Sea of Thieves’ First Community Day Set for January 30th

This inaugural event offers a smorgasbord of activities for Sea of Thieves sailors!

Here at Rare, we know we have an incredibly special and unique Sea of Thieves community. From fan art and fundraisers to lifelong friendships being formed, not a day goes by where we don’t log in and see a sea of inspiring acts and perfect plays (and stunning puns, which we also enjoy). You constantly make our day – which is why this January, we’re making a concerted effort to make yours.

Yes, the start of 2022 sees us holding our first ever Sea of Thieves Community Day as part of Season Five! This momentous occasion is all about rewarding and celebrating you, our brilliant and spirited sailors – and we’d really love for you to join us for the party on Sunday, January 30th. We have quite the list of ways you can get involved, gathered into this delightful article right here for you all to digest. Scroll on for the full roster of shenanigans!

We Shall Tweet Together

For the first time ever, we’ll be putting the gold and reputation levels in your hands. That’s right: as the community, you will have the power to affect in-game rewards through the power of social media.

Just hop onto Twitter and tweet using the hashtag #SeaOfThievesCommunityDay between Sunday, January 30th and Monday, January 31st (10am GMT both days) to play your part in boosting the Community Emissary Grade. Every time a cumulative community tweet total is hit, we’ll notch up the multiplier on in-game rewards – so the more you all tweet, the more gold and reputation you’ll be able to earn!

We’ll keep you posted on your progress live on the day itself, so make sure you’re following us ahead of time. We’re excited to see how quickly you can level up, as we know you can be quite the noisy bunch when you want to be! As an added bonus, Renown will be boosted too – so there’s lots to play for.

We want to see all your favourite stories and screenshots shared with the hashtag, so make sure you come well-equipped with content to show off. However, if you don’t have any screenshots to hand, don’t worry – on the day, you’ll be able to head to our Community Hub for a shiny share card to signpost your involvement in the festivities.

Tweeting hard as a community will see you hit our top target for the top Emissary Grade and unlock our highest ever reward multiplier – making your treasure an astonishing three-and-a-half times more valuable than it would be during a regular session. Not only that, but the usual reward boosts will apply if you’re sailing as a regular Emissary, meaning huge potential for big gains. Think of what you could do with all that gold – maybe even treat yourself to a Dark Adventurers item! The multiplier will be in effect for a full 24 hours, so you’ll have until 10am GMT on January 31st to hit the seas and rack up some hefty hauls.

Season Five Community Day: Official Sea of Thieves

Duration 1:13

Bag a Fancy Flag

By way of gentle encouragement to set sail and join us, you’ll be greeted with a couple of in-game bonuses upon waking up in the tavern. The Power Chord Emote will be awarded so that you can rock around the Sea of Thieves with your fellow crewmates, but the day’s crowning glory of bonuses is the Season Five Community Day Flag: an exclusive item that will only be available during this Event.

Make sure you take the time to climb your mast and equip the flag when you set sail. We want to see everyone flying their friendly flags high during any special Community Day sessions (even if they have slightly less friendly intentions)!

Watch and Wear Sea of Thieves

We’re keen for players all over the internet to able to benefit from our inaugural Sea of Thieves Community Day, which is why we’re planning some shenanigans on Twitch too. From January 30th to 31st (10am GMT both days), the Gilded Phoenix Tankard will be a Twitch Drop for everyone! This means you can log in and watch any participating streamers play Sea of Thieves for 20 minutes to score yourself a fancy new item. Prepare yourself by heading to our Twitch Drops page if you’ve yet to link your Twitch and Sea of Thieves accounts.

We’ll even be running a special celebratory sale on our Sea of Thieves merchandise store, where for one day only, all products of a piratical persuasion will be discounted by 30% – so if you’ve got your keen corsair eye on some Sea of Thieves-themed merch, shopping on January 30th will ensure your coin travels that little bit further. Just use COMMUNITYDAY at checkout to ensure your discount is applied! As the icing on the cake we’ll be launching a beautiful bespoke Community Day t-shirt, which will only be on sale that day – so you’ll need to be quick if you want to bag this piece of special swag.

Hat’s the Way (Uh-huh Uh-huh) We Like It

Sea of Thieves’ first Community Day will also see us sing the praises of some presently unsung community heroes. Since we went big on #BeMorePirate as a way to show off and share Sea of Thieves feats and creations, we’ve been wowed by (and rewarded many of) your arty and ingenious acts, but for this special day we’re upping the generosity once again. On January 30th, we’ll take a moment to award the Hat of Unfeasibly Glorious Fame to a host of players who’ve stood out to us as unfeasibly glorious pirates in recent months.

Whether you’ve performed an astonishing feat on the seas and would like us to tip the hat in your direction, or you’d like to shout out a crewmate or friend who embodies the Be More Pirate mantra for less specific but no less worthy reasons, we’ll be taking nominations for this mega hat drive all the way up to the big day. This is something you can get involved in starting from now – so if there’s something or someone you’d like to draw our attention to, tell us about it on our social channels (the more info the better) with the #BeMorePirate tag. We’ll be watching!

Come Together, Right Now, Over Sea

Finally, the most important thing you need to do to prepare for the Season Five Community Day is contact your crew – or, if you’re a lone wolf, mark some time in your diary for a serious bit of solo Sloopin’. Plan a session for Sunday, January 30th and plot a course for adventure alongside all our other wonderful pirates in this celebration of Sea of Thieves’ super community. The seas would be a very boring place without our players, and on January 30th, we want to take the time to shine a spotlight on all of you – so be there!