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    story on twitter (thread):
    and heres the video to it too:

  • Here my friends is a tale from the depths and the Pirates who raced against time, tide and dastardly obstacles to save Athena’s Fortune.

    Our tale starts on The Savage Delight and the crew who mans her. At this time, they’ve spent more than 6 hours traveling far and wide across Ancient Isles and Shores of Plenty to finally end their journey in the Wilds most famous Galleon’s Grave. For Galleon’s Grave is a favorite amongst the most experienced Pirates for the merchants be close at hand and travel to them be short from the ship.

    This particular crew was made up of 4 Pirate Legends who had all reached the Pirate Lords rank of 10 and they had been collecting all night. Chest, Skulls, Shinies and animals of all kinds stretched across their ship glowing like a candle in the dark, but none shined brighter than Athena’s Fortune herself for she was the prize placed on the needle of their ship. She was a beacon to all that dared to near this crew that Legends dwelled here. These fearless Pirates were in awe of their hoard which was well over 160,000 gold and decided that before parting from such a haul they would capture the memory.

    They carefully mapped out their design and placed each item in its allotted spot. From the crows nest one pirate called out that explosive barrels should also be used to decorate as they had amassed enough to quake the Sea of Thieves....little did they know the ripple effect from that decision would rock the ship. As a barrel was being placed a misstep happened and an explosion lit the sky and everything went dark for our crew.

    A few moments later they arrived with the Ferryman who laughed at their misfortune, but agreed to give them a chance at redemption. He transported them and their ship to Krakens Fall to face the wind no tack could defeat. As they neared Galleon’s Grave a second time the treasure was nowhere to be found. They lunged into the depths to find their fortune sinking. Grateful for the second chance they immediately started raising their loot. It was raining treasure in the oceans as one by one chests, skulls and Athena herself started to rise up from the depths. Our crew with great humility took each individual piece up from the seas and to the merchants, thanking Poseidon with each count of gold as he chose not to punish our Pirates, but instead provide them with this story. A story that has been shared far and wide across these Sea of Thieves. A story of four Pirates who are Legendary.

    This tale was brought to you by The Savage Delight Crew:
    Kat “Oo Prentiss oO”
    Cat “CaptFlora Ark”
    Ben “STRM xD1X1Ex”
    Micky “Grimm0192”

  • Footage of the Meg that wanted to join the crew!

  • That’s an easy one for me! It’s got to be the time Tartan helped me with my recolonisation of Chicken isle!

    My proudest moment xD


  • Hi fellow Pirates!

    My story is quite simple! After finishing a fort me and my crew were chassed by an enemy Brigantine. In order to save our valued booty I shot myself from our ship's cannon and landed directly on the enemy Brigantine and sanked them alone. Here are the video clips:

  • This story is pretty old,
    after a skeleton fort, me and my crew being chased by other two gallions, escaping them, until getting caught by the tentacles of the Kraken, as soon as the ship start sinking, my crew left alone, with one banana on a rowboat, I fought the two gallions together against the kraken with only my cutless.
    Though all the treasure was lost,
    a Tale was salvaged from the waters...

  • @muse986 Hello,it impossible for me to send 1 video because i love sot so much and i create a lot of content about it i have more than 100 maybe because i like to take video when i see beautiful things that i like about sot and put in my channel,Also problem is i like to create also 1-3-5 second videos too (but i know this is not good for channels but i don't care because i like to take video about what i like),if you go ita360 dot com and search word sea of thieves you can see some of them,only i can say is thank you because your game is very beautiful and i love it so much and i never boring about it i play it long time ago since.
    The only thing i little bit disagree is that is not possible to pause\save the game status,but all other thing is perfect.
    Happen a lot of thing strange to me (lighting bolt hit bridge near me,volcano meteorite hit my head,teletrasport after jump on rock,kraken attack enemy ship while we fight or vice versa,funny celebrations,gunpowder fireworks hahahaha and a lot)
    Problem is also i like to make videos that for other people has no sense,for example i make one video about a door i find under water in sea of thieves and i love it so much hahaha but all people write me "w*f u make stupid video this nosense" but i not to care i like hahaha because i like remember when i find that island and then go under water and see door,is about moments of my life play and i very happy see hahaha.
    Also one thing funny about sea of thieves is a lot of time i not play same the game is intended to play hahaha i not do quest or like this but i play it myselph same i want , for example 1 time i make skeleton ship follow me until one shark fin island for make they stuck in cannon place and then shoot them hahaha and all stupid things like this hahaha i know that this is not good about for get money game or level up but i like do all funny too i not care much achievements etc. hahaha i very love sea of thieves is a wonderful game , i only little sad that my dad cannot see coz passed away i think if him see him like to much too,i hope him can see me play from paradise.

