Season Ten's Style of Thieves Theme Reveal!

With winter creeping in, prepare for an appropriately jolly selection of costuming challenges…

Sea of Thieves Season Ten is well underway, with its third feature, Safer Seas, due to arrive this very week, on December 7th. But if there’s one remaining activity that’s been on the mind of at least tens of pirates, it’s when they’ll get another chance to play dress-up for prizes in a fresh bout of Style of Thieves.

Well, good news, you fashion-hungry freebooters, because these words exist to tell you that Season Ten’s Style of Thieves contest – and your next opportunity to win a pair of the delectable Fashionista’s Finery Gloves – will be taking place from December 11th–14th!

While you’re more than welcome to rummage through your wardrobe and take your pictures in advance, these four days will each offer a 24-hour window in which to enter a different theme via social media channels. Once a theme opens for entry (you’ll know because we’ll make a post saying exactly that), it’s up to you to share your stylish screenshots, including the name of the theme you’re entering in your post and any other relevant information. Scroll down and read the How to Enter section for a rundown of the full rules.

Then, once a theme has closed, our crew will wade through every entry to select the sailors they feel finds the perfect fit, or at least makes them raise an eyebrow in appreciation. That list is then scrawled hastily onto some parchment, stuffed into a grubby receptacle and hurled in the general direction of a member of our Art team, and they’ll have the final decision on up to 15 winning marauders.

Three winners per category will take home a pair of the Fashionista’s Finery Gloves – and for the first time in a main Style of Thieves contest, one of our categories is open to duos! The plan is then to announce the winning pirates via social channels on December 21st. So without further waffle, here are…

The Themes

Each theme will start at 10am UTC on the dates detailed below with entries accepted via a variety of social media channels for a full 24 hours.

Festive Cheer
From bright baubles to party hats, don an outfit that says you’re ready to embrace the time of year and spread some good cheer to those around you, and that you’ll happily accept any revelry that another pirate might be offering.
Entry date: December 11th

Dynamic Duos
Whether it’s you and another scoundrel, perching alongside your favourite pet or standing as sidekick to one of the Sea of Thieves’ resident legends, we want to see pairs of pirates posing as powerful couples! Cosplays of actual twosomes and completely original getups both encouraged. And yes, you read that right, two players may enter together (and both win Gloves!), just please remember to name the other pirate you’re posing with.
Entry date: December 12th

Winter Wear
Time to ferret out the fluff and start accessorising for warmth – we want to see snug smugglers doing their best to keep out the cold for this chilly category.
Entry date: December 13th

Smart Casual
What does smart casual even mean, anyway? Is it an admiral’s coat with ripped trousers or would fine boots paired with a striped shirt be equally acceptable? Navigate this modern conundrum in Sea of Thieves style and you could have a pair of lovely gloves to show for your dressing dexterity.
Entry date: December 14th

Image credit: @TiaLoquita_ on Twitter

How to Enter

We’ve got eyes everywhere, in a nice ‘enter however you feel comfortable’ kind of way, so you’re free to submit on a variety of social channels. That said, each comes with its own quirks as follows:

  • To enter on Twitter/X, make sure you include @SeaOfThieves and #StyleOfThieves in your post.
  • For Instagram, you just need to post using #StyleOfThieves.
  • Add your entry as a reply to that day’s theme post on Facebook.
  • Post your entry with #StyleOfThieves in the #pirate-fashion channel of our official Discord server.

And regardless of where you’re sharing your entry, be sure to include the name of the theme you’re entering in your post, along with any extra info called for by the theme.

Rules of the Runway

We’ve put together some handy hints and rules to make sure you capture your pirate’s best side and don’t accidentally enter an ineligible picture:

  • No Costumes on the catwalk – we want to see your creativity and individuality in how you mix and match items, so no all-in-one Costumes.
  • Complete cosmetic sets are not permitted. We designed those items to go together and, again, we want to see stylish creativity. Ideally an outfit should contain no more than four items from the same named set, but as long as creativity from multiple styles is evident then your outfit will be accepted.
  • Unless a theme calls for it, like the Dynamic Duos theme above, all shots should be solo pirates and not crews. Only the pirate in the picture will be eligible for the prize.
  • Find a simple or plain background to pose against to let your outfit pop. Backgrounds and locations will not be considered when judging the outfit.
  • Lighting is key, so find a well-lit spot to fully peacock your picks. Coloured or tactical lighting won’t be considered part of the outfit.
  • Toggle off your HUD for a clean snap and avoid a name getting in the way! If you haven’t set it, the Toggle HUD command can be assigned to a button from the HUD category of the Keyboard and Mouse or Controller area of your Settings menu.
  • Screenshots should be a reflection of the game – no external editing or filters should be applied.
  • Keep your submissions to a 16:9 or 1:1 ratio, making sure your entire outfit is in shot. This will help us when framing winners, and ensures a degree of parity when comparing submissions.
  • While you may use any emotes for your shot, any features added to the outfit via the emote (e.g. oars, weapons, sparklers) won’t be taken into consideration as part of an outfit during judging. The exception to this rule would be using a Pocket Pet Emote for the Dynamic Duos category – this will be accepted.
  • One shortlist will be compiled per theme, using entries across all platforms, meaning it’s not necessary to post your submission to all channels. If you make sure you use the correct tags, we will see it!
  • The unique prize means you can’t win more than once in Style of Thieves, but you’re more than welcome to continue entering for the fun of it!

Image credit: @Sailors_Bounty on Twitter

And there you have it, everything you need to know to enter the next round of Style of Thieves between December 11th and 14th. Now off you go, find your frocks and ponder your pants, and good luck! See you on the catwalk…