August’s update is here and we’re now well into the latter half of Sea of Thieves Season Three. A new Event awaits before Season’s end, while the Pirate Emporium has eerie goods inspired by Davy Jones – and there are countless tweaks, fixes and improvements to check out too! Remind yourselves of Season Three’s headline features with the original trailer...

Sea of Thieves Season Three: Official Content Update Trailer

Duration 3:33

For an in-depth look at everything Season Three offered at launch, view the original release notes here. Now read on for a breakdown of what’s being delivered in this final phase of the Season!

Game Events

For those seeking something a little more focused than the intentionally wide-ranging Trials, each new Season delivers new time-limited in-game Events offering their own rewards. Find out what you can expect in the closing weeks of Season Three!

Pirate Emporium

Season Three’s first Emporium update let you share some of Captain Jack Sparrow’s flair – now you can go darker with a new costume, ship set and even a pet themed around Davy Jones! The Plunder Pass also stays in play for enriching your Seasonal rewards...

Outpost Cosmetics

Thriving Wild Rose Set

  • The Outpost shipwrights, along with the clothing, equipment and weapon shops, now offer the Thriving Wild Rose set for purchase. Players must obtain the Always Yours Commendation to unlock access to this set.

Hardy Ruffian Sea Dog Set

  • The Outpost clothing shops now stock the Hardy Ruffian Sea Dog clothing set, available to purchase for gold.

Sovereign Eyepatches

  • The Emerald Sovereign and Sapphire Sovereign Eyepatches have been added to the Outpost clothing shops, locked behind the Master Emerald Curse Breaker and Master Sapphire Curse Breaker Commendations.

Dawn Hunter Set

  • The missing Dawn Hunter Shirt has been added to the Outpost clothing shops, locked behind the Plundered Prizes Commendation.

Gameplay Improvements

Hit Registration on Moving Ships

  • Improvements have been made to how bullets are affected by the velocity of a moving ship, providing a small improvement to ranged weapons fired from moving ships.

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life Tall Tale Improvements

  • During ‘The Sunken Pearl’ and ‘Dark Brethren’ Tall Tales, when a crew engages with an encounter and the room is locked, other crews approaching the encounter room will now find a notification on the locked door indicating that the room is currently in use by another crew.

Island Enemy Encounters

  • When encountering emergent threats while exploring islands, crews are now less likely to encounter Ocean Crawlers and Phantoms.

  • When attacked by Ocean Crawlers while exploring islands, the number of enemies that attack in a wave has been significantly reduced.

  • When facing a crew of Ocean Crawlers, crews will often find they have more time to tackle these challenging new foes before encountering additional threats.

  • After crews complete a Bounty Quest on a named island, there is now a longer delay before they may find themselves attacked by emergent threats.

  • When players defeat a Phantom, there is now a chance that they will drop Gold Pouches which can be collected to award gold to your crew immediately.

Deep Sea Enemy Encounters

  • When players swim into deep water, the time span before a Siren encounter has been broadened, and their presence should be felt less strongly than before.

  • Crews swimming in deep water will now be attacked less frequently by sharks and Sirens together in a wave.

Trident of Dark Tides Balancing

  • When players wield the Trident of Dark Tides, Megalodons and emergent Krakens now take reduced damage from the Trident’s attacks.

Rowboat Interactions

  • The Rowboat’s back seat now shows both ‘Sit in Seat’ and ‘Open Storage’ options together.

  • To sit in a Rowboat’s passenger seats, players will be prompted by ‘Hold to Sit’ instead of ‘Press to Sit’. Controlling the oars remains unchanged and is still ‘Press to Sit’.

Ship Spawning

  • Ships at Golden Sands, Sanctuary and Ancient Spire Outposts should now spawn closer to the dock, meaning players should no longer need to swim to reach their ship.

Ancient Coin Wallet

  • When earning Ancient Coins, players will now see the number of coins earned tick up in the notification area alongside any gold and Doubloons earned.


