Content updates wait for no-one, so here we are delivering a fresh batch of fixes, event details and dark Emporium delights even as the latest time-limited Adventure drives Sea of Thieves’ story forward. If you're just joining us, see the trailer below to catch up on this Season’s initial content drop from a couple of months back...

Sea of Thieves Season Seven: Official Content Update Video

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Season Seven’s launch may seem like a distant memory to many pirates as Season Eight’s time draws near, but there’s still time to go back and catch up on those launch release notes too. Then read on for the latest updates!

Pirate Emporium

It’s another month of dark and brooding Emporium vibes as the Graveyard Gladiator confronts you with a ship set, costume, weapon bundle and drum. Hear that cackling? The killer Spinal Costume is now in stock too! Evildoer Emotes and a spooky sale seal the deal...


Some traditions transcend time and place, as you can see from the Tricksters and Treaters Event getting ready to go on the last weekend of the month! There’ll also be more Twitch Drops before Season Seven retreats into the mists of history...


‘The Herald of the Flame’ (October 13th – October 27th)

  • With The Devil’s Roar fallen silent, Belle fears a prophecy could be coming true, heralding a dark ritual soon to take place. Her allies set off to scour the region, uncover the truth and face the fallout in this eighth time-limited Adventure

  • ‘The Herald of the Flame’ Adventure will remain available to play until October 27th. Speak to Larinna with your whole crew present to begin the Adventure.

Outpost Cosmetics

Seared Forsaken Ashes Equipment and Weapons

  • The Outpost equipment and weapon shops now offer the Seared Forsaken Ashes items for purchase with gold.

Fixed Issues


  • The ominous ship cloud in the sky signifying an encounter with a Skeleton Fleet has returned to the rotation of world events.

  • Players taking on a Skeleton Fort should no longer find that skeleton waves halt, preventing the encounter from progressing.

  • Handing Devil’s Roar Cargo Run Crates in on time and in perfect condition will now update the following Commendations correctly: Merchant of Forsaken Silk, Merchant of Forsaken Flora and Merchant of Forsaken Rum.

Captains of Adventure

  • Players who start a solo Captained session should no longer see a notification that the Captain has left.

  • Players swapping Trinkets in quick succession will now find the correct Trinkets remain applied when starting the next game session.

  • Players discarding Captain’s Voyages in quick succession will now find the correct Voyages in the Captain’s Bookshelf when starting the next game session.

  • Players enabling ‘Replace Gamertag on Ship’s Banners’ will now find this setting persists across sessions.

  • Players enabling ‘Replace Ship Names’ will now find all ship names are replaced when browsing owned ships in the Ship’s Log.

  • A customised Captain’s Logbook will now retain its customisation when dropped on the ground.

  • The Ancient Chain ornament no longer moves strangely when the ship is moving.

  • When clicking on locked Captaincy items in the Ship Customisation Chest and Flag Box, players will now hear the correct audio effects.

  • Filtering by ‘Items I Own’ in any customisation shop no longer causes the supply and Voyage shops to appear empty.

  • Crews returning to the Sea of Thieves after visiting the Sea of the Damned should no longer see the Ship’s Crest visual effects replay.

  • The ‘Info & Tips’ button can now be found when first interacting with the Ship Customisation Chest.


  • Players can no longer swim through the wall with the Siren riddle in the Shrine of Tribute.

  • Players can no longer jump into the gap in the map and fall underneath that area within the Shrine of Ancient Tears.

  • Loot no longer disappears when placed at the Vault's entrance on Kraken Watchtower.

Visual and Audio

  • The Bleakheart Banshee Eye of Reach scope no longer becomes transparent after reloading and shooting.

  • ‘The Seabound Soul’ – On Pendragon's arrival, he will now appear alongside his sword.

  • ‘Heart of Fire’ – On Pendragon's arrival, he will now appear alongside his sword.

Text and Localisation

  • Approaching Sharon the shipwright at New Golden Sands Outpost now brings up the correct interaction text.

  • When navigating UI menus, font artifacts should no longer be left behind on-screen.

  • The ship selection screen now correctly displays text in Turkish and German languages.

Performance and Stability

  • Improved server stability to reduce scenarios where crews are removed from a game session.

  • Client stability has also been improved, reducing scenarios where players experience a game crash.

Known Issues

‘The Herald of the Flame’ Quest Items

  • When playing latest Adventure 'The Herald of the Flame', should a crew experience a server migration while carrying the Vault Key, it may not migrate to the new server with them. Affected players will receive a “Vault Key Lost” message and the Adventure will need to be restarted.

Larinna Adventure Dialogue Discoverability

  • Unless a player's whole crew are present when talking to Larinna, she will only have dialogue about Captained ships and will not offer the option to begin the latest Adventure.

Reduced Server Performance

  • Players may experience scenarios where they encounter ping spikes at random while playing, resulting in rubberbanding or client stutters. While improvements were most recently released in update 2.5.3, the team continue to work on further improvements for future updates.

Ranged and Melee Weapon Hit Detection

  • In areas of intense action, players may find themselves firing shots or landing strikes that do not cause damage to their targets. While small improvements continue to be delivered during our regular updates, we are continuing to investigate and identify further improvements to the player combat experience.

To learn more about known issues in Sea of Thieves currently being tracked and their status, head over to our Known Issues support site article.

Download and Installation

Download size:

Xbox Series X: 7.39 GB
Xbox Series S: 4.32 GB
Xbox One X: 7.39 GB
Xbox One: 4.32 GB
Microsoft Store: 7.12 GB
Steam: 6.24 GB



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