Adventures Ahead: ‘The Shrouded Deep’

As the time of summoning nears, bring yourself up to speed on the story so far!

Megalodons! Almost every sailor has heard the stories, but for those scoundrels who sail the Sea of Thieves, the Hungering One and its kind are much more than fearsome fables. Thanks to events that unfolded during ‘Forts of the Forgotten’, however, crews will soon need to battle these beasts if they’re to safeguard the future of the Sea of Thieves.

The Shrouded Deep: A Sea of Thieves Adventure | Cinematic Trailer

Duration 1:34

While we arm the cannons and prepare to buff bite-marks out of our hulls, let’s cast our minds back to the last Adventure and see why this unexpected hunting trip is of such vital importance…

Wonda-ing Free

Across Flameheart’s Sea Forts, the prison cells have fallen silent and the Jailors who guarded them have been sent back into the void. This is all thanks to the valiant efforts of pirates acting on Belle’s behalf, fighting through Phantoms to release the inhabitants of Golden Sands Outpost from imprisonment.

Conversations with those captives soon revealed that the Reapers’ devious ambitions were centered on Wonda, resident weaponsmith of Golden Sands and known to be just as skilled at her craft as her sister Wanda, who had formerly served at Flameheart’s side.

Attempting to coerce Wonda into taking her sibling’s place, the Servant of the Flame chose to lay innocent lives on the line. Had Belle not intervened, Wonda’s stubborn refusal to surrender seemed destined to end in a binding ritual, sealing the prisoners’ souls away in Enchantment Vessels – possibly forever.

Veiled Threats

When talking with Wonda after her release, pirates picked up on a strange rumour she’d overheard from Phantom guards: namely, that Flameheart has somehow captured one of the Ancients, a mysterious people that once inhabited the seas we sail today.

Unlikely as it may sound, this ghostly gossip certainly holds meaning for Belle. Flameheart’s need for a skilled warmonger, a surplus of Dark Relics and his renewed interest in the Sea of the Damned all seem related to an artefact Belle names as the Veil of the Ancients. An artefact last seen disappearing into the maw of a near-mythical Megalodon…

The Hunter, Called

With an inkling of Flameheart’s intentions, Belle has set her sights on Stephen’s Spoils, seeking to recruit the most experienced hunter on the Sea of Thieves. ‘Merry’ Merrick has led a quiet life since the events of The Hungering Deep, but his experience is sure to be invaluable when it comes to cornering the legendary leviathan known as the Shrouded Ghost.

The stakes are high. Retrieving the Veil of the Ancients would allow Flameheart and his followers free passage to and from the Sea of the Damned as they please. Crews will, of course, have a vital part to play in calling forth the Shrouded Ghost, and will need to band together in anticipation of the battle ahead. Once the Killer Whale has been located, Belle will rally pirates, sending them far and wide to complete the summoning ritual – a task packed with perils of its own...

‘The Shrouded Deep’ surfaces on April 21st, and serves as a prequel to the new, Pirate Legend-exclusive Legend of the Veil Voyage – which arrives on the same day, offering lore-hungry crews the chance to experience both stories in a single sitting if they so choose. Pirates willing to seek the Killer Whale and fight alongside Merrick will be rewarded with an exclusive Memento, and have until May 12th to land the catch of a lifetime. It’s time to start practising your shanties…

The Shrouded Deep: A Sea of Thieves Adventure | Gameplay Trailer

Duration 1:01