Radial Menu Navigation

  • All in-game radial menus can now be controlled using the D-pad or keyboard. By default, these can be navigated clockwise and anti-clockwise using the left and right arrow keys and D-pad. 

Extended ‘Let Games Read to Me’ Narration Support

  • When ‘Let Games Read to Me’ is enabled, recently added emotes now have support for audio descriptions when performed.

  • The initial accessibility screen presented on initial load now has full support for audio navigation.

  • When creating a custom server, the session code displayed is now narrated.


Replace Gamertags Keybind

  • Players can now set a keybind for the ‘Toggle Replace Gamertags’ option, allowing players who use this feature to quickly disable it when needed.

Crew Nameplates Keybind

  • Players can now set a keybind for the ‘Toggle Crew Nameplates’ option, allowing quick access to hide and unhide your crew’s gamertags during play.

Letters of Recommendation

  • Larinna offers additional Letters of Recommendation for players to purchase in this update, to make up for a lack of availability in previous updates.

Fixed Issues


  • When a crew’s ship is sunk and one of the Merfolk waits to take them to their new location, any crew members rejoining the session or joining in progress will no longer arrive near the Merfolk. Joining players will now arrive at their new ship in a distant location.

  • Catching the sail length of a falling ship’s mast and attempting to raise it should no longer leave players unable to repair the mast when returned to the upright position.

  • Players can no longer cancel the scoop and throw animations while using the bucket in order to bail water faster than intended.

  • Players can no longer cancel the digging animation while using a shovel in order to dig more rapidly than intended.

  • Taking damage while charging a heavy cutlass attack will now cancel the attack, rather than triggering a heavy attack animation without inflicting damage.

  • Hitting an opponent’s harpoon with a cannonball should no longer block the hull from taking damage.

  • Players will now be told that their inventory is full when trying to remove a fish from their fishing rod with no space to do so.

  • When a player is hiding after performing a Hide or Barrel Disguise Emote, approaching that player should no longer show them restart the animation from the beginning.

  • Emergent Skeleton Captains should now drop Riddle and X Marks the Spot variants of Gold Hoarders Voyages when defeated.

  • Sharks should no longer chase players out of the sea and swim up onto the beaches.

  • After unbinding the Rowboat controls, the Rowboat tutorial prompt should now display correctly. 

  • During the Trading Company onboarding, the capstan prompt should reappear upon reaching the island even after a player’s ship has sunk.

  • Purchased Commodity Crates should now become visually locked.

  • During the Maiden Voyage there should now be a ‘Climb Ladder’ prompt while on the crow's nest of the fallen mast.

  • During the Legend of Glitterbeard experience, skeletons should no longer be able to walk above the Hideout.

  • Killing an Ashen Lord during a Fort of Fortune encounter should now correctly progress Ashen Winds Commendations.

  • Skeletons summoned by Skeleton Lords during Fort encounters should now be destroyed following the defeat of the Skeleton Lord.

  • Crews can no longer find an Animal Crate that offers repeatable Seasonal Renown when collected.

  • When collecting a Merchant Contract from a Message in a Bottle, players are now just as likely to find a wooden plank contract compared to other resource types such as fruit or cannonball contracts. 

Tunnels of the Damned

  • After leaving the Tunnels of the Damned as an active Emissary, a player’s ship will now release the correct Emissary Flag when eventually sunk.

  • After passing through the Tunnels of the Damned, the first emote a player uses on arrival at the new location should no longer make them appear invisible.

  • While travelling through the Tunnels of the Damned, players should no longer be able to fall off their Brigantine by climbing into an attached Rowboat and jumping. 

  • During the return journey through the Tunnels of the Damned, the ghost pirates with a map and a shovel will have those items correctly in their hands.

  • Resource Crates of the Damned should now retain their ghostly glow in the Tunnel of the Damned.

Ocean Crawlers

  • When engaging with the Crab or Hermit Ocean Crawlers, players can no longer push too close and hide the enemy from view.

  • Hermits will no longer rush players if there is an obstacle in the way, and will now manoeuvre around the obstacle before performing an attack.