  • Have any of you heard the tale of "the redemption of ratsma?" Well if you haven't, do I have a tale for you.

    Back before ships were cursed and shores were forsaken. Was a fine pirate by the name of ratsma. He was so close to taisting the riches of being a pirate legend, but you see, there was an obstical. The crew he aquanted himself with to reach his goal, betrayed him and locked him in the brig and drowned him in the bottom of the galleon. And because we in the sea of theives never die, he was danmed on that cursed ghost ship for all of eternity,

    But hope is not lost for our betrayed friend, for even on that ghost ship, hope would arrive in the form of two sea fairing pirates who was sailing on the small sloop ship. On of them by the name of Sacred Hex had been sent to the ghost ship of the danmed because of typical pirate nonsense. But there he found the ghost of ratsma, a soul trapped in the forsaken World of the danmed.

    Sacred asked the danmed soul what had happened. Ratsma told him his tale of betrayal and eternal danmnation. Ratsma also asked Sacred and his alive crew mate Skullripper if they could help redeem the soul of ratsma by defeating the crew who betrayed him. The crew of two accepted the quest knowing the odds were not in their favor. Ratsma, even wile dead, knew when his former crew grabbed treasure and used this information to give our pirate hero's a direction. But the whereabouts of the crew of betrayers happened to be on the other side of the map, and so the voyage was going to be long. So Sacred chose to stay with Ratsma to gain information on the ferry of the danmed, wile Skullripper embarked on the long journey .

    So threw cascading seas, threw deadly storms, and evading sea creatures from the sea. Skullripper found the galleon that contained the crew of betrayers. The Galleon was about to dock at a port to profit from their riches, but the crew on the sloop was heading their way for the attack. With the knowledge that the Fallon's lower cargo hold was filled with water. The crew of two bombarded the unaware crew of betrayers with cannon ball after cannon ball, each hitting their target. In desperation, as the galleon was sure to sink, the crew of betrayers crashed into the island in hopes of reclaiming any loot they acquired, but it was all in vain as the crew of two finished off the betrayers before they made a single gold coin. The quest for redemption was a success , and the crew of two even were rewarded for their effort with the loot the betrayers have yet cashed in.

    And so, on this day, ratsma got his revenge and redemption. It is said that to this day, ratsma still is in the land of the dead, laughing for all eternity at the ghosts of his former crew.

  • Last night my crew The Red Eyed Raiders ran 3 simultaneous Guilded Athena’s. 9 Chest of Legends, 2 Sloops, 2 Galleons, 10 incredible Pirates, 1 amazing time. Made over 100k with all the loot from the voyages, not to mention the countless Megalodons and Krakens we had to fight off to safely turn in our loot.

  • You can see my story here :) https://www.seaofthieves.com/forum/topic/76962/the-stranded-sailor

  • @muse986 on the hunt for the white meglodon most people have not found it yet

  • A tale eh?
    Well do i have a tale for ye!

    Me and a friend of my decided to become sea creature hunters. I am the great Herbert von Kuundfa the great megologist. I have joined forces with the legendary kraken hunter Kasey Darksea!

    My mission is to find out more about the megladon species. So far my research has led me to many wonderful discoveries! With the help of Kasey Darksea i hope to one day find the elusive Shrouded Ghost and find out why it is so rare. Of course we also have a ship. The Marine Machine! And my quest for knowledge continous as I plunge into the unknown in search for the secrets of the megladon.

