Season 11 Community Weekend Set to Start on February 24th

Stream-themed shenanigans, Twitch Drops, in-game boosts, gifts, GameBlast and more!

Hello sailors! With a new Season comes a new Community Weekend – and February’s event is jam-packed, ready to entertain you with lots of in-game and stream-based antics across the world wide web. If that sounds good to you, then congratulations, you are correct: it’s excellent news, and we’re here to tell you exactly what to expect from the latest 48-hour shindig we’re throwing in honour of you, our wonderful community.

But before we get into everything involved with this Season’s community-oriented shenanigans, we need to share the most crucial bit: the date and times of proceedings! Season 11’s Community Weekend will start on Saturday, February 24th 2024 at 11am UTC and will finish at the same time on Monday, February 26th – giving you two full days to collect your Twitch Drops, maximise your gold, rep and Renown gains and swipe some shiny treasures via Pop-Up Plunder.

The event also conveniently falls across GameBlast 2024, so we’ll be focusing a lot of our efforts on amplifying and raising money for the wonderful folks over at SpecialEffect. The Sea of Thieves Twitch channel will be alive and ready to shine a light on so many of our amazing community and creator heroes, so make sure you’re following over there to join in the fun.

Watch Twitch, Get Rich

Season 11’s Community Weekend is another promising piratical party providing a plethora of profitable prospects for players heading online during the period. Let’s get into what you can expect…

For those of you who are new here or haven’t participated in a Community Weekend before, let us quickly give you the lowdown on how these Events work. Simply put: this is where we put the power to affect in-game rewards into the hands of you, our players.

To raise the Community Emissary Grade (and the associated in-game reward multiplier), our community are tasked with tuning in to Twitch to level up the generosity, with the total watch time powering Grade progress. So all you need to do to help raise the Emissary Grade is watch any of your favourite content creators within the Sea of Thieves category while the Event is live. We can heartily recommend tuning in to our special GameBlast24 Community Stream Team or browsing our Partner Directory if you’re stuck for folks to watch!

Every time the Community Emissary Grade levels up, so does the boost to gold, reputation, Seasonal Renown, Allegiance and Guild Reputation – with the top Grade offering two-and-a-half times the rewards for your work. However, it’s crucial to note that these bumper-sized bonuses will only be available to pirates sailing on High Seas, not Safer Seas. Community Weekends are designed to be super-social affairs, so to enjoy all the benefits they bring, make sure you hop onto those shared servers – and remember to keep an eye on the horizon!

Yo Dawg, We Heard You Like Free Stuff

So would you like some free items to go with your free boosts? Excellent. All players setting sail during this Event can score the latest Community Weekend Flag in beautiful white and red to adorn the top of their masts, while also finding the very silly, very sweet Paw Wave Emote popping into their Vanity Chests.

And that’s not all, as it wouldn’t be Community Weekend with shiny new Twitch Drops to snag – and there are some stunning pieces on offer over this Event! Watching Sea of Thieves streams during Community Weekend will help you unlock four special Drops: the Scarlet Sailor Hurdy-Gurdy, Eastern Winds Ruby Silken Gloves, Hurdy-Gurdy Show-Off Emote and Eastern Winds Ruby Short Jacket.

There’s a brand new bonus goal in town too, which is dive-focused in celebration of Season 11. If players can collectively dive to 100,000 Voyages from their Quest Tables over the course of the weekend, the Obsidian Captain’s Drapes will be unlocked as a bonus fifth Twitch Drop to earn! We’ll be keeping you all informed on how you’re tracking against this additional Community Spirit goal on social media channels, so stay tuned during the Event for updates. We’ll be cheering you on.

Pop-Up Plunder Returns Again

Everyone’s favourite game of dig spot roulette returns for Season 11 Community Weekend with a whole host of loot on offer, plus a brand new set of social media clues. Every few hours we’ll drop a map on Sea of Thieves channels such as Twitter/X and Instagram to persuade you to seek out and swipe some time-limited treasure. As always, our maps will vary in difficulty – so if you’re having trouble solving them, you’re welcome to swing by our Discord server to discuss the clues.

Even when you’ve solved the relevant map-based conundrum, the fun doesn’t stop there – if someone else on your server has worked out where the treasure lies, you might have a scrap on your hands once the loot’s been located. We find it's best to have both shovel and sword at the ready, just in case. Or, perhaps, you can flip for it – one of the more ingenious uses of the Coin Toss Emote.

As with previous Events, there are no guarantees for what loot lies at the end of your journey! So if you want to find out what’s on offer, you’re going to have put in the work (or steal the stash once someone else has done it).

Death by a Thousand Hats (Sailor’s Version)

Hopefully you all know by now that over a Community Weekend, we love to sing the praises of our unsung community heroes – and the way we do that is by handing out the very special Hat of Unfeasibly Glorious Fame at an accelerated rate to some of the wonderful pirates we see in and around our social spaces.

Whether you’ve performed an astonishing feat on the seas and would like us to tip the hat in your direction, or you’d like to shout out a crewmate or friend who embodies the Be More Pirate mantra, we’ll be taking nominations all the way up to and during the Event. This is something you can get involved in starting from now – so if there’s something or someone you’d like to draw our attention to, tell us about it on Sea of Thieves social channels (the more info the better) using the #BeMorePirate hashtag!

Come Together, Right Now, On the Sea

As Sea of Thieves continues to evolve alongside you, our glorious community of corsairs, we want to take a moment to once again thank you for making our seas such a splendid place to be. February is set to be a big month for pirates, both on our own shores and slightly more distant ones. There’s never been a better time to be of the pirating persuasion, but there’s something special about those of you who specifically sail the Sea of Thieves. This Community Weekend, let’s show them all how it’s done; let’s not just Be More Pirate, but Be Most Pirate!