  • Eel-ectrics will no longer perform an Eel Slap after dashing away from their melee target.

  • Defeating Ocean Crawlers will no longer progress various fire-based Commendations and Deeds, as the Ocean Crawlers are unaffected by these weapons.


  • When players enter a ship during an encounter with Sirens, the Sirens will now lose their target and attempt to move to another target within line of sight.

  • Sirens should no longer appear during Arena contests.

  • The visual effects of a Siren healing are no longer shown rising from the surface of the water.

  • Sirens will no longer ignore players who sneak up behind them. 

  • Sirens will no longer die invisibly if they are killed while using their Disorientate ability. 

  • When Sirens change directions while swimming underwater, their tails will no longer flip unnaturally.

  • Sirens will now bend their bodies more naturally when launching long-distance Siren Song projectiles at their target.

Trident of Dark Tides

  • Vault Keys should no longer disappear when they are picked up while holding the Trident of Dark Tides.

  • Taking an item from a Collector’s Chest while holding the Trident of the Dark Tides should no longer cause the item to disappear.

  • The Trident of the Dark Tides explosion VFX should now fire correctly and not rotate if it hits an enemy as they are turning.

Emissary Voting

  • When voting to represent a Trading Company as an Emissary, a vote will now only show at the Outpost it was voted on, preventing a crew from passing a vote when not together.

  • Players should now always be able to see voting daggers on the Emissary tables, even if they were not near the table when another player started the vote.

Lost Shipments Voyages

  • When tracking a Lost Shipment to a wreck site, players will now more consistently find a shipwreck instead of a floating Manifest.

  • When reaching rank 75 with the Merchant Alliance and undertaking a Lost Shipments Voyage, the first clue should now appear alongside floating barrels at the clue site.

  • After migrating servers, players should now be able to unlock the cabin of a shipwreck if they have collected the key.

  • During a Lost Shipments Voyage, the treasure inside the Captain’s cabin should no longer be duplicated if the crew migrates while on a Voyage.

  • The Manifest from a Lost Shipments Voyage now counts as Merchant Alliance loot for a range of Trials.


  • Players swimming into the front of the Galleon’s hull while the ship is moving can no longer reappear inside the ship.

  • Players can no longer step off the side of the Galleon and become stuck in the hull.

  • Players can no longer jump off the Brigantine voting table and pop through the ship’s hull.

  • Sword-lunging into the Sloop’s cannonball barrels no longer launches the player into the sky.

  • Players moving between the cannonball barrels and the Captain’s cabin of the Sloop will no longer find themselves outside the ship’s hull.

  • Players can no longer to use a Rowboat to push through the outer hull of a Sloop and become stuck in the brig.

  • During a Fort of the Damned encounter, Graymarrow should no longer be at risk of becoming stuck in a tree.

  • The Dark Warsmith Figurehead (regular and Collector’s versions) no longer intersects with the hull on a Sloop.

  • The water effects at the small waterfall on Shark Bait Cove should now always be visible.

  • Players can no longer reach the Glorious Sea Dog Tavern by breaking through the environment within the Pirate Legend Hideout.

  • At Sanctuary Outpost and Golden Sands Outpost, the target hanging by the weapon shop no longer intersects with the environment.

  • Wooden towers on Marauder’s Arch can now be viewed correctly even when players are at a distance.

  • The tunnel entrance on the unnamed island at K9 is now once again accessible.

  • Players are no longer able to push themselves through rocks located at E2.

  • During an Arena contest, the broken mast at the Sea Dogs delivery point now has the correct collision for players.

Visual and Audio

  • The ambient audio effects heard from a Chest of a Thousand Grogs and Bounty Skulls will no longer be heard once a player cashes them in.

  • After repairing the mast with planks, the sounds of the mast being damaged will no longer persist.

  • The Daring Deceiver Trousers now correctly match their image.

  • The ghostly effects of the Tankard of the Damned no longer create visual issues when looking at atmospheric effects such as a storm, fog or clouds.

  • Instruments of the Damned can no longer be seen through players or appear to distort them.