    This whole megologist idea came from one of our adventures. We were sailing about heading for a fort and all of a sudden a megladon appears and it was the Crested Queen. I complimented the megs colors and called it a beautiful specimen and then the megologist Herbert von Kuundfa was born!
    And Kasey Darksea started when we were attacked by the kraken and our plank supplies were completely non existent. So we sunk but my friend stayed to see if she could take out a few tenticals with her sword. And to my surprise she took out two! And thus Kasey Darksea was born. And now we sail the sea of thieves on the Marine Machine looking to tane megladons and slay krakens wherever we see them.

  • @muse986

    Since the Shrouded Spoils entered our world the crew and I have been smashing forts back to back. We usually take everything we can carry and only hand in at the end of our adventures on the seas. As our journey was coming to a close, this fierce megalodon had to meddle with our affairs. But as you can see it stood now match for our brave crew! Cheers to the best mateys one could ever wish for! Mateys also used for scale.

    Lt. Swag Johnson | Instagram | Megalodon Hunters

  • I managed to confuse the whole server by retaining my skull fort key then using it to open an active fort. I sold all the treasure before other crews got there. 😂 when they all realised the fort was unlocked they sailed off so I went back and finished it, got the key and went back to the original fort to claim my loot ☠

  • @muse986 Alright so me and 3 of my friends were playing SoT and we had just done a fort and had loads more loot from a galleon we sunk who attacked us when moving loot from fort to ship so we went on out way to the nearby outpost galleons grave when suddenly we got attacked by the same galleon and then out of no where the KRAKEN appears and attacks us and the other vessel so our crews combined take out the formidable foe but peace did not last as then the galleon turned back to fight us so we kept moving towards the outpost with a galleon to out left in a constant cannon battle with each side exploding gunpowder barrels and firing shots when we run out of wood and we were also low on cannons so i tell my crew to put all our loot into the rowboat we had attached so they did so and we were close to shipwreck bay so i steer our ship there and into the rocks in which the galleon follows so as we go through a tight space they will follow us round i tell my crew to quickly drop gundpowder barrels behind our ship in which they drop 3 and at this point our ship was drastically filling up so as the galleon goes around the corner it blows up and sinks and so does our ship except for us we had got all loot in the rowboat and the whole time my friend Ollie had been rowing the loot to the nearest outpost and sold the loot tricking the dastardly pirates to their doom

  • Sea of Thieves - Try to do something daring out there

    The Duke said it and I followed his advice although somewhat unaware of the adventures that were awaiting me... And adventure was right through the doors of that little tavern. It started with the whimsical sound of an old shanty and turned into the roaring of the blue sea extending from the Shores of Plenty to The Wilds.

    A silhouetted figure that stood across the doorway became my first play buddy and member of the crew. A few yards away into the harbor the galleon was awaiting ready to take us all through the maelstrom of the events to come. Other figures appeared, random players connected from any part of the world. Some able to communicate others mute in their expectations, yet we were all there, pulling on the ropes and turning the helm, all in the effort to keep that ship afloat and reach the next skull stronghold.

    Through sounds of battle among waves of cursed skeleton defenders and constant clashing with other crews we fought our way to the heart of the stronghold and that is when I held the fort's key in my hand. The skeleton captain was dead and the hold on that fort was lifted, I looked at the key and my new friends indicated the entrance to the fort were all the treasure was awaiting. In a gleeful state we carried all in our galleon and tracked back to the nearest outpost to sell it all for profit when lo and behold a kraken appeared. We fought the sea beast and the peril overcome a short celebration followed, tankards of rum were lifted to the crew's triumph. Many left after, only few stayed, ready to brave the sea again and maybe dig a treasure or two before the skull beacon in the sky called again. Through treasure maps and bounty rewards, through merchant cargo and the mysterious Athena's quests I met more and more online friends that shared the same love for adventure and the childhood dream "a pirate to be, to trim the waves and roam the sea".

    Finally the day came when the mysterious stranger in the tavern opened the hideout doors for me and I became part of that cast called "Pirate Legends" all proud of my achievement and celebrated by fellow gamers.

    Little did I know that wasn't the end of the adventure only just the beginning of a never ending journey. From the first meg hunt, to the mermaid statues, from the cursed ships to the Forsaken Shores I went through it all finding always new challenges and new stories decided by gameplaying and not some forced script. I was there when the curse of skeleton ships was defeated, I ran the Reaper's Mark and used the cursed cannon balls to spread fear and destroy my enemies; boiling water burned my body and hot lava threatened my ship... Yet through it all I could never forget that moment when an unknown logged in at the same time with me, in the same server and with timid voice coming through my headset said: "You are the first pirate I met here. Do you want to be my friend?"

