Your First Look at What's Coming in Season Ten!

Delve into the details of three major features coming to Sea of Thieves this Season…

The much-anticipated Season Ten is almost here! With only a month to go, we wanted to take a few moments to fill you in on what we’ve been working on for this Season with a snazzy breakdown of the upcoming content. To make sure we didn’t miss anything important, various members of the team sat down to explain some of the new features you can expect to arrive throughout Season Ten, and how they’ll change the way you play Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves Season Ten Preview

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The updates coming your way in Season Ten will be released over the course of several months, ensuring that each one has ample time in the spotlight and the Season remains compelling from start to finish.

First in the line-up, launching with the Season on October 19th, we have Guilds! Offering a new way of playing together with your friends, player-created Guilds will allow up to 24 pirates to unify under a single banner. Guild members can sail on their friends’ pledged ships even when they’re offline, and work towards increasing the shared Guild Reputation to unlock a wealth of new rewards.

And of course, this brand new Guilds feature is just the start. As Season Ten progresses, we’ll go on to debut a new type of world event in the form of a competitive hunt for the Skull of Siren Song! This unique Voyage will be delivered to all crews on a server simultaneously, pitting them against one another in a race to find and deliver the titular ancient artefact.

Then, for players who aren’t looking to get into scraps with other crews, we’ll be opening the way to Safer Seas. An entirely new Sea of Thieves game mode, Safer Seas will let players sail either alone or with a chosen crew of friends within their own private game session! So if you’ve got Tall Tales to complete or fish to catch, or if you simply need to spend time finding your sea legs without interruption, Safer Seas has you covered.

Be aware that it has its limits, though: the reduced risk means reduced rewards, and you won’t be able to explore the full breadth of Sea of Thieves’ offerings while sailing Safer Seas. The more competitive features and advanced aims of the game will remain exclusive to the classic shared-world game mode that we’ll continue to update, which will then be known as High Seas.

Everything mentioned here is just a brief overview of what you can expect through the rest of the year. For the full details of everything we’ve announced so far, make sure you check out our complete Season Ten preview video above, and check back throughout Season Ten for more details on each feature as it’s released into the hands of players!

If a month feels like a long time to wait, don’t worry, there’s plenty going on in the meantime. The third and final instalment of Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island arrives on September 28th, along with a host of other additions and revisions packaged in with our September update.

Immediately after that we’ll be diving into the latest Community Weekend for a full 48 hours of fun, freebies, multipliers and shared stories! We’ll even be stopping by the Tavern for a fun-filled developer stream, so keep an eye on our Twitch channel when Community Weekend kicks off on September 30th.

To make sure you don’t miss anything on the roster before Season Ten, enjoy our latest Sea of Thieves News video below, and we’ll see you soon!

Sea of Thieves News September 20th 2023

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