Our second monthly content update of the year has arrived in the form of Crews of Rage! Alongside your usual round of new quality of life updates, feature fixes and new cosmetics added to the Pirate Emporium and Black Market, players can also enjoy the ability to change their pirate’s appearance as well a valuable (and temperamental) addition to the treasure trove of loot hidden across the Sea of Thieves...

Crews of Rage: Official Sea of Thieves Content Update

Duration 6:20

As you can see, the term ‘handle with care’ has never been more important. Now, before you start plotting your adventures, read on for a more detailed breakdown of what to expect this month – hot off the presses!

Crews of Rage

The recent return of a certain hot-headed Skeleton Lord is having fiery repercussions around the Sea of Thieves! Skeletons are flocking to Molten Sands Fortress while a new kind of Cursed Chest, the Chest of Rage, is heating things up when it blows its lid.

Pirate Emporium

While intrigue around The Reaper’s Hideout grows, the Pirate Emporium has received stock of mysterious Reaper’s Heart items infused with dark magic. Head to the Emporium from the Sea of Thieves main menu before jumping into the game, or at an Outpost via the store above the Order of Souls tent!

Black Market

While things are heating up in The Devil’s Roar, Duke has a new stash of Black Market items to tempt you for your hard-earned gold and Doubloons!

Accessibility Improvements

As we continue to offer improvements to accessibility within Sea of Thieves, head to our support site to find our other accessibility guides!

  • Locking Tooltips into View – An option has been added to Accessibility Settings: ‘Fixed position for interact prompts’. This allows any tooltips to become locked in a fixed spot on the player’s screen instead of moving when the player shifts their camera.

  • Radial Keyboard Shortcuts – When using keyboard shortcuts to select radial slots, the appropriate slot is now highlighted.

  • ‘Let Games Read To Me’ Radial Narration – When enabling ‘Let Games Read to Me’, the equipment and map radial items are now narrated.

  • ‘Let Games Read To Me’ NPC Dialogue – When enabling ‘Let Games Read to Me’, NPC interaction dialogue is now narrated.


  • Sword Combat Improvements – A range of sword combat fixes and improvements have been introduced, smoothing the experience when switching to and from swords, and ensuring players can transition in and out of sword combat more consistently. For more detail, head to the ‘Combat’ section of this month’s Fixed Issues list!

  • Pirate Legend Shopkeeper Exclusives – Pirate Legends can now purchase a range of new hair and beard options from the Athena's Fortune shopkeeper within the Parrot, Kraken and Ocean Crawler cosmetic sets.

  • Mermaid Behaviour – When a player already has a Mermaid, swimming away from it will cause a new one to appear more quickly than before. This improved support from the Mermaids only happens if players are not close to a rival ship, ensuring that you can still stealthily approach your enemies!

  • New Player Mermaid Onboarding – When entering either or Adventure or Arena as a new player, a pop-up is provided upon first becoming stranded in the water, teaching players the purpose of the Mermaid in returning you to your ship.

  • Emergent Reaper’s Chest and Reaper’s Bounty – After a period of heightened activity, Reaper's Chests and Reaper's Bounties have started to become less common in the world.

  • Reaper’s Bounty Cash-In – Handing in a Reaper’s Bounty to the Masked Stranger now awards players 10,000 gold.

  • Hunter’s Call Now Accepts Collector’s Chests – Players can now cash in empty Collector's Chests with The Hunter’s Call representatives at Seaposts!

  • Storm Lightning Balancing – The frequency of lightning strikes within a storm has been reduced.

  • Emote Camera – When moving and zooming the emote camera to your desired position, it will no longer reset to default if left idle for a short time.

  • Ship Map Navigation – Player can now zoom the ship’s map in much further to see each island more closely.

  • How Did You Hit That? – Players can now harpoon the Stronghold Key and the Fort of the Damned Stronghold Key.

  • Animal Health – Flameheart's return has had an effect on the island wildlife: chickens, pigs and snakes now have reduced health.

Fixed Issues


  • When encountering an enemy crew’s ship, the Captain’s Table now correctly displays the Voyage for the other crew rather than your own.