    Would you be my friend unknown mariner of the sea, or you would rather be my enemy and challenge my skill and that of my crew? No matter where you are from, no matter what is your objective join in and let's share stories together and maybe a tankard of rum or two while singing songs of future adventures and the never ending longing for the sea.

    Sea of Thieves brought us together like no game has ever done, for now we hold the helms of our destinies and we decide how the tale will be told; we the gamers, the backbone and beating heart of every gaming community!

  • I was doing a cargo run with my dad. It was his first cargo run. Once he had started the voyage, I went onto the outpost to get the cargo. He thought that it was like other quests, where we need to go get the treasure, so he raised the anchor and lowered the sails. I came back to the dock to see the ship sailing away.
    alt text
    I told him that I have the cargo, and need to bring it onto the ship. He turned the ship around, and stopped next to the outpost, but I had cloth, and the ship was too far away for me to swim over to the ship without getting wet.
    Ship stopped at shore
    He pulled the ship up to different places on the outpost, but they still weren’t close enough to bring the cloth onto the ship. Eventually, he parked the ship next to the dock, so I was able to get the cargo on board.
    Ship at dock
    We got the rest of the cargo, and then came to the outpost that we had to deliver it to. I was holding the cloth as we walked along a dock to get to the right person. We had finally made it, until I accidentally walked off the side of the dock about halfway along the dock. The cloth got wet, after all that work to keep it dry. We had to stop playing for a moment because we were laughing so much.
    alt text
    The person that the cargo was supposed to be delivered to wasn’t very happy though.
    Disappointed Tracy

  • Buckle down lads
    This story of mine be short, but it'll make all a' ya grit yer teeth with the pure annoyance of this tale.

    T'was a fine sunny day on the Sea of Thieves, wind was blowing at our backs, sun was shining, and I had a faithful hand to the mast next to me by the name of KalypsoLynx. Now Lynx has claimed several times that he be cursed to never hold a Skeleton Stronghold item, of course me being me I decided to tempt fate and try to break this curse just by trying to take one.

    Upon seeing those skellies take a fort we immediately sailed over to the stronghold and docked, working our way through the hordes quickly and destroying the captain. With the key within' our grasp we checked our surroundings, only to see a galleon making way through the rough waves to the stronghold quickly. I grabbed the key and with Lynx in tow went back to our sloop to keep what was ours, but the galleon was already on us.

    Dropping the key in the map room of our tiny sloop we set on to take out the threat before us, which was barely a fight since they were sent them and their ship to the Ferryman in a few minutes. But upon returning to the island, we found that the key has disappeared. Lynx and I looked around the waters of where we sailed off to make sure I hadn't accidentally threw it over the side and of course that galley came back and sank us.

    After a quick visit to to the Ferryman we went back to the fort and sank the galley (the vicious cycle of the Sea of Thieves right), and we began searching for the key once again, at this point however hope was fading in Lynx and I. The galley once again came back but instead of a full crew we found only one man on it. After a quick chat he revealed to us that the key was floating in the water after we sank and he ferried the key to a nearby rock (the fort was in the wilds). Looking back on that day we never found the key, and I say it's still out there today, floating among the waves. This whole endeavor took half my sanity and about 3+ hours.

  • Bild Text
    the heart of who we are

    I always hear this sound KNOCK
    A sound full of pain KNOCK
    A sound full of grief KNOCK
    but also a sound of hope KNOCK

    I feel like my mates dig in rhythm KNOCK
    I know now happened, he is here.Admiral Vantasch is here KNOCK
    I try to follow the sound KNOCK KNOCK
    The fog covers me in a cloak of loneliness KNOCK

    There is something KNOCK
    something familiar to me KNOCK
    My Kamadraden begin to hum to the beat of the shovels KNOCK

    I see the legend coming up KNOCK
    I am afraid to fail KNOCK
    I dig harder KNOCK
    I do not show them the heart of who we are KNOCK

