Creator Spotlight - TruEdits

Stealing the Spotlight this time is a cinematically inclined corsair extraordinaire!

With the changing of the tides, in sails another seafarer worthy of a Spotlight! Taking centre stage this time is none other than TruEdits, aptly named after his video editing prowess. Let’s dive into this talented tale-teller’s story, and see how his exploits stretch from shore to shore across the Sea of Thieves…

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[Q]: What was your introduction to the world of games?

[A]: I’m a huge Pokémon fan and the first game I remember playing was the original Pokémon Red and Blue on the Game Boy. Ever since then I haven’t been able to put games down! As I grew up, I got more involved in esports. I loved spectating as much as competing and it’s an area that I now work in. It’s safe to say I love video games!

[Q]: How did you become part of the Sea of Thieves community?

[A]: I owe a lot to both Summit and Pace. They showed me that this game was way more than I first thought, and the second I picked it up I was hooked. Later that year I ran into BoxyFresh, and his charisma and unique approach to the game made me appreciate it even more. A couple of months later I started editing for him and I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished since 2019.

Since first starting this game, I’ve been creating cinematics and have received a lot of love for them. I even won the #BeMorePirate Hat as a result. This game has truly changed my life.

[Q]: How did creating content become your ‘thing’?

[A]: When I know the answer to this I’ll let you know (ha)! For real though, I’ve always wanted to make people laugh. At first, I thought this would just be through the videos I edit and produce, but over the last year or so I’ve come to realize maybe I have something else to offer. I’ve loved every minute of it.

[Q]: How do you decide what kind of content to create?

[A]: If I’m having fun with what I’m doing then I know the content will naturally follow. A big reason I’ve streamed nothing but Sea of Thieves for three years is you have no idea what you’re going to find and encounter. It’s what makes this game one of the greatest of all time and I have no plans on going anywhere else any time soon.

[Q]: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced while creating content?

[A]: One of the biggest challenges is that I don’t do this full-time. I’m a video editor. Having to constantly balance the demanding hours and expectations of creating content for influential creators, taking time to produce my own stuff and having time for anything else is a constant battle. That being said, I love it. I love my job and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

[Q]: What different channels do you have?

[A]: I upload somewhat frequently to YouTube and TikTok. YouTube contains all my cinematics and all my dances go on TikTok. Most of my content is either streamed on Twitch or edited and uploaded to Twitter.

[Q]: What’s been your most memorable Sea of Thieves moment so far?

[A]: I started playing this game with a good friend of mine called Chris. We played from dawn to dusk and it’s a time of my life I will treasure forever. One day we pulled up to an Outpost and there was a mysterious stranger tentatively hanging around. We spent the rest of the session with them, and over the next few weeks and months she became part of our crew! They gradually started dating and are still together to this day. Whilst life has taken us in different directions, it’s such a precious memory and something I’m really thankful for.

[Q]: What do you enjoy most about the game now, and what are you looking forward to in future?

[A]: What I love so much about this game is how every day, every server is completely different. The content has no limitations because the game doesn’t either. You could pull up to a boat stacked with loot or encounter a crew of brand new pirates, and both have potential for incredible adventures.

As for the future, I would love to see a fully integrated last ship standing mode. Whether it will ever come to the game I do not know, but I truly believe it would take the game to even greater heights.

[Q]: What’s something you’re particularly proud of accomplishing in gaming?

[A]: To this day it still blows my mind that I’m a Twitch and Sea of Thieves Partner. It’s something I never thought would be possible and am very grateful for. Aside from that I’m really proud of the videos I’ve made and the creators I’ve worked with. From TimTheTatMan to OpTic to Boxy and everyone else in between, it gives me a purpose in life and I’m excited for what the future holds.

[Q]: How did you come up with your channel name?

[A]: I really liked the name ‘Truth’ when I was trying to come up with one, but it wasn’t available. I decided to take the first part of that ‘Tru’ and stick ‘Nerd’ on the end. It never really felt right though, and after one of my mates literally refused to call me that I knew it was time for a change. I switched the end to ‘Edits’ as that's what I do and it felt natural.

[Q]: What do you like to get up to when you’re not streaming?

[A]: I’m pretty big into CrossFit. Over the last couple of years, I’ve lost around 100lbs and love the feeling of a brutal workout! I also love collecting Pokémon cards, creating/writing music and raising awareness for mental health. I suffer a lot from health anxiety and depression and, especially in men, I think it’s really important to not be ashamed to talk about it. So, if you’re reading this and you’re in the same boat (see what I did there), you’re not alone.

[Q]: What advice would you give to a new content creator?

[A]: Be completely and authentically yourself. Be grateful for every new viewer and if things start to pick up, constantly remind yourself of where you came from. Live in that humility. Last of all, if you’re not having fun then what’s the point of doing this? Don’t take it too seriously.

[Q]: What’s one thing you would advise a content creator not to do?

[A]: If you want something in this world, there is only one person that can make that happen… YOU. Work on yourself and your own craft. Don’t be jealous of someone else’s success, as that kind of attitude will eat you up.

[Q]: Could you give us one more random fact about yourself?

[A]: I was born with double vision. Through eye therapy (I think that’s what it’s called, haha) they corrected it, but I can still on demand see things in double. It’s quite odd.

That rounds off another Spotlight! Massive thanks to Tru for answering our barrage of questions, and for continuing to showcase Sea of Thieves’ best bits in his cinematic masterpieces.

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