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  • Anyone not recived theres yet

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  • @chris-houlden said in Figurehead code:

    Anyone not recived theres yet

    Greetings matey! @Musicmee has a great thread running on this and we are either posting our joy...and some sadly lamenting the roll out being slow for them there :-D

    You can find it here (edited to add the missing link ;-) ):

  • @specialadvisor Thanks matey!

    @chris-houlden Ahoy matey!

    There are a few people that have stated they have received their codes already. Codes normally take a little while to roll out, there are some details to search for in the following thread should you need to search your inbox.

  • @musicmee I noted after I hit post the link was missing! But getting it twice is better than not at all aye shipmate ;-)

  • Think mine are traveling from forsaken shores in dead wind 😂

  • @chris-houlden For questions regarding codes and missing items, you will need to raise a support ticket. The team can take a look into it for you. Additionally, as this thread does not contain material for discussion, we're going to go ahead and lock this one up.

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