    The song sounds KNOCK
    Hope lives KNOCK
    I dig harder KNOCK
    so it does not go dark KNOCK

    No matter had happened to us KNOCK
    which tremendously slave us KNOCK
    we stay together until we fail KNOCK

    this is the song of sons and daughters KNOCK
    and we hide the heart of who we are KNOCK

    Here is the Cinematic

  • My story is of when i battled the Kraken and Meg inside of the fog on a solo sloop and prevailed! it was a seriously intense battle where I nearly sunk a couple times

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eZTHJrtcM4

  • @autdany
    "who's there?"
    "my friend and i - megalodon & kraken"
    "i wont open the door"

  • @LucianSanchez82 and @Octopus-Lime don't you chaps have an epic tale following your Legendary Commendation yesterday?!

  • @sshteeve I fear the language might be a little too colourful ;)

  • @luciansanchez82 yours or theirs?!

  • @bipobear hahahahahahaha great

  • @sshteeve My potty mouth

  • So me and my mate usually sloop it up. We had a good run in Devil's Roar with voyages and plenty of random loot spawned on shores and also some mermaids. After also sinking a skelly ship and a megalodon we are packed with loot. Heading for Morrow's Peak we see a Brig heading straight for us and shadowing our moves. It's night time and it's in Devil's Roar and we still have some distance to the Brig. We load the row boat with all our loot. My buddy leaves the boat on rowboat heading away from the sailing path of the brig. I lure the Brig away from my mate and sail away. Brig catches up only to find the ship with no loot on it. My mate gets to morrow's and gets to hand in all the loot before the brig knows whats happened :)

  • It's a long read, but here are the antics of myself and @Octopus-Lime stealing Chests of Legends last night.


  • I was sailing the seas with a random crew. The captain with his pegleg and only one shoe. Then spotted on the horizon line. A big skull with eyes to shine. The crew always desired more. So we went to the fortress to see what was in store. There was a ship there trying to defend itself from our merciless cannons and flintlocks. However we sent her sailing for the docks. They tried to empty the ship with a fast bail. And each time they plundered they would fail. But one moment in all the cannon fire they wanted to team. So we accepted and planned a scheme. Some would call it a betrayal. We finished the raid but the plans went stale. They found out and started to fight. The crew of 4 decided to stay in the cover of night. And when the times looked bleak for me and my crew we were saved. A beast that turns the water black as ink and and sends pirates to be graved. Tentacles raising from the water grabbing onto the ship and shaking it, panicking the crew. We boarded the cursed ship as a Kraken devoured two. Boards creaking, flintlocks and cutlesses drawn. And then the ship went vertical at dawn. It was taken by the Kraken and being dragged to the depths of the sea of thieves. And their valued treasure floating up to us while a crew still grieves.

  • I was with my friend playing on a Sloop. We wanted to do the event, mainly the forts, so we went to one. There was a brigantine there. We said: "Let's kill and sink them". We sank them after a little bit of time. We did the fort and sold the loot. After we sold, another fort poped-out. We went to the next fort. We started doing it.

    After some time, the same brigantine appeared with another sloop. We sank them both. We continued doing the fort. Almost at the end of the fort, the brigantine appeared another time, but they didn't attack us, they passed by our ship but they didn't shot any cannonball. But, they were sailing around the fort, I assumed that they wanted to sink us when the cloud disappeared, but no.

    After some time they came and tried to sink us. Then the captain appeared. Hopefully, there was a rowboat on the fort, so we thought: "Okay, I'll go with the ship to distract them, and when you complete the fort go away with the rowboat." We did that, and it was a complete success. My friend said: "If you sail far from the fort and I open the vault door and put all the loot on the rowboat and I sell it?" and we did that.

    In quite some time, I was a little far away from them, but they were still seeking me. I passed near the fort, and my friend was rowing with the loot onboard, and they passed literally next to him, but they didn't saw him! After that, while my friend was selling, a random skelly ship appeared and started attacking the Brigantine! Also, shadowmaw appeared. It was a very fun adventure!

