near-collisions. Crews need to cover steering, navigating, setting the sails and maintaining battle readiness, along with repairing and bailing if things don't go to plan. Successful pirates tend to pick up the basics very quickly...

Crew Up!

Crews can be assembled in various ways if you don't have a ready-made band of scallywags. Met a pirate on the seas who'd make a fine crewmate? Use the 'Make Friends' emote at each other for a Friends list prompt. All crewed up but keen to join other ships in tackling tough challenges? Raise the 'Offer Alliance' flag. Looking for suitable crewmates before you even set sail? The Sea of Thieves Xbox club, Forums, Discord and Reddit are all great places to ask!

Community Spirit

Sea of Thieves is an open and welcoming game with a proud community spirit. While fighting and looting are natural aspects of the pirate life, the Pirate Code is pinned up in all taverns to remind everyone that there's honour among thieves!

Appropriately for an outing with an emphasis on playing together (supporting both cross play and Xbox Play Anywhere), Sea of Thieves is created in lockstep with the community. Rare's own crew regularly provides updates while feedback to help shape the game floods in from channels such as Twitter, Facebook, our Forums and fansites, so if there's something you're desperate to see or do on the Sea of Thieves, it may well be on the way!