During our tribute to the Ferryman and all things spooky, we asked pirates around the globe to send in their finest Festival of the Damned-inspired fan art and videos. Now, as the Festival draws to a close, we've carefully selected our winner and runners-up, and it's time to reveal who will be taking home the spoils!

As always, a huge thank you to everyone who entered, all the entries received were exceptional… except one, it frightened the cabin boy.

Festival of the Damned Creator Contest Winner:

It's a sloop, with teeny-tiny cannons. We love it! Great work, e11evenbsouth.

Festival of the Damned Creator Contest Runners-Up:

All of our runners-up will receive a Sea of Thieves Reaper's Glow T-Shirt, 15 Bilge Rat Doubloons and a Spinal Figurehead.

Bbeanasaurus is at it again with this amazing Skull Lantern!

An original piece of artwork by Fenriersden. Sure to get the Ferryman's seal of approval!

What's not to like in this piece from EkulKcilb? Flames of Fate, a moonlit rowboat for two, sharks - it's got it all!

The Ferryman's Song

Duration 3:34

Gather round, pirates, and listen to the Ferryman's Song, penned by the bardic pirate Requiem Machine!

Thanks again to everyone who entered, it was a blast looking through your submissions!

Don’t forget to keep tabs on our social media channels, as you never know when the next challenge might arise…