  • One of my most memorable SoT moments happened a while back actually, during the Skeleton Thrones event. If I recall, the throne at Marauder's Arch required two crews to sit in it, and therefore I went around looking for another ship to help me. I managed to find a sloop of two Frenchmen, not as comfortable with speaking in English, and I managed to convince them in joining me. As you might remember, Marauder's Arch was known for being notoriously difficult to get up onto, but in the end we all reached it.

    I had some other thrones still to do, and so did they, so we kept on sailing together to sit in more of them. After we had sat in the one at Cannon Cove we departed toward Crow's Nest Fortress, which was currently active and had a galleon parked at it. We thought the two ships of ours could take it on, and therefore we headed towards it.

    When we got closer to the fort, the Frenchmen decided to sail around the opposite end of it while I went and parked myself behind the galleon, which was anchored. I got my sloop parked in a perfect spot, outside of their cannon angle, to start shelling them with cannonballs. They couldn't do much to save their ship once I started getting multiple holes in, and so they started swimming toward my ship to board it. Equipped with a blunderbuss I guarded the ladders to make sure they wouldn't get on and take care of me. What was most interesting was that all members of the enemy crew attempted to get on my sloop, with each of them dying to my salvos.

    Link to screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ey3r1ux2ytxof3/blunder death.PNG?dl=0

    So once their ship had sunk and all their crew where dead, the fort loot floated up from the wreck of their galleon. This was my first ever galleon killed by me solo, and it brought me true satisfaction. Afterwards, I decided to split the loot with my French buddies, which had sat safely on the other side of the fort, doing nothing to help me in my efforts ;D

    We then sailed towards Plunder Outpost to cash in the loot and sit in its throne before leaving each other. On the way to Plunder, one the French guys sailing next to me uttered something I didn't understand, so I asked him to repeat it. He said "We will be rich, haha". A really nice memory overall. Link to the video with the arrival to the fort and the sail away from it: https://youtu.be/bFMulYvTpAs

  • Wall of text incoming but it's a story of betrayal, revenge, cunning in the face of danger and a miracle.

    Back during the Cursed Sails update, before I had reached my pirate legend status.

    I had gathered my usual crew of four to man a Galleon. Mister Brigador, Tellik, Rattuzi and myself in hopes of completing a few final commendations we had yet to unlock! We were no strangers to the skeleton fleets and also accustomed to the recently introduced alliance system. It was almost given that every ship would ally with us during a skeleton fleet battle.


    As per usual procedure of stocking the ship, getting powderkegs in the crow's nest and setting sail to our destination according to schedule. The following engagement went fair until halfway through when foreign galleon sails reveal themselves upon the waves on a set course towards us.

    Once within range they appear to battle the skeletons along with us and strike an alliance, two uncomfortable facts still remain, however.. their crew complement consists of four ghost-clothed, bare-chested legends and one of them insists on staying on our boat to "assist" us. I can scent a backstab from a mile away but I simply can not bring myself to be the one pulling the first trigger.

    Not so unexpectedly, on the last wave, their crew had snuck up on our crowsnest and rained our powder supply upon our decks before we had the ability to retaliate. I thought I had kept a clear eye upon the ladder but I guess I was not vigilant enough and that cost us our ship.


    Beaten but not defeated we recuperate and prepare for a do-or-die charge. The rage of treachery fuels our desire for vengence. We set the course with the wind in our backs, looting every nearby fort and island as we pass for enough supplies to sustain a moderate firefight, we were ready before we even reached halfway there.

    In our spyglass we sight the legendary galleon and the captain vessel they had just sunk. This was it, no turning back now, no subtle approach. We would slam our ship into their side for an all-in charge with both sides exchanging powder keg blasts. It does not fare well for us as I fall almost immediately, the last thing I hear are the anchors being dropped.

    I sit on the ferry with the opposing crewmembers, biting my nails as I wait for the doors to open. One of the legends appear next to me and then two of my men, that's it, three on one, we're done for. All that work for nothing. But then I see two more of the legend crew appear just as the doors open for me along with the best news a captain could ever hear:

    "They've sunk!"