  • Vaults should no longer be empty after completing the Fort of the Damned or a Skeleton Fort.

  • After defeating the Ghost of Greymarrow during a Fort of the Damned run, he should now consistently drop the Fort Key into an area accessible by players.

  • Settings changed using sliders with a mouse now save correctly across sessions on PC. 

  • When arriving on an island, crews should no longer hear a rival crew’s Bounty audio if the skeletons aren’t active. Also, this audio will no longer persist after leaving the island.

  • When arriving at the target island of an active Bounty, engaging the skeletons and leaving without defeating the Bounty target will no longer cause the audio to persist after leaving the island.

  • Rag and Bone Crates should now emergently wash up on islands across the world.

  • Players hiding inside shops, taverns and caves should no longer be targeted by lightning strikes!

  • When stowing a sword, you are no longer at elevated risk from storm lightning.

  • Commendations for defeating Shadow of Fate Skeletons at the Fort of the Damned now continue to track progress after the second wave is killed.

  • Fort of the Damned skeleton waves no longer use the same order of Shadow of Fate Skeletons each time. 

  • Cursed Crew Commendations that require defeating skeletons while under the effect of a Cursed Cannonball should now progress more consistently.

  • Middle deck holes on a Galleon should no longer visibly display water pouring in when the external water level is not close to the middle deck.

  • When raising a broken mast and leaving it unsecured, taking damage to other parts of your ship will no longer cause the mast to drop.

  • ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale – The Mysterious Stranger’s voiceover will now be more consistent during his introduction.

  • ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale – When players reach the puzzle vault and are presented with the vault table maps, these will continue to be visible even after leaving the island and then returning. 

  • ‘The Art of the Trickster’ Tall Tale – Lowering the cage inside the cave no longer plays the audio effect multiple times.

  • ‘The Seabound Soul’ Tall Tale – The Quest Book is now better formatted to accommodate German localisation.

  • Cargo Crates should no longer be directed to an unnamed Gold Hoarder NPC for delivery.

  • The Outpost clothing store Double Belt has been remodelled to fit across a range of pirate body sizes.

  • When loading the game and navigating through the intro cutscene, repeatedly pressing B or the Escape key will no longer cancel pop-up options for Rejoin or Join Crew.

  • The Killer Whale Fishing Rod handle will no longer become detached from the reel when turning.

  • Snakes will once again attack players when placed down while inside a basket.

  • Corrected Outpost store pricing for the Hardy Longcoat, Mender's Jacket, Rakish Scarf, High Collar Jacket and Midshipman's Jacket.

  • Corrected naming inconsistencies on the Collector's Chest pick-up prompts, toasts and the text chat radial.

  • Tome of Fire locked Ashen cosmetics are now available in the Outpost stores.

  • The Crimson Corsair Sea Dog Set in the Black Market now uses appropriate Corsair Sea Dog descriptions.

  • Players are once again offered the option to rejoin an active session should they be disconnected.

  • When voting to start a Voyage, SFX now play once voting is complete.

  • Navigating through the ‘Press Any Button’ screen now plays sound effects.

  • Stopped players’ gamertags from showing through a ship’s hull if both players are swimming underwater around the underside of a ship.

  • Players can now see Tall Tales cutscenes being played on the Outpost even when they look away from the NPC.

  • Both Wearyball and Jigball Cursed Cannonballs now correctly affect players when hit.


  • Players can no longer use a quick sprint between firing guns that enables them to perform a double shot faster than intended with dual guns.

  • Aiming down sights and immediately swapping to your sword will no longer cause the sword block to get stuck until you block again.

  • Stowing your sword while blocking and then taking it out once more will no longer cause you to have to press block twice to block again.

  • Sword blocking action and animation now trigger correctly at the end of the sword wield animation.

  • You are now able to swap to another item using a keybinding during the sword wield animation.

  • Removed slight pause in animation when a player first takes out their sword.

  • When your gun is out of ammo and you try to shoot, it will now play the dry fire sound effect.

  • When blocking with the sword and switching to another weapon, your hand no longer appears empty during the stow animation.

