Presenting… Tales from the Sea of Thieves

Discover more about the Sea of Thieves world with this in-universe journal!

Update March '18: As a thank you to our players and supporters for joining us on the journey so far, here's something for you all to take back to your candlelit cabins – a free Tales from the Sea of Thieves sampler! Discerning Comic-Con visitors last summer may have already gotten their lucky hooks on this treasure, but now we're sharing the love with a digital version for everyone. Grab yourselves some no-strings goods here:

  • Free Tales from the Sea of Thieves sampler (PDF)
  • It's the perfect introduction to Sea of Thieves' world, and you can find out more about the complete, illustrious article below and over at Titan Books' website. A little bit of lore should also stoke the desire to forge your very own legend when the game releases on March 20th…

    Original story Oct. '17: Yes, we teased this nugget of news at NYCC 2017 with a limited number of exclusive samplers, but now the time has come to fully reveal the latest addition to your looted library: Tales from the Sea of Thieves, a battered and beaten journal straight from the game's universe, created in collaboration with the well-read rogues at Titan Books.

    Tales from the Sea of Thieves chronicles the adventures of several different pirates, from an aspiring captain to experienced plunderers. Written in their own words and accompanied by sketches and vibrant images, its pages chart their misadventures as they live out the romantic ideals of the pirate life: loyalty, freedom and fun.

    We don't want to spoil too much, but have a sneak peek at just one of the tales we have to tell...

    Set many years before the adventures you'll experience for yourself, it's a tome that offers invaluable insight into the kinds of people, places and pastimes you can encounter while sailing the Sea of Thieves on voyages of your own. Written by Paul Davies and featuring additional content from both the team and Sea of Thieves Insiders, the journal's stuffed with shanties, games, recipes and other ways to help the days between now and its 2018 release be… more pirate, as it were.

    As the latest addition to our ever-expanding pirate universe, Tales from the Sea of Thieves is now available to pre-order and you'll find a list of places to do just that, not to mention other juicy details, in Titan Books' press release over on their site. Go on! We promise not to unveil any more amazing collectables worth cashing your chests in to obtain… this month.

  • Announcement: Tales from the Sea of Thieves coming from Titan Books in 2018