Season Six Community Day Set for May 14th

Get ready to set sail for rewards, Renown and seafaring shenanigans aplenty!

It’s official, we’ve set the date – Sea of Thieves’ next Community Day will happen on Saturday, May 14th, mere weeks from now! We’re extremely eager to share a spectacular smorgasbord of boosted rewards, in-game items and activities to excite even the coolest of pirates.

Hot on the heels of our first Community Day in January, Season Six’s celebration comes supercharged with even more ways to get involved. So if you want your whistle whetted, stick with us as we run through what’s in store.

Teamwork Makes the Theme Work

As we did for the last Community Day, we’re putting in-game rewards in your hands – so get your tweeting thumbs at the ready and prepare to work together to raise the Community Emissary Grade once more! Hop onto Twitter from 10am UTC on Saturday, May 14th and use the hashtag #SeaofThievesCommunityDay to play your part in helping all players rank up their rewards. You’ll have 24 hours to get your tweets in, so make sure you get involved before 10am UTC on Sunday, May 15th to make a difference.

Of course, the hashtag isn’t just for boosting the Community Emissary Grade – it’s also the place we want to see your favourite stories, events, ideas, art, clips and screenshots shared. We were so into those sweet, wholesome hashtag vibes last time, so more of that please. We hope Season Six’s Community Day inspires you to go even bigger and bolder, and we’ll be eagerly following the hashtag to see what you all get up to! We’ve even got you covered if you don’t have any screenshots to hand – just head to our Community Hub on the day to score a shiny-looking share card for all your tweeting needs.

Ramping Up the Renown

For Season Five Community Day there was a fixed boost on Renown, but this time it’s your Seasonal progression that finds itself in the hands of the Community Emissary Grade – with hashtag usage potentially boosting the multiplier to a massive 3.5x the usual Renown raised! So, if you’re yet to hit level 100, or have some pals who still haven’t completed the Seasonal progression path, this event is the perfect reason to round up your crewmates and set sail.

And remember: hitting level 100 is nice, but the flower crown is at level 96 – and we all secretly know that’s the cosmetic that really matters here. If it’s gold and reputation you’re after, no need to worry on this front either as the event comes bearing double helpings of both from the get-go.

Raise Your Glass (and Your Flag)

To toast the Sea of Thieves community on this special day, players logging in between 10am UTC on Saturday, May 14th and 10am UTC on Sunday, May 15th will find the stunning, spring-coloured Season Six Community Day Flag added to their Flag Box. That’s not all you’ll get for joining in during this 24-hour period, either – the Wing Flap Emote will also be winging its way to the Vanity Chests of participating pirates. Be sure to climb your mast and equip the flag for your Community Day sessions, we want to see them all flying high! But don’t jump off the mast thinking the Wing Flap Emote will save you – it looks fun, but it won’t make you fly.

Season Six Community Day: Official Sea of Thieves

Duration 1:28

The Wind in Your Sales

We heard you liked sales, so we’ve locked in two for you for this Community Day. The Pirate Emporium will be running some tantalisingly tempting discounts on some of our most popular items, so for 24 hours only, all our (non-Collector) pets will be half-price, and all pet outfits will be a mere 99 Ancient Coins – perfect if you’re thinking of picking up a pooch, parrot or kitty companion. We’ve also got some stunning savings to be made on the Dark Warsmith Costume, ship set and weapons, plus a whole host of emotes will have their prices snipped for the day.

Not to be outdone by the Pirate Emporium, the Rare merchandise store sale will be returning too. Knock 30% off your Sea of Thieves shopping list by using discount code COMMUNITYDAY at the checkout to ensure your discount is applied! We’ll also be launching another one-day-only Community Day T-shirt to commemorate this Season’s event, so you’ll need to be quick if you want to bag this piece of special swag.

You’re the One Hat I Want

We’re bringing back the mega hat drive once more! Community Day gives us another opportunity to sing the praises of some presently unsung community heroes – so starting from right now, we’ll be taking nominations via the #BeMorePirate hashtag on social channels for those deserving of the Hat of Unfeasibly Glorious Fame.

Whether you’ve performed an astonishing feat on the seas and would like us to tip the hat in your direction, or you’d like to shout out a crewmate or friend who embodies the Be More Pirate mantra for less specific but no less worthy reasons, we’ll take nominations all the way up to the big day. So if there’s something or someone you’d like to draw our attention to, tell us about it on Sea of Thieves social channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (the more info the better) with the #BeMorePirate tag. We’ll be watching!

Twitch Drop (It Like It’s Hot)

Yes, there’s more! We’ll once again be running Community Day Twitch Drops for all our sailors who like to stream. During the same 24-hour timeframe – May 14th to May 15th, 10am UTC – the Gilded Phoenix Banjo will be available to viewers who tune in and watch any participating streamer play Sea of Thieves for at least 20 minutes.

Prepare yourself by heading to our Twitch Drops page if you’ve yet to link your Twitch and Sea of Thieves accounts, and make sure you follow Sea of Thieves on Twitch before the big day. We’ll be hosting a special Community Day broadcast live from our on-site tavern too, so stay tuned to our social channels for more information on our streaming shenanigans!

I Get By With A Little Loot From My Friends

We’re not ones to shy away from the Strawberrybearded elephant in the room, so we just want to say: this time, we’re going to be ready for you. We’ve battened down the hatches and will have our crew ready to patch any leaky holes. Rest assured we’re doing everything we can to ensure as many of you as possible can enjoy the day.

It's always been our intention for Sea of Thieves Community Days to be about much more than the gold and the glory – they’re about coming together and saluting each and every one of our brilliant and spirited sailors. We throw these events to celebrate all of you and to share the love in as many ways as possible. So spread the word and set your sights on Sea of Thieves on May 14th – it promises to be a heck of a party!