  • When looking at a riddle quest map, the riddle steps now fade in on the map instead of popping in.

  • The Devil’s Shroud now fits the map edges on the western side of the map.

  • The amount of grog in a tankard should now be visually depleted at the same rate it is drunk.

  • Players’ fingers should no longer clip though their fishing rods.

  • On Sloops and Brigantines, the wooden textures on the handrail in front of the wheel now wrap correctly.

  • When rejoining a session during a Cargo Run, the Cargo Crates now have the correct appearance.

  • When the Dawn Hunter Wheel takes damage, the spokes should now be visibly broken.

  • When scrolling quickly through the in-game Settings menu, the setting highlighted no longer briefly disappears.

  • The Prison Dog’s tail now animates correctly when the dog reacts to a player performing an emote.

  • Ghost Ships should no longer appear to be missing any sails when encountered.

  • When changing the ship’s lantern from a Flame of Fate colour back to default, attempting to collect the default colour will no longer take the previous Flame of Fate colour into your lantern.

  • Performing the Slippery Spyglass Emote with the Ancient Spyglass no longer causes it to intersect with the player’s head.

Text and Localisation

  • The Reaper’s Bones Emissary Ledger Title awarded to players at the end of July no longer has the same text as the previous Season. 

  • Salty the parrot now has dialogue at Plunder Valley even outside Tall Tales. 

  • Emoji characters are no longer supported on the Xbox virtual keyboard when typing messages to other players or renaming pets.

  • Ashen Winds Commendations: Ashen Bones and Captain of Ashen Bones now show that progress can be made by completing the stated criteria against skeletons or Phantoms.

  • Cursed Sails Commendation: Scorched Skeletons now shows that progress can be made by completing the stated criteria against skeletons or Phantoms.

  • Cursed Crews Commendations: The Curse of the Foul Grog, The Curse of the Dancing Demon, The Curse of the Black Viper, The Curse of the Sandman’s Revenge, The Curse of the Fool’s Stride, Master of Cursed Iron and Legend of Cursed Iron now show that progress can be made by completing the stated criteria against skeletons or Phantoms.

  • Subtitles should always be present during moments of dialogue, even after a screen resize. 

  • The Tankard of the Damned description should no longer have duplicate text.

  • At Galleon’s Grave Outpost, Scarlett the shipwright’s name should now have consistent spelling.

  • When a player is unable to access Daily Deeds in the Pirate Log, the error message should now read “There are no Events that can be shown right now”.

  • The names of Merrick’s family members are now highlighted in yellow when players interact with them.

  • The Master of Stronghold Spoils Commendation text should now fill the text box and be clearly readable.

  • Descriptions for the Disgraced Merchant Alliance Hat and Disgraced Order of Souls Headband should now clearly show the correct Commendations required to unlock them.

Performance and Stability

  • Improved client stability during Fort of Fortune encounters.

  • Improved client stability when interacting with the organ during the ‘Dark Brethren’ Tall Tale.

  • Improved server stability, reducing scenarios where crews are removed from a game session.

Tall Tales – Shores of Gold

  • ‘The Art of the Trickster’ – After navigating through the traps on Sailor’s Bounty and cancelling the Tale, players will no longer respawn in the trap tunnel when dying.

  • ‘The Art of the Trickster’ – Within the Trickster’s Lair, using a Mermaid Statue will now correctly return players to their ship.

  • ‘Shores of Gold’ – Barrels found in the trap tunnels and Throne Room no longer can contain cannonballs and wooden planks, and will always offer food to prepare crews for the encounter.

Tall Tales – ‘A Pirate’s Life’

  • The ship’s map table should now be hidden after joining a Tale already in progress or rejoining a session.

  • When using a Wraith Statue to return to the correct location after using a checkpoint, players should now be facing the intended direction on arrival.

  • If a crew’s ship has been sunk within the Sea of the Damned, the Wraith Statue will still allow players to return by spawning a new ship for them. This ensures that players can always cancel the Tale and return to the Sea of Thieves.