  • When performing a block, sword lunge animation no longer pops when bringing the sword back.

  • If a player is hit with a cannonball and not killed on impact, they are now knocked back.

The Arena

  • The visual effects of a storm such as clouds and rain will no longer appear in a different location to the large storm waves and lightning.

  • Equipping a ship cosmetic after completing an Arena contest will now correctly apply that cosmetic for the following contest.

  • Players still migrating at the end of contests will now be safely disconnected if the migration request times out and the server shuts down. 

  • Updated the locked text of the Triumphant Speaking Trumpet to include the correct Commendation required to unlock it. 

  • DeMarco has now remembered to remove the last remaining holiday decorations from the tavern.

New Player Onboarding 

  • Ship prompts will now be hidden during the Maiden Voyage’s final cutscene.

  • Players who have completed the Trading Company onboarding should no longer be shown the intro cutscene upon loading into the game.

  • During the Maiden Voyage, players should no longer be able to get stuck in the hold while exploring.

  • The ‘Set Sail’ button has appropriate artwork when selecting the Maiden Voyage.

  • The Rowboat slowdown keybinds now update when changed within the Maiden Voyage.

  • Improved the cinematic ending of the Maiden Voyage.

Legends of the Sea

  • When handing in Mythical Chests, Skulls and Chests of Legends at The Reaper’s Hideout, players will no longer gain Commendation credit towards Gold Hoarder Order of Souls and Athena Commendations.

  • Resolved text issues on The Sea’s Most Wanted Commendation.

  • Resolved text issues on the description for Book 5.

Pirate Emporium

  • Opening the second or third page of the emote radial and not selecting an emote should no longer play an emote from the previous page.

  • The Romantic Dance Emote now matches its preview for pirates with a large body type.

  • Players’ current Ancient Coin balance is now always shown at the top right corner of the screen.

  • Trying to purchase a single item with insufficient Ancient Coins now explains that players need Ancient Coins and offers a route to purchase them.


  • On returning from the Ferry of the Damned, players should no longer find their pets stuck and unable to follow.

  • Pets should no longer be seen to disappear if running past a player near the edge of the screen.

  • Monkeys should no longer clip through the top step when following a player up the stairs on a Galleon.

  • When playing in non-English languages, equipping an outfit to a pet no longer reverts its name and description back to English.

  • The animation for showing a monkey now appears correctly across a range of body types.

  • Stroking a pet after jumping should no longer lead to a pause in the animation.

  • Players can no longer fire an empty cannon if a pet that was loaded into it is dismissed.

  • When drowning a pet, the pet correctly disappears for all players and not just the person doing the terrible deed.


  • Player will no longer encounter an invisible wall between the bowsprit and hull of a Sloop.

  • Resolved an issue causing ocean audio to play incorrectly at Liar's Backbone.

  • Players can no longer get beneath the environment on Devil’s Thirst.

  • Brightness of certain islands displayed on the world map has been raised to improve visibility.

  • Players should no longer encounter incorrect collision around logs on The Reaper’s Hideout.

  • Players can no longer become stuck in the environment at Crow’s Nest Fortress.

  • Players can no longer become stuck when jumping into the altar on Molten Sands Fortress.

  • The flame on top of Crow’s Nest Fortress now has burning sound effects.

  • Players should no longer become stuck when moving around the Kraken skeleton on Kraken’s Fall.

  • Players should no longer become stuck in a tree on the Shores of Gold.

  • Dagger Tooth Outpost no longer has a floating torch.

Known Issues

  • Equipped Cosmetics Not Persisting Between Sessions – Some players may find that after equipping cosmetics then leaving the game, those cosmetics will no longer be equipped upon their return.

  • Tall Tales - ‘Sailor of the Shores of Gold’ Title Not Unlocking – Some players may find that after earning the Seeker of Grand Adventure Commendation, they are not awarded the Sailor of the Shores of Gold Title.

To learn more about known issues in Sea of Thieves currently being tracked and their status, head over to our Known Issues support site article.

Download and Installation

Download size:

Xbox One: 5.50 GB
Xbox One X: 9.55 GB
Windows 10: 9.55 GB


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