Season Nine’s Style of Thieves Theme Reveal!

Time to get catwalk-ready with the latest line-up of couture categories…

Sea of Thieves Season Nine is already in full swing, and that can mean only one thing: another Style of Thieves contest is glinting on the horizon. So it’s time to turn our spyglasses towards the next wave of themes, and deliver a refresh of our top tips for capturing your pirate’s best side with this latest chance to snag a pair of Fashionista’s Finery Gloves.

There will be just 24 hours to enter each theme via social media channels, so be sure to raid your chests and prepare your screenshots in time! Once a theme opens for entry, get sharing your screenshots, and make sure you include the name of the theme you’re entering in your post. See the How to Enter section below for the full rundown of rules.

Once a theme has closed, our crew will whittle down the entries to select the sailors they felt found the perfect fit. We’re excited to invite back special guest judges from our Art team, who will have the final decision on the 12 winning marauders, with three pirates per category taking home their own pair of gloves.

The Themes

Each theme will start at 9am UTC on the dates detailed below with entries accepted via social media for a full 24 hours.

RPG Classes
Draw inspiration from RPG archetypes and show us your pirate as a mage, paladin, druid, warrior or whichever class takes your fancy!
Entry date: May 15th

Show off the clothes you’d choose to woo a select scoundrel, or maybe even what your pirate would wear down the aisle in this passionate topic.
Entry date: May 16th

Spring Style
Florals, sunny colours and dressing for the warmer weather – embrace the change of season with a wardrobe refresh.
Entry date: May 17th

The Elements
Water, earth, fire, air – put together an outfit that reflects one of the elements, making sure you tell us which one in your caption!
Entry date: May 18th

Image credit: @CapitanoTiger on Twitter

How to Enter

We’ve got eyes everywhere, so you’re free to submit on a variety of social channels, but each comes with its own quirks as follows:

  • To enter on Twitter, make sure you include @SeaOfThieves and #StyleOfThieves.
  • For Instagram, you just need to post using #StyleOfThieves.
  • Add your entry as a reply to that day’s theme post on Facebook.
  • Post your entry with #StyleOfThieves in the #pirate-fashion channel of our official Discord server.

Be sure to include the name of the theme you’re entering in your post, along with any extra info called for by the theme.

Picture Perfection

We’ve put together some handy hints and rules to help you capture your pirate’s best side:

  • No Costumes on the catwalk – we want to see your creativity and individuality in how you mix and match items, so no all-in-one Costumes or complete cosmetic sets.
  • Unless a theme calls for it, all shots should be solo snaps, no crews. Only the pirate in the picture will be eligible for the prize.
  • Find a simple or plain background to pose against to let your outfit pop. Backgrounds and locations will not be considered when judging the outfit.
  • Lighting is key, so find a well-lit spot to fully show off your picks – any coloured or tactical lighting won’t be considered part of the outfit.
  • Toggle off your HUD for that clean finish!
  • Screenshots should be true to the game – no editing or filters.
  • Keep your submissions to a 16:9 or 1:1 ratio, making sure your entire outfit is in shot, to help us when framing the winners.
  • While emotes are allowed, any features added to the outfit via the emote won’t be taken into consideration during judging.
  • One shortlist will be compiled per theme, using entries across all platforms, meaning it’s not necessary to post your submission to all channels. If you make sure you use the correct tags, we will see it!

Image credit: @mystcasual on Twitter

And there you have it, everything you need to know to enter the next round of Style of Thieves. So get primped and prep your poses, and we’ll see you on stage from May 15th! Good luck.