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Musician, fisherman, storyteller… there’s very little this old salt hasn’t tried his hand (and hook) at.

‘Merry’ Merrick was once a great bard, a talented drummer and storyteller, who lost his edge after a tragic encounter with a Megalodon known as the Hungering One. Deprived of his ship and both his legs, he cast himself into a groggy exile.

Since those dark days, Merrick has done a fine job of restoring his name and legacy by lending Belle his Megalodon hunting expertise and rallying pirates to defend Golden Sands against Reaper sabotage. Merrick’s family, meanwhile, were instrumental in creating The Hunter’s Call Trading Company found across the Seaposts of the Sea of Thieves.

Following his assassination by the Dark Brethren and rescue from the Sea of the Damned, Merrick has chosen to embrace existence as a ghost alongside his old crew in the Pirate Legend Hideout.

By Umbra

My name is Umbra, resident Scribe of the Sea of Thieves. (It’s a real thing, honestly.) I chronicle the myths and legends of its ever-changing waters, so if you’re looking to learn more about those who’ve shaped the history of our pirate paradise, you’ve come to the right place...