Relaunching the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme

Anyone can sign up to play the game early, give feedback and earn rewards!

From the get-go Sea of Thieves has been a game developed alongside the community. It started way back in 2016 when we launched the Insider Programme and eventually we added the Pioneer Programme alongside it, inviting fans to get an early hands-on with the game through the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha.

Over time we gathered a boatload of awesome feedback from our players, which helped us not only launch Sea of Thieves but also drive its evolution well beyond day one. A pirate's bond with their crew is sacrosanct, so to all of you Insiders and Pioneers out there: it's been a real journey, thank you!

Of course, Sea of Thieves continues to grow. So that we can continue gathering feedback on upcoming features at an even larger scale, today we're officially relaunching the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme, which now incorporates features previously only available to Pioneers. Better yet, as Joe mentioned in last week's Developer Update, it's open to everyone. Yes, you read that correctly – everyone!

We're calling on the community's boldest pirates to venture into the unknown and help us test exciting new features early, give us feedback and get a little something for their help. As an Insider, you'll gain access to a shiny new Insider area of the website where you'll be able to find patch notes for the latest Insider build, see what kind of feedback we'd like you to focus on each week and more.

What makes this brand new Insider Programme even sweeter is the addition of rewards! By playing Insider builds regularly, you can earn in-game gold, Doubloons and some very snazzy, very exclusive cosmetics that you can show off in the main game. (Note that while Insider rewards carry over to the main game, general progress in the Insider builds is separate from your progress in the main game.)

As with our previous Insider and Pioneer Programmes, and so that we're able to continue being transparent while offering the opportunity to try out early features, the content we discuss and allow Insiders to play is strictly under NDA. This means that any and all Insider content discussion must be kept to the Insider Forums, and sharing of any media related to Insider content is outright prohibited.

If by this point you're wondering "where do I sign up?" then we've got you covered. Just head on over to and follow the short sign-up process. Once that's done, you should receive a confirmation email which means you're ready to go and check out the Insider area, find out how to download the client and set off on your Insider journey. See you out there!