Anniversary Community Weekend 

March 25th – March 27th (10am UTC)

This special Sea of Thieves Community Weekend takes place from March 25th–27th (10am UTC). Raise the in-game gold, reputation, Renown and Allegiance multiplier by using the #SoTAnniversaryPromo social media hashtag. Log in to spread the word and track progress! 

This Event Has Ended

Thanks for checking in. Unfortunately, the time-limited Event described on this page is now over. Please visit the main Sea of Thieves Events Hub where you can find out about any imminent or active Events, get an overview of Daily Deeds and more!

How Does It Work?

Use of the #SoTAnniversaryPromo hashtag in any public post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Reddit will help raise the Community Emissary Grade. Every time a collective community social post total is hit, the Grade multiplier will increase – and reaching Grade Five will let everyone earn two-and-a-half times more gold, reputation, Renown and Allegiance.

As an extra incentive for anyone eyeing the latest fashions in the Pirate Emporium, reaching Grade Five will have the added bonus of unlocking an increase to the spawn rate of Ancient Skeletons. And don’t forget that you can grab a free celebratory flag just for logging in and taking part!