Unless you’ve been living under the deepest of deep sea rocks, you will by now have seen the Xbox Wireless Controller – Sea of Thieves Limited Edition that’s making waves across the internet.

“Gaze into the murky depths of the deep purple translucent design, adorned with laser etched barnacles, one treasured golden trigger, and haunted by a mysterious skull that glows at sundown.”

Atmospheric! Now for some details. Marketing Art Lead Peter Hentze and Lead Producer Adam Park have shared some design insights with us to pass on to you…

When it came to creating the Sea of Thieves Xbox One controller we really wanted it to feel like an extension of your experience within the game – so in our initial brainstorm sessions with the team we set out to explore what effect the world would have had on the controller as a physical object.

“Given the tactile nature of holding a controller, we knew that texture would play a huge part in this. We quickly landed on the idea of barnacles having stubbornly taken up residence as your controller had washed around the Sea of Thieves, something which was ultimately achieved through a bespoke laser-etching solution. 

“To further extend the narrative of the controller we also thought about how it had come to be outside of the Sea of Thieves and in your hands; the supernatural elements of the game provided a great conceit for how it moved beyond the realm and also gave us a huge amount of creative space to really have fun with.

“From the glow-in-the-dark Reaper’s Mark through to the translucent case (with a gradient no less!), we’ve employed a lot of brand new techniques to bring to life a controller guaranteed to make you a proper pirate legend.”

We also have something else that not a single pirate (bar a few of us at Rare) has laid eyes on, and that’s the exclusive Ferryman Clothing Set that comes with this legendary loot! So we’d better go ahead and show you, right?

This official Xbox Wireless Controller will be released on February 15th, and can be pre-ordered right here.

We’ve had a boatload of Sea of Thieves announcements in recent weeks. We divulged our release date, opened up pre-orders and declared when our Closed Beta will set sail!

So there’s a lot going on as we head toward launch. Tune in to our social channels and make sure you don’t miss a trick…