Leading on from the release of Ships of Fortune, update introduces fixes for some of the key issues that the team has been tracking over the past week thanks to reports from the community, while making multiple adjustments to Trading Company and Emissary balancing based on the feedback and data we’ve collected.

For a refresher on all the new features introduced in April’s monthly content update, check out the full Ships of Fortune release notes!

Trading Company and Emissary Balancing

In addition to the balancing change details below, Design Director Mike Chapman has put together a post on our Forums to provide additional context: Balancing Emissaries Developer Update

  • Cashing In Emissary Flags – Gold and Reaper’s Bones reputation earned when cashing in Emissary Flags at The Reaper’s Hideout have now been rebalanced. Although higher-grade Emissary Flags now award less gold and reputation, lower-grade Emissary Flags award more.

  • Reaper’s Bones Reputation – While Reaper’s Chests and Reaper’s Bounties remain unchanged, the reputation earned when cashing in all other treasure with The Reaper’s Bones has now been reduced.

  • Ending an Emissary Session – The gold and reputation awarded when ending an Emissary session via the voting table has now been reduced across all Emissary Grades and Trading Companies.

  • Reaper’s Bones Emissary Grade Progression – As a Reaper’s Bones Emissary, acquiring loot will be slightly less effective at advancing Emissary Grade. However, acquiring other crews’ Emissary Flags and defeating other Emissaries remains as effective as ever.

  • Athena’s Fortune Emissary Grade Progression – As an Emissary for Athena’s Fortune, crews will now be required to perform more actions to advance their Emissary Grade.

  • Athena’s Fortune Emissary Quest – The Athena’s Fortune Emissary Quest earned at Grade 5 will now require crews to sail for longer distances to earn their legendary rewards.

Fixed Issues


  • Players attempting to rejoin their active session following disconnection should no longer be left waiting at the “Searching the Seas” message.

  • Players attempting to join another crew from an invite should no longer be left waiting at the “Searching the Seas” message.

  • Improved Windows 10 PC game stability following compatibility issues with third party software.

  • Improved server stability. 

  • Wielding a fishing rod with bait attached should no longer cause game instability for surrounding players.

The Arena

  • Crews engaging in ship-to-ship combat will now earn increased silver when damaging an opponent’s ship.

Trading Company Emissaries

  • On reaching Emissary Grade 5 with a Trading Company, crews should no longer receive an Emissary Quest from a different Trading Company.

  • Company Commendations requiring crews to reach specific Emissary Grades now progress by the correct amount when reaching the required criteria.

Player Reviving

  • Players hit with Cursed Cannonballs while awaiting revival by a crewmate should no longer experience issues that cause their character animations to become stuck.

Known Issues

  • Joining a Session: Players Receiving Groomedbeard – Some players may find that upon attempting to join a session either via session rejoin, an invite or joining in progress, they receive a Groomedbeard error and are unable to join.

  • Ship Combat: Incorrect Cannonball Loading – When using the radial to switch between cannonball types during ship combat, selecting a new type too quickly may result in a regular cannonball being loaded instead.

  • Visual Issues: Nvidia RTX GPUs – An issue has been identified on a range of Nvidia RTX GPUs that causes gridlines to be visible in the sea when the game is set to Mythical graphics quality.

  • Reaper's Bones Rank 50 – Players are currently unable to reach Pirate Legend by hitting Rank 50 in The Reaper's Bones alongside two other Trading Companies.

To learn more about known issues in Sea of Thieves currently being tracked and their status, head over to our Known Issues support site article.

Download and Installation

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Xbox One: 1.93 GB
Xbox One X: 4.12 GB
Windows 10: 4.12 GB


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