Looking to join a new veteran crew

  • Hey, I am looking to join a new veteran player crew to play with in the NA/NAE area since my crew have moved on to other games.

    Looking for experienced players at PvPeV type playstyle, Hour glass, steals, PvE content looking for good players not new players

    I am on Pc, Win11
    I have almost 9k hours and play every week

    Gamertag: Ragington
    Discord: Flintlock Dan#1975

  • Sent you a message on Xbox!

  • Im open dude, I dont use discord for personal reasons but I can use xbox or steam vc I have 1.4k hours myself and was taught by a former NAL player

  • @ragington yo I play at least a couple times a week and I’m always down for pvp shenanigans

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