NYCC 2018 marked our second voyage to the Big Apple for a Sea of Thieves Comic Con panel. This time, four of our savviest crewmates Adam, Peter, Joe and Andrew along with the adorable (don't tell him we said that) Pirate Lord plushie set sail to meet fans and showcase the next stage of the game in our panel, Sea of Thieves: Broadening Horizons.

This time our panel featured talk of our newest Bilge Rat Adventure Festival of the Damned, a spotlight on the extended universe, pirate story time and a good old-fashioned sing-song!

Watch the full panel below:

Official Sea of Thieves New York Comic Con 2018 Panel

Duration 53:11

Senior Designer Andrew Preston kicked off the discussion with a look at evolving lore and how it goes far beyond the game world into our extended universe. In previous and upcoming Sea of Thieves content updates, players encounter characters and events who are not all creations of the game but may originate from other Sea of Thieves projects such as novels and comic series.

With that said, have you ever wondered why mermaids choose to save pirates lost at sea? Or how and why the Sea of Thieves came to exist? From Rare's Brand & Licensing team, Art Director Peter and Senior Producer Adam dove into ways for players to bolster their experience of Sea of Thieves through our comics, merchandise and our new novel Athena's Fortune. With the extended universe, the team hope to further enhance future updates and make the player experience even more memorable, "for all the fans looking for a deeper sense of engagement with the world".

Executive Producer Joe Neate wrapped up the panel by going into detail about the ways in which fans have already made their mark on the world and how players can continue to get involved.

Want more lore? We also held a Live Q&A in the Sea of Thieves Forums earlier this week with Chris Allcock, author of the recently launched Athena's Fortune novel, giving you even more insights to rummage through!

Sea of Thieves is heavily influenced by you and your unique pirate adventures (many of which go on to be featured in the Pirate Times), whether you're sailing the sea solo as the ocean's finest treasure hunter or gathering together a ruthless crew of skeleton slayers. Whatever your story, tell us on the Sea of Thieves Forums or social media channels below, where players like you are sharing their tales right now!