Find Out What Lies Hidden in The Hungering Deep

A battle-scarred old sea dog shares stories of things to come...

Update May 29th: The Hungering Deep is now live. Set sail for a new challenge! Or, if you're the kind of pirate who likes to be prepared, make your way to our dedicated page for an overview of what's included and read through the release notes before venturing into Sea of Thieves to experience it for yourself...

Original story:

More dangers are coming to the Sea of Thieves... and with them, more opportunities for crews who have no concept of fear and a hankering for hard-won spoils!

As revealed in our Content Plans announcement shortly after launch, The Hungering Deep will kick off a run of free Sea of Thieves content updates throughout the year. Last week offered the first real hints at what might be surfacing in that update.

In a trailer that gave the spotlight to Merrick – survivor of some salty escapades himself – a stream of tales, claims and cave paintings stirred up glimpses of what's coming on May 29th.

Official Sea of Thieves: The Hungering Deep Trailer

Duration 1:56

A new and not inconsiderable threat to seafarers will be joined by a raft of other additions, including a voyage of discovery upon which you'll cross paths with Merrick himself.

More details will be appearing here on the site soon to whet your appetite, and there may already be some connected developments scattered among the community-driven stories in issue 1 of the Pirate Times.

Future updates will continue to expand upon Sea of Thieves' lore and legends, but for now, shore up your supplies and check the cutting edge of your cutlass in preparation for what The Hungering Deep will deliver. Not long left to wait. Maybe it'd be wise to fulfil a few more voyages while the seas are relatively safe to sail...