Adventures Ahead: ‘Shrouded Islands’

Get set for Sea of Thieves’ first time-limited Adventure with a primer on the story so far!

The next chapter of the Sea of Thieves saga is almost here! As revealed with a sizeable amount of fanfare by our cinematic trailer for ‘Shrouded Islands’, new Adventures on a roughly monthly basis will be carrying our ongoing narrative forward as we charge headlong into 2022.

A new threat encroaching on Golden Sands Outpost and a glimpse of the enigmatic Belle were more than enough to cause a stir among those who’ve been following the story since the start, but if you’re new to the seas or find yourself hard-pressed to distinguish Sudds from Salty, don’t worry. We’ll be providing a recap of concluded Adventures to set the scene each time a new one is just around the corner, because we’re good like that.

To begin with, as the clock ticks down and ‘Shrouded Islands’ looms ever closer to its February 17th–March 3rd runtime, here’s a pirate primer on everything you’ll need to know going in...

The Sea of the Damned

The odds are high that you’ve probably, at some point during your journey on the Sea of Thieves, died. Our condolences. When that happened, your pirate would have found themselves aboard the forbidding Ferry of the Damned, waiting impatiently for the Ferryman to open a door to the living world so that you could get back into the action.

Recent events, however, have shown the world that there’s far more to the Sea of the Damned than just the deck of the Ferry – there’s an entire ethereal existence lurking just beyond the veil. It’s a realm where memories can become real, shaped by the pasts of pirates who linger there. Under the right circumstances, these manifestations can be drawn through to the Sea of Thieves to wreak havoc.

Now that the true potential of the Sea of the Damned has been proven and Phantom pirates are running amok, tensions are rising as various factions ponder how they might make use of this power for their own ends…

Shrouded Islands: A Sea of Thieves Adventure | Cinematic Trailer

Duration 1:30

Captain Flameheart

One key player who’s been particularly keen to subvert the Sea of the Damned is Flameheart himself. Since his spirit was unwittingly released by Sir Arthur Pendragon during ‘The Seabound Soul’ Tall Tale, Flameheart – who currently lacks a physical form of his own – has been able to summon ghostly vessels to fight in his name alongside his flagship, the Burning Blade, causing no end of problems for pirates in the vicinity.

Rather ominously, these attacks have now ceased. It’s highly unlikely that Flameheart has abandoned his pursuit of conquest, however, and the shopkeepers and shipwrights who’ve made the Sea of Thieves their home can’t help but wonder what his next move might be.

Turning Tides

These new developments have not gone unnoticed. Larinna, leader of the Bilge Rats, has been keeping a watchful eye on the waves and has always encouraged crews to keep their skills sharp by taking part in colourful, sometimes chaotic activities of the Bilge Rats’ devising.

In this way, she hopes to prepare pirates for the inevitable conflicts to come. Whenever there’s a new Adventure to take part in, Larinna should be your first port of call and will beckon you over when you’re near the tavern.

In light of these new threats, others have looked to the Pirate Lord to take a stand, believing that his Athena’s Fortune Trading Company and its distinguished Pirate Legends should be the ones to rise up and protect the Sea of Thieves. Although the Pirate Lord claims to have retired from the pirate’s life, circumstances – and the unexpected arrival of Belle – may compel him to return to the seas sooner rather than later…

Golden Sands Outpost

One of the most widely visited Outposts on the Sea of Thieves, located within The Shores of Plenty, Golden Sands is a hub of activity for Trading Companies, honest citizens and pirates alike – and a place that to many travellers feels inviolable, a home from home after a long Voyage.

However, news travels fast on the waves, and unsettling stories now reach the ears of those like Larinna who strive to stay alert even when the world seems calm. Stories of a dark influence spreading across the seas to engulf islands in an oppressive fog; of imminent peril to Golden Sands’ residents, Wonda the weaponsmith among them. Stories of ruin and desolation…

Adventures Await

What’s the cause of the mysterious fog slowly consuming the Sea of Thieves? Just who is Belle, and what is her relationship to the Sea of the Damned? Can Golden Sands Outpost be saved? It’ll be up to you and your crew to discover these answers for yourselves by taking part in Sea of Thieves’ new Adventures.

Until then, those with a thirst for lore can reacquaint themselves with the likes of Larinna, Pendragon and the Pirate Lord via some of our expanded universe materials, like the Athena’s Fortune novel and audiobook and the Sea of Thieves: Origins comic series. Just don’t get too immersed and lose track of time – you can only explore ‘Shrouded Islands’ in Sea of Thieves from February 17th to March 3rd…

Shrouded Islands: A Sea of Thieves Adventure | Gameplay Trailer

Duration 0:53