Reminisce About a Pirate Odyssey in Your Story So Far!

Get an up-to-date breakdown of your high seas shenanigans…

Whenever we reach the threshold between the current year and the next, tradition dictates that we look back on the year that was and take stock of our adventures so far. 2021 was a particularly exciting year on the Sea of Thieves with the emergence of the Sunken Kingdom, swarms of Ocean Crawlers and Sirens, fireworks lighting up the sky and even the pirate’s life itself being under threat!

So if you’d been expecting a quiet year on the seas, you would have been sorely mistaken. But the greatest stories often come from the most turbulent of times – so we were hoping to see some mind-boggling stats in 2021’s Your Story So Far review.

Available until January 12th and providing a summary of your pirate’s escapades from not just this year, but in many cases their entire swashbuckling career since the 2019 Anniversary Update, our annual recap of Your Story So Far is meant to show what feats of pirating excellence you’ve accomplished out on the seas and which ones you’ll have to work to achieve next year. From how much gold you racked up to how many ships you sank and even how many times you gave yourself food poisoning – it’s quite the eclectic list of accomplishments, all delivered by familiar faces from around the Sea of Thieves.

All you need to do to see Your Story So Far is head to the dedicated page on the Sea of Thieves website and log in. You’ll see your accomplishments presented in all their glory, complete with the ability to share stats via social media: after you’ve finished your sail down memory lane, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and select what you want to share (personally we don’t even want to look at our hours played this year).

Do keep in mind that your stats are locked in as soon as you visit the page, so bad luck if you managed to slay the Shrouded Ghost seconds after you logged in…

For those who have yet to gaze into our magical orb of nostalgia, remember, you’ve only got until January 12th 2022 to look back on Your Story So Far before we cast those memories of the past overboard and dive headfirst into the future. Time waits for no pirate, and there’s a lot to get done in 2022. Happy sailing!