    I respawn and do indeed see the legend galleon vanish beneath the surface with my second mate, Tellik, frantically working to keep our ship afloat. Naturally I proceed to assist plugging up the last holes. The fourth member of the legend crew was still alive and tried one last attempt at blowing up our ship with our kegs which, fortunately, proved unsuccessful! Our crew respawned, the ship repaired and we proceeded to grab everything we could out of the water for a good ten or so minutes until:

    "Galleon sails, east!"

    They were back, we couldn't stay. If we lose an engagement now they'll have time to sell all the loot. We didn't want to risk it. The chase was on.

    They pursuited us all the way around The Shores of Plenty, all the while we sent constant boarding parties to slow them down without any success. We didn't want to spend the next hours in a battle of endurance so we agreed to try to sell our loot little by little as we passed each outpost.

    We grace Golden Sands and prepare two men to disembark but the pursuiting legends realized our plan and immediately turned their ship sideways to fire three of their men from their cannons to intercept ours and, unfortunately, they were successful. Our men were killed and our spice was stolen and sold. We had not foreseen such a clever move.. however I realized I could use reverse psychology and turn this to our advantage.

    I explain to my crew that we will pretend to attempt the same thing at the next outpost, they will shoot their guys over but we will do a complete 180 and attack their ship when they have basically no one onboard. Said and done, we grace Sanctuary outpost and as expected we hear three cannons fired, the plan worked!

    We turn the ship completely and at the same time send people to board them. We successfully drop their anchor and provide a nasty broadside of over twenty cannonballs as we pass. Sadly it was not enough to sink them but it had at least bought us well enough time to get ourselves back south towards Plunderer's Outpost.


    With enough distance made between us and the legend Galleon, we planned our next move, how do we most effectively sell our items before they manage to catch up to us? They were still close enough to make any short term stop impossible without confrontation.

    And when things couldn't get any worse, our beloved friend Meg emerges and begins circling our ship. We always like to joke around and recognize Megalodon as a loyal pet, following us along our journeys and keeping us company but at a time like this we feared the impending reality of when the beast would decide to scarf down a portion of our hull and send us off course. Should that happen we would be forced to engage and pray for the best.

    And then it finally happened, Meg was charging us from behind and all four of us stared from the stern of our Galleon, expressing dread and curses, knowing what it would mean for us. Meg had a slow time catching up as we were still sailing full speed. At a glance I saw that we were coming close to Plunder Valley, I knew from Meg's design that it would stop following you if you were too close to an island. With just enough hope I waited for what I suspected would happen.

    And then it happened.
    (this is the only screenshot I have of the entire ordeal)

    Meg made a complete 180 mid-charge and instead raced towards the legend Galleon instead. As it happened a sudden cheer burst from our crew, once again going back to praising our dear, loyal follower and pet, Megalodon for saving us. It was nothing short of a miracle. We just watched as there was an explosion of splinters and the legend Galleon shooting 90 degrees sideways. This was just the break we needed.

    And so we finally managed to stop at Plunderer's, long enough to sell everything. We were victorious, the legends could sink us all they wanted now. However, when they had caught up to us they just crashed into the island and met us with tankards in their hands and cursed our luck but had a drink with us anyway.

    The End.

  • Our story begins with a nameless, unassuming sloop.

    The crew of the Wait They're Friendly had been floating o'er the seas for nigh on two hours afore the sloop crossed our sights, and a more fortunate event we have never experienced; the night would never have played out the way it had, had the sloop never found us. It quickly became clear to us--AFTER we had stomped them once--that they were new. A rare moment of compassion had struck the crew of the Surly Crab, and we took them under our barnacle-crusted claw. With some motivating words, we convinced them to join us in assaulting a skull fort. This wasn't enough for our captain, One Of Arrs: he insisted on providing more hands-on training to our new proteges. He offered to join their ship, while sending one of theirs to our own brigantine. By doing this, he reasoned, we would be able to keep a close protective watch on the newbies, while teaching them, in one of the most effective ways possible, how to complete a skull fort while fighting off an enemy brigantine. All in all, a roaring success. Following the turn-in, the crew of this sloop, ready to call it a night, were generous enough to allow one of us to join their crew before their departure! In that moment, our one crew of three became two crews, totalling five: Taking 0n Water, RavenKrows, and the now-commodore One of Arrs in the brigantine, with myself and first mate Cpt-Brumblez in the sloop.