  • When lighting a lantern that requires the Flame of Souls, the prompt should now say “Requires Flame of Souls to light”.

  • In Dead Man’s Grotto, thick fog banks now visually cover the areas that players are unable to reach.

  • The ghosts within Dead Man’s Grotto now fade in sooner so there is little or no delay, ensuring players do not miss them.

  • The ghostly tankards should now correctly fade in alongside the ghosts in the broken lever room.

  • The music now fades in and out naturally or starts again after passing over the first bridge to Sailor’s Grave then immediately walking back across. 

  • While exploring Sailor’s Grave, players should no longer be able to navigate around the rocks to access the treasure-laden ship before it is opened.

  • Players far away from the lighthouse should now be able to see the movement of its light.

  • Players should no longer be able to use a Rowboat to access the mysterious wreck before it is opened.

  • Players should no longer be able to cross the bridge into Sailor’s Grave without using the beacon to raise the bridge mechanism.

  • Upon locating the Cursed Captain’s Ship, players should no longer be able to make their way up the rocks to access the ship before it has been opened.

  • There is no longer a pop sound before the Cursed Captain’s crew can be seen on the deck of the Cursed Captain’s ship.

  • The Cursed Captain’s subtitles are no longer missing when the player collects the Cabin Key.

  • After digging up Poor Dougie’s Chest, the prompt to use a key on the chest now correctly spells Dougie’s name.

  • The collision on the chandelier in the Sailor’s Grave tavern now works as intended.

  • Ghost pirates now populate the tavern in Sailor’s Grave when the Tale is started from a checkpoint.

  • The tavern ghosts’ gunfire VFX and audio no longer continue playing in the Sailor’s Grave tavern after the ghosts have faded following the Ferry of the Damned’s arrival.

  • Players should no longer respawn on the Ferry of the Damned after dying before they have boarded.

  • Crews reaching the Ferry of the Damned can no longer interrupt the Ferryman’s speech and block progress by interacting with the Well of Fates.

  • When interacting with the Prison Dog on the Ferry of the Damned, the prompt now correctly says “Take Brig Key”.

  • Players should now be able to pick up the keys after putting them on barrels near Captain Jack Sparrow's cell.

  • Audio effects now play when the Ferryman throws his sword and Jack picks it up.

  • The prompt for closing the sarcophagi now says “Close” rather than “Open”.

  • If the tunnel migration fails after the Tale is finished, subtitles for Jack Sparrow's dialogue no longer appear.

Tall Tales – ‘The Sunken Pearl’

  • The Reputation page should no longer be shown prior to unlocking the Tall Tale.

  • Players should now see an appropriate prompt when approaching a pulley that has been previously disabled.

  • During the Tall Tale, players should now receive pop-up notifications when reaching checkpoints.

  • The water out of the stone faces should no longer restart each time you look away and look back.

  • When engaging the Kraken, players are now more clearly directed to attack the head to defeat the foe. Attacking the Kraken’s tentacle will no longer cause it to visually react to damage or display a hit reaction.

  • In the final phase of the Kraken encounter, dying and returning to the encounter no longer causes the tentacles to replay their entrance animation.

  • The wooden board in the Silver Blade chamber is now attached to the ship rather than floating.

  • There is no longer a hole in the terrain near the coral on the right-hand side of the Silver Blade room.

  • There is no longer a gap under the one of the stone faces in the Siren Queen’s Throne Room that allows players to get out of the room.

  • There are no longer hidden gaps in the wall in the Citadel entrance.

  • The fog no longer persists after joining during the Siren Queen fight when the water has been raised.

  • Players will no longer hear constant drowning audio when entering water again after failing the Tale due to drowning.

  • When joining a crew during the final phase of the Silver Blade fight, all other players will continue to animate correctly when moving.

  • During the Silver Blade encounter, returning from the Ferry of the Damned or joining a crew in progress, players should no longer be unable to see the Kraken upon entering the room.

  • After draining the second water level in the Shrine, the water splash visual effects are now aligned with the rising water level. 

