Fear and dread settle over the Sea of Thieves this month as old enemies return through the cracks between worlds: the Shadows of Fate are loose once again, and a certain Skeleton Lord is proving impossible to bury once and for all!

Larinna is investigating and has Voyages that’ll send you in search of missing Bilge Rat crews, so be sure to read the Mysterious Notes she sends your way and check in with her at the tavern. She knows where the hostile hotspots are, so you can decide whether to make a beeline for them or pursue your own business in a quieter part of the world…

For full details of everything in the Fate of the Damned update, take a look through the release notes.


A range of stirring Soulflame gear can be earned by taking part in the Fated Fortune Event introduced as part of this update. Keep track of the individual Goals grouped into sets of Challenges, and as you cleave your way through Shadows of Fate you’ll soon be on the way to earning prizes including the exclusive Soulflame Crew Set and weapons.

Week by week, the Shadows of Fate are destined to spread like a plague through the regions of the world. Gather the coloured Flames of Fate to make them vulnerable to your attacks, take them down and reap the rewards!

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Looking for some pirating inspiration, a warm-up for your next sailing session or just a quick fix of gold or Doubloons?

Head to the Events Hub where you’ll find all the latest challenges and live events, from quickfire Daily Bounties to regular weekly specials, plus any unique time-limited events offering their own rewards.

Pirate Emporium
New in the Emporium

New in the Emporium

Adopt a new skeletal pet or blaze a trail with the Soulflame Ship Set!
New Items Added

Pirate Emporium

The Pirate Emporium provides exclusive new ways to express yourself, offering pirate pets, unique ship liveries and additional emotes! New items are added every month, so visit the Emporium in-game or head to the Pirate Emporium page to learn more.