Sea of Thieves: The Wight King's Call - Mock-Update Expansion

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    Contained within this dazzling folio of superb design resides information regarding content for Sea of Thieves: The Wight King’s Call, a Mock-Update Proposal for Rare’s action-adventure game, Sea of Thieves. Etched upon these war-torn pages is an ancient saga of epic proportions, jam-packed with wild characters, quests, treasure, and other new additions.

    Far north, beyond the recent fissure within the Devil’s Shroud, lies the frozen reaches of a winter wasteland—a region wrought by blistering cold, terrible curses, and mythical monsters—known only as The Rimelands. Stop on by, grab a horn of grog, and give a hearty, Viking handshake to the Rime’s Skald inhabitants, before venturing forth on a legendary quest to stop the cold-hearted captain threatening the very fate of the Sea of Thieves...

    Read about the expansion itself by clicking the link below. Also, go watch my Character Feature where I voice an talk a little bit about one of the Rimeland's very own inhabitants—Baldrick!

    52-Page Mock-Update Proposal

    YouTube Character Feature

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  • It's an incredible find when I have the opportunity to see so much effort and thought put into a passion by a person.

    Just seeing the result of this much dedication is like traveling within the grandest of tales through the experience of knowing it exists.

    Absolutely incredible.
    Good luck

  • Posts like this are how you get jobs at rare even as a concept artist, keep at it and one day we may see your work in the game.

  • I agree with TH3xR34P3R, I would honestly look into jobs at Rare to help make developments to the story-line of the Sea of Thieves. Your story writing is amazing and the dedication I have seen is absolutely incredible.

    Well done buddy! Keep up the good work!

  • @lord-kovii its people with passion for the game like this that really keeps it alive in my mind. Well played!

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