  • Players are now given additional time in the Silver Blade chamber after defeating the Kraken to retrieve their treasure before being removed from the area.

  • The Tale beacon now appears immediately when starting from the Tall Tale checkpoint.

  • Starting the Tale from a Chapter 3 checkpoint and entering the Citadel that has been opened by another crew will no longer cause the Tale to fail if your Siren Heart Gem becomes lost.

  • Players should no longer be launched to the water’s surface when swimming around the debris air pockets. 

  • The Siren Queen’s Trident now dissolves promptly when she dies.

  • If players go through the large Citadel door and swim back up to their ship before the door closes, they should now be able to use the Tale progress statue to get back into the Citadel.

  • Players should no longer see any objects when looking through the window in the Citadel.

  • If the Siren Queen is killed while disorientating a player, her death animation now plays alongside her voiceover. 

  • Players can continue the Tale from a Chapter 3 checkpoint even if the Citadel door is already open.

  • The pulley in the Salvage Room should not have a delay when raising or lowering the shipwreck debris.

  • Players should no longer be able to see the base of the air-giving plant at the Citadel exit.

Tall Tales – ‘Captains of the Damned’

  • The ship’s map table is now hidden after joining a Tale already in progress or rejoining a session.

  • Barrels found within the village will no longer offer players emergent Message in a Bottle Voyages.

  • During the intro on Galleon’s Grave Outpost, Gibbs can now be seen leaving the tent through the curtain correctly. 

  • The player’s lantern will no longer change back to the normal colour after the Flame of Souls is taken from the shipwreck.

  • Players can no longer swim through the Wicked Wench’s hull.

  • All ships in the Final Chapter now fade out when leaving.

  • In the return tunnel cutscene where the apparitions review the map, the map should now look ghostly and move correctly with the apparitions’ hands. 

  • A range of text edits have been made to subtitles.

  • The pop-up when receiving Jack’s Compass now reads “Jack’s Compass Received”.

  • When players carry out the platform puzzle in the Isla Tesoro armoury while the cutscene is still playing, invisible collision will no longer knock players off the platforms.

Tall Tales – ‘Dark Brethren’

  • The Reputation page should no longer be shown prior to unlocking the Tall Tale.

  • Players now see an appropriate prompt when approaching a pulley that has previously been disabled.

  • Large waterfall visual and audio effects no longer play when the waterfall is inactive.

  • In the final encounter, the timing of the music has been improved when Captain Jack Sparrow cuts down the cannons for players.

  • During the organ sequence, Jack Sparrow no longer briefly appears in an incorrect location.

  • Rain and thunder should no longer be heard when inside the Flying Dutchman.

  • The Dead Man’s Chest Key now sits properly in the lock when unlocking the chest.

  • The Gold Hoarder’s Gem now appears in his hand when he returns from the fight.

  • The right-hand Crab on the tilting mast now animates properly after the Gold Hoarder is defeated.

  • When the Crab falls from the mast during the final encounter, supporting audio effects can now be heard.

  • After dying in the Chamber of Sorrow, the music should now start when a player respawns.

  • It is no longer possible to jump into the Shipwreck’s planks in the Shipwrecked Room.

  • A small door behind a waterfall which Jack Sparrow opens for you now correctly shows the space beneath.

  • It is no longer possible to jump onto inaccessible areas from coral in the Ritual Chamber or the Fortress.

  • Players can no longer fire themselves up from a cannon to the suspended shipwreck in the Ritual Chamber.

  • After starting from the Chapter 3 checkpoint, a floating Jack Sparrow should no longer be seen near the doors to the Chamber of Sorrow.

  • After starting from the Chapter 3 checkpoint, when the shipwreck is lowered, Jack Sparrow should now appear correctly.

  • Jack Sparrow no longer floats slightly above ground level when docked to the cannon to fire at Davy Jones in the Ritual Chamber.

  • There is no longer a floating piece of coral in the large cave after the Shipwrecked Room.

  • Jack Sparrow no longer intersects with the ground when coming out of the slide.

