Sea of Thieves Starts a Tailor-Made Season Ten

Create your own Guild and strengthen your pirate bonds in the latest free update!

Guilds have arrived on the Sea of Thieves! With new cosmetics and Commendations to be unlocked by pirates working together, joining a Guild – or setting up your own – is the start of a new way to forge deeper connections with your friends and fellow corsairs. Sea of Thieves’ much-anticipated tenth season also brings in a series of quality-of-life upgrades, as well as two further content updates coming your way in the months ahead!

Season Ten kicked off on October 19th, opening up another 100 levels of Renown to climb through for a range of exciting rewards. As always, the new content is available free for all players – simply update Sea of Thieves to the latest version and get sailing. You can get a quick catch-up on what to expect from our Season Ten Overview trailer!

Sea of Thieves Season Ten Overview Trailer

Duration 1:12

A lot of changes and additions are coming throughout Season Ten, and not all of them are here just yet. To fill you in on what’s on the horizon for the rest of the Season and when you can expect the new content to drop, make sure you take a look at our Season Ten Preview for all the most important details.

Meanwhile, if you’re ready to get started but setting up a Guild feels a little daunting, never fear! In our recent Guilds Explained video, we filled in the gaps and gave you all the information you’ll need to make the most of Season Ten and start building on those pirate bonds.

Guilds Explained: Official Sea of Thieves Season Ten Gameplay Guide

Duration 3:49

And in case even that doesn’t answer all your questions, we’ve got you covered with a Guilds Deep Dive! Going into more detail on the different systems coming into play with this month’s update, and putting the spotlight on some of the folks involved in bringing them to you, this video breaks down the major features of Guilds and how they can enhance the ways you play Sea of Thieves with friends.

Guilds: Official Sea of Thieves Season Ten Deep Dive

Duration 9:20

With a new update, of course, comes a new flood of fashion to the Pirate Emporium. Lovers of inclement weather are sure to be tempted by the new Season Ten Plunder Pass and start unlocking the tempestuous Stormfish Chaser Hat, Jacket, Hook and complete ship set, while shoppers with an interest in the Sea of Thieves’ nocturnal denizens might want to turn their attention to the shining Silver Sepulchre set.

As the nights draw in and the shadows grow longer, the Pirate Emporium also welcomes some seasonally spooky companions in the form of the Graveyard Grim and Skeleton Pets! There’s a Halloween Sale running from October 28th to November 5th too, and as a final treat, any pirate stopping by the Emporium can snag the Paradise Garden Blunderbuss free of charge for the next month.

Pirate Emporium Update - October 2023

Duration 0:48

As promised in our Season Ten Preview video, the introduction of Guilds is just the start of all the content on offer in this Super Season. In our next monthly update, Guilds is set to be joined by the Skull of Siren Song Voyage, a new type of world event that pits crews against one another in a race to claim a valuable artefact. Following that will be Safer Seas, enabling single crews to sail the Sea of Thieves without interruption from other pirates for the first time.

To keep up to date with what’s happening and when, check back soon or keep an eye on any of our social media channels. Until then, round up some stalwart sailors – you’ve got a Guild to build!