    And so there we were, about to descend upon a second skullfort, when the ship watchman Brumblez spotted a galleon on approach. A short but tense exchange followed, ending with the galleon's summary demise. Our relationship with this galleon should have ended there; the continued speech emanating from the site of their shipwreck ensured it did not. Commodore One of Arrs focused on their comms in a meditative trance, piercing the veil separating the worlds of life and death, eavesdropping on this crew as they debated what to do next. A hush fell across our nascent fleet as one of them mentioned their Gilded Athena's.

    Everyone in the fleet reacted with a gleeful excitement when the galleon ultimately returned, her rather young crew proclaiming friendship and peace to the adherents of the Almighty Crab. They welcomed an alliance, invited our fleet upon their deck to drink of their grog and to point and laugh at the foul-mouthed cabin boy in their brig, so banished for running their ship aground. They even brought our commodore aboard their ship with open arms and a trusting heart, and in a gesture equal parts kindhearted and naive, gave him the helm.

    While our fleet finished and looted the second skull fort, Commodore Arrs was sailing the galleon: first to Crook's Hollow, then to Lone Cove, helping the galleon crew with their missions, step by step. While our Commodore gave his aid to these trusting strangers, his crew was preparing to give them something else entirely. As the Commodore befriended, and even brokered the freedom of the young sailor from his prison (it had been revealed he was trying to come to our aid in an earlier fight with a skelly ship), his crew visited forts and gathered war supplies. And when we heard the words "Sunken Grove, now" crackle through our headsets over Discord, we dropped sail and moved with all due haste. To their credit, they did begin to suspect something while they were docked at that final island. Perhaps the sloop floating at Dagger Tooth was parked a little too far from the pier. Maybe it was the brigantine staying too close in its wake, like a shadow lying in wait to kill the person casting it. That did not stop them from allowing our bold, and possibly evil Commodore to take a loot screenshot in their captains quarters while they all posed and cheered around the entire haul of a Gilded Athena's, totalling well over 80,000 gold.

    Again, it must be said that they deserve some credit, as not everyone could put up the fight they had. We moved in with a swiftness as soon as the third Athena's was confirmed on their deck. Our Commodore started dropping their own kegs on their deck from the crow's nest. Yet still, to the surprise of all, the galleon pressed on, unbroken. We had hidden a Chest of Sorrow on their balcony; it sobbed and wailed for quite some time before they thought to find it and dump it overboard, yet still the crew persisted. We speak of something with three masts of billowy sails that can outrun a sloop and even a brigantine when the winds are kind. They might still have evaded us... had they only the teamwork to keep the sails angled. In the end, they were hit with an Anchorball fired from our brig, crewed by a more coordinated team. Even the sloop, severely stymied by skeletal sailors also slinging Anchorballs, could not be stopped from joining the fight, and once that happened the poor galleon was lost, in a salty sea made even saltier by her crew, and a sea of curses made by same.

    We saw no more of the decidedly less-friendly galleon, after their mermaid dove back into the depths. Had I been in their boots, a loss of countless Captain's, a veritable vault of Villainous, and three Chests of Legends, I would not be wanting to face the ones who robbed me, either. I see the way you look at me as I tell you this tale: you're thinking Crazy Aunt Betty's high from freebasing gunpowder again and she's confusing her favorite movies with real life. I might even agree with you; I'm a crazy old bat and I love the smell of burning gunpowder a little too much, but that don't change the simple fact that this picture exists:


  • @muse986
    Being a gentleman of the sciences, I've been observing how the wonderful wildlife of the seas tends to interact and I learned a few things.
    As for Credentials... I have a cool looking cane
    Proof of my cool cane

    1. Skeleton ships can distract the Kraken, I haven't seen a ship fire on the Kraken but I have seen the Kraken slap the skeleton ship around.
    2. Skeletons on land (ships have yet to be observed) will fire on the megalodon.
    3. A skeleton will prefer to fire on a galleon rather than a sloop.
    4. Exotic Tea is just regular tea that the merchants have dyed red.
    5. Players with Afros tend to be the best at Shanties.
      I do have pictures evidence of all of these, plus a few more I use to blackmail people into doing more experiments.
      -Professor Karl Kilkenny
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