Five crews. Four gilded Xboxes. One Arena. Rare has thrown down the gauntlet ahead of E3 2019, challenging four Mixer Partners and their crews to compete against a Rare crew in this special Battle for LA!

This all-star invitational tournament is hosted by Xbox Game Studios and Mixer, and will take place within the Sea of Thieves Arena, where true pirates are tested and forged. Four Mixer Partners and their crews will be competing in this seafaring skirmish – not just against each other, but against a fifth crew cherry-picked by Rare! Stay posted for updates on confirmed challengers on Sea of Thieves social channels later in the week.

We're planning a series of fast and fun matches, which will mix up the usual Arena formula by allowing crews to score in two ways. Firstly, they can earn points based on their ability to master The Arena as normal, by cashing in chests, defeating pirates, sinking enemy ships and so on. For a cheeky twist we'll also be adding secret, special objectives revealed on the day, worth bonus points to the savviest sailors. When the prizes are this epic, you should make people work for them!

What prizes are those? Well, aside from the glory of beating their peers in this special event, the winning crew will each loot a gold-plated Xbox One X console! Yes, an actual Xbox One X, plated in actual gold. A truly prestigious prize, befitting the true Pirate Legends of LA.

Rare's Senior Brand & Licensing Producer Adam Park said: "Mixer have been a great partner for us, especially with the implementation of Mixer Loot that allows us to reward people for viewing streams, which is a huge benefit to streamers and their followers alike. With E3 being such a focal point for the gaming world, we thought 'what better place to bring together some of Sea of Thieves' most prominent streamers to fight it out in the Arena?'. We're planning a real clash of titans, with some fun twists that will put some classic Rare mischief into the mix."

Official Sea of Thieves Content Update: The Arena

Duration 2:17

Come and watch these famous faces do battle live on Mixer, on Monday June 10th from 11am–2pm PT, and you'll also be entered into an exclusive MixPot with a chance to win the Onyx Four Pack. That includes the Onyx Compass, Onyx Shovel, Onyx Tankard and Onyx Bucket, a set that could make even the filthiest pirate look stylish at sea.

Tune in to on Monday 10th and support your favourite crew (ahem, Rare) as the cannons roar and ships collide in the premier pirating event of the summer!