Who Killed DeMarco? The Mystery So Far, Part 1

As new information steers this Mystery in a fresh direction, let's recap what's been unearthed!

As the first official Mystery began to unfold on the Sea of Thieves, it was a shock to pirates sailing the seas last month when a skeleton appeared, unannounced, on the potentially appropriately named Sea Dog’s Rest. Boots, gloves and a hat suggested a victim, but the question for now was a simple one: who did this surprise skeleton belong to?

The nearby accoutrements immediately called to mind the recently retired Sea Dogs, leading most passing gumshoes to suspect the dynamic duo of DeMarco and Lesedi, what with their disappearance following the disbanding of the Sea Dogs and closure of their tavern. Regardless of who it belonged to, the cadaver drew curiosity from a crowd of corsairs, with swathes of scoundrels visiting to pay their respects in a range of unique ways! At least, we think they were paying their respects…

Regardless, an event quickly flipped the question from murdered to murderer!

Who Killed DeMarco: Update One | Official Sea of Thieves

Duration 1:37

A short while after the skeleton’s initial appearance, pirates became privy to previously unseen symbols on the nearby music box via the engagement of outside eyes. And only when enough pirates were brought into the presence of the mysterious marks did a melody start to play…

The shanty ‘Seek the Dead’ could be heard from the music box, but that wasn’t all. Strange footprints, a note and a red shell collaborated to point pirates to a mysterious offshore chest containing the Fallen Sea Dog’s Lantern. Once equipped, the red glow of this secret searchlight revealed a hidden message: Who Killed DeMarco?

There was also the question of “Who’s that?”, quickly replaced with “Oh, it’s Lesedi”, as the other former head of the Sea Dogs had taken up a spot nearby to drown her sorrows and ensure she didn’t have to pick a side in the whole Golden Sands situation.

And that wasn’t all! The Fallen Sea Dog’s Lantern not only showed the seeming affirmation of DeMarco’s demise, it revealed hidden messages at certain grave sites containing a sentence each. A conversation? An argument? Who knows!

As the month went on, more mysterious objects and marks appeared in spaces frequented by pirates outside the Sea of Thieves, and once again droves were drawn to the music box and what secrets would await once an ample audience was acquired. A change of tune to ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ signalled a boatload of new message fragments. Then another summons to mass caused a smooth transition to ‘Ballad of the Mer’, spawning more messages in the Sunken Kingdom.

After all this had occurred with seemingly no new leads, it wasn’t long before a hastily intercepted message from the Order of Souls appeared to answer one of the questions of “Who” and introduce a new one…

It seems the mysterious message fragments comprise an argument between the Sea Dog siblings, but there was clearly another at the scene with a name beginning with ‘T’, who may be able to shed some light on the events that befell our skeletal stiff. But who, then, is T?

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