Looking to join a crew (adults, noob friendly,

  • I’ve played enough Sea of Thieves and read guides to generally understand the gameplay loop. Im tired of trying to be a solo player. I’m looking to join a group of adults (or other parents) who have limited game time wanting to sail the seas. If interested hit me up. I’m willing to do voice chat or use radial chat commands.

    -Cheers mates

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  • Hey I am in a similar situation and would like to join you in plundering the seas together.

  • Hey @Capitaine Ch0c0 and @CaptainVamp5790

    What age range and locations are you guys?

  • Hey guys,

    Interested as well!
    I'm based in Europe.

  • @x-hero-xpx im also in Europe, i am a returning player so i might be a bit rusty

communitywindows 10
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