Plot a Course for Season Ten Community Weekend, Starting December 2nd

Spectacular streaming and seafaring shenanigans slated for the first weekend of December!

Pirates! If there’s one thing you know we take seriously, it’s celebrating how brilliant you, our players, all are. So it should come as no surprise to you that we’re very serious – and also very excited – about Season Ten’s upcoming Community Weekend, which has officially been scheduled to start on Saturday, December 2nd at 11am UTC. Lasting 48 hours, this latest Event promises to celebrate our wonderful players and spoil sailors with a plethora of goodies and Pop-Up Plunder offerings.

You can see the announcement in our very latest episode of Sea of Thieves News below. We know what you’re thinking – and yes, it does sound wonderful, and of course we’ll tell you more! So let’s get into it…

Sea of Thieves News November 8th 2023

Duration 11:23

Stream of the Crop

To raise the Community Emissary Grade, players will once again be tasked with tuning in to Twitch to level up the generosity of our active multiplier, with the total watch time powering Grade progress. It’s that simple: all you need to do to help raise the Emissary Grade is tune in to any of your favourite content creators within the Sea of Thieves category between 11am UTC on Saturday, December 2nd and 11am UTC on Monday, December 4th.

Every time the Community Emissary Grade levels up, so does the boost to gold, reputation, Seasonal Renown, Allegiance and Guild Reputation – with the top Grade offering two-and-a-half times the rewards for your work! With the introduction of Guilds in Season Ten, we’ve of course made sure that the boosts apply there too, giving all Guild Members a golden opportunity to fast-forward their progress with chosen bands of buccaneers.

Don’t Stop the Drops

Watching your favourite Sea of Thieves creators is fun, and so is helping level up the multiplier – but that’s not all you’ll get for tuning in to Community Weekend escapades! As you might’ve hoped, we have a whole new suite of Twitch Drops to share with you over the Weekend: the Eastern Winds Ruby Pristine Jacket, Gilded Phoenix Pistol, Eastern Winds Ruby Wrap Dress and Gilded Phoenix Blunderbuss will all be on offer throughout the 48 hours.

Just like last time, we’ve also got a cheeky extra Drop up for grabs should the community collectively rise to the challenge: if you all manage to get Sea of Thieves into the top 10 game categories (by highest number of viewers) on Twitch at any point during the Weekend, the Obsidian Captain’s Drapes will be released as an additional Drop until the end of the Event!

These Obsidian Captain’s Cabin customisations are only available through engaging with our Community Weekends, meaning that chances to score these swish items are few and far between – so we recommend doing your best to get this one banked early.

Pop-Up Plunder Returns

After the last Community Weekend, we were delighted to hear that you loved Pop-Up Plunder. So, of course, we’re bringing it back! Everyone’s favourite game of dig spot roulette returns for Season Ten Community Weekend with a refreshed loot pool and a whole new set of social media clues. We’ve also heard your feedback, and will ensure these new maps will come in high contrast so everyone can participate more easily.

The new loot pool still has high-value chests and items available – as well as a greater variety of goodies to surprise you when you crack those Collector’s Chests open – but we’re also bringing in a slightly different flavour to Pop-Up proceedings this time around. In the name of The Hunter’s Call (and all the eating that happens over the holiday season), we’ll be burying crates full of the fish found throughout the Sea of Thieves!

These fish will range from rare to common, so again, it’s a game of chance on whether or not you discover a crate full of Stormfish or Splashtails. We’re also taking the opportunity to bring back everyone’s absolute favourite dig spot discovery – a collection of sweet, sweet Ashen Tomes – so good news for those of you working your way through those Commendations! And if you’ve already done them, please enjoy your 10 Doubloons per hand-in. You’re welcome.

An important thing to note is that we won’t be tying Pop-Up Plunder to the Community Emissary Grade this time, instead scheduling it periodically throughout the weekend to give everyone the best chance of swiping some time-limited treasure. Get your shovels at the ready and stay tuned to our social channels once Community Weekend gets started to see how these roll out!

A Time-Limited Title

To celebrate the release of Skull of Siren Song Voyages in November’s Sea of Thieves update, we’re spotlighting this brand new competitive World Event with a little something special: a time-limited player Title. The Victor of Siren Song Title will only be awarded during this Community Weekend, and it’ll be awarded to those pirates who best the rest and successfully deliver a Skull of Siren Song within the 48-hour period. There’s no participation award for this one: you have to win it. So best of luck, sailors, and we hope to see some hotly contested Siren Song shenanigans unfolding over the Weekend!

The Best Things In Life Are Heavily Discounted

If you’re looking for in-game items you don’t need to fight for, you’re in luck – we also have login bonuses, and all you have to do for these is turn up. The glorious pink, white and blue Season Ten Community Weekend Flag will go straight to the Flag Boxes of everyone who plays during this Event, and the Snapping Shark Emote will sneak into the Vanity Chests of all participating Community Weekend pirates too.

Over in the Pirate Emporium, we’ve persuaded the powers that be to extend the Black Friday Sale to the end of this Event, so there’s a suite of awesome cosmetics available at cut-price costs all the way through to December 4th. If you head over to browse the items on offer, don’t forget to pick up the Down the Hatch Emote for free while you’re there.

There’ll also be a sale running on our merchandise store, which will include the time-limited Season Ten Community Weekend T-shirt and flag we’re making available to buy so that folks can represent in this special set of colours all year round. Keep an eye on our social channels for more details on these merch discounts as we get closer to Community Weekend!

Hat’s Not My Name

It wouldn’t be a Community Weekend if we didn’t shine a light on some of our presently unsung Sea of Thieves heroes and creators, so as usual we’ll be going big on #BeMorePirate and singing those sailors’ praises.

Whether you’ve performed an astonishing feat on the seas and would like us to tip the hat in your direction, or you want to shout out a crewmate or friend who embodies the Be More Pirate mantra, we’ll be taking nominations for this hat-based frenzy from now all the way up to when the Event finishes. We love seeing your stories, clips and creations – and we also love giving out fancy hats. It’s win-win!

Don’t Hide Your Pride

With all these delightful in-game goodies available to score throughout the Weekend, we thought we’d give you the perfect place to showcase your new clothes and wares with another Picture Wall. This fan-favourite installation will be returning, redecorated to match Season Ten Community Weekend’s theme, and we want to see all your snapshot shenanigans – so please swing by your nearest Outpost, pose with pride and take some stunning shots for social media.

Finally, we want you to know that whoever you are and however you identify – yes, even if you identify as a Pyjama Reaper – there will always be a place for you on our seas and in our crew. Come fair winds or rough waters, we’ll always stand by our Pirate Code. As an extension of that, we’ll always stand by every player regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, nationality or creed.

We know the Sea of Thieves is a home and a haven for many of you, and on this Community Weekend it’s important to us that we acknowledge this and celebrate the marvellous mixture of marauders who choose to frequent our shores. As always, pirates, this one’s for you – all of you.