The Hungering Deep arrived last week as weathered old pirate Merrick staggered into the fray on wooden legs, telling tantalising tales and drinking generous helpings of grog. When the time was right, he began playing a brand new shanty for all to hear.

If you need to give your ears a little refresher, we’ve now added that shanty to our Tavern Tunes playlist. We even managed to corner our magical Music Director Robin Beanland for some insights into its creation…

“When I first started to compose the shanty for The Hungering Deep, I remember sitting in my office singing ‘summon the Megalodon’ in a daft voice. I then started to play along on my piano which was making me chuckle a fair bit so I decided to go with it!

“I really love the idea of pirates carrying this jaunty shanty across the ocean and then at a certain point the music changes into this dark, theatrical introduction to the Meg encounter.”

Official Sea of Thieves Tavern Tunes: Summon the Megalodon

Duration 2:24

Merrick’s shanty is a popular one – that much is evident from the increase in beach parties over on Shark Bait Cove. We get the feeling it’s a tune that will stay with many of you, so for good measure we’re adding it into your shanty rotation beyond the lifespan of The Hungering Deep’s campaign.

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