  • Music in the ascending chamber should now play whenever the player is in there, regardless of whether or not the Sirens have been left alive in the lower chamber.

  • Jack Sparrow’s legs no longer pass through the gold piles in the Ritual Chamber.

  • Players can no longer become stuck and unable to escape from shipwreck debris outside the Coral Fortress.

  • Players can now easily get back up to the raised platform near the entrance to the Ritual Chamber.

  • Davy Jones’ lips are now synced to the VO in the final encounter.

  • Players no longer stutter after performing a jump from the shipwreck bridge while it’s still being raised.

  • The statues that light up to show wave progress in Chapter 2 now illuminate correctly when a player joins an encounter already in progress. 

  • Players can no longer gain access to the Coral Fortress from outside by firing themselves from a cannon.

Tall Tales – ‘Lords of the Sea’

  • Sea fog should no longer overlap with the encounter at the Spire.

  • A pursuing Megalodon can no longer follow crews into the battle.

  • Skeleton Ships can no longer follow crews into the battle.

  • Davy Jones will now comment when Ocean Crawlers board the player’s ship during the battle.

  • Davy Jones will now comment when crews accidentally open fire on a friendly Ghost Ship during the battle.

  • Davy Jones now has the correct voiceover lines when a player sails away before returning to the battle.

  • Phantoms should now continue talking even after the third wave spawns.

  • The portal no longer stays open after the Tale is completed.

  • After cancelling the Tale, players will no longer spawn in the air where the top of the Spire used to be.

  • Davy Jones now reacts when a Captain’s Ghost Ship sinks.

  • The cutscene music should no longer become desynchronised.

  • Players will no longer see the storm effect pop in when starting the Final Chapter close to the Spire.

  • There is no longer a spelling error in the subtitles for Davy Jones’ dialogue line “She said those statues are invincible!”

  • The Flying Dutchman should no longer be missing collision on the back of the ship.

  • Dying during the last wave of Phantoms should no longer prevent the required key from appearing.

  • When reaching the top of the Spire by using a cannon, appropriate subtitles are now shown for the VO lines.

  • Upon reaching the top of the Spire, there should no longer be missing VO when opening the mysterious chest.

  • The Journals of the Black Pearl Commendation should no longer contain a typo.

  • Objects and treasure can now be placed correctly on the deck of the Black Pearl at the end of the Tale.

  • When exploring the Black Pearl, wet audio effects should no longer be heard below deck.

  • Crashing into the Black Pearl at the end of the Tale should now cause damage to the player’s ship.

  • Lanterns on the Black Pearl should no longer glow when turned off.

Known Issues

Pirate Emporium – Cursed Ferryman Essential Ship Bundle

  • The Cursed Ferryman Essential Ship Bundle displays incorrect sail artwork at the purchase screen: the larger preview image of the full ship shows the Collector’s Sails, which are not included. The smaller thumbnail for the individual item correctly shows the standard Cursed Ferryman Sails.

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life – Missing Dialogue

  • During the 'Dark Brethren' and 'Lords of the Sea' Tall Tales, some VO lines may not play in scenes featuring Captain Jack Sparrow, or during the Dark Brethren meeting and boss encounter.

Ranged and Melee Weapon Hit Detection

  • In areas of intense action, players may find themselves firing shots or landing strikes that do not cause damage to their targets. While small improvements continue to be delivered during our regular updates, we are continuing to investigate and identify further improvements to improve the player combat experience.

Tunnels of the Damned – Rejoining a Session

  • While travelling through the Tunnels of the Damned, rejoining the game after a lost connection may result in visual issues and failed migration to the new area, returning players to their starting location.

To learn more about known issues in Sea of Thieves currently being tracked and their status, head over to our Known Issues support site article.

Download and Installation

Download size:

Xbox Series X: 9.74 GB
Xbox Series S: 6.53 GB
Xbox One X: 9.74 GB
Xbox One: 6.53 GB
Windows 10: 9.67 GB
Steam: 8.7 GB

Xbox installation instructions can be found here.

PC installation instructions can be found here.

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