Legends of the Sea took over from December’s Festival of Giving update, where festive feelings ran high and pirates dug deep into their plunder-filled pockets to splash out on gifts for their crewmates. At least that’s what they told us. As we sail on towards our next update, Crews of Rage, join us in looking through some of January’s biggest achievements and recognising the seafarers who left their mark one way or another.

After the merry celebrations of the Festival of Giving, most crews went back to their day-to-day adventuring or on to seek out previously immortalised adventurers, but one pair of pirates were reluctant to end the festivities. Despite numerous concerned warnings from their respective crews, these two separate seafarers earned a dubious joint record during this update by vomiting 61 times each in their bid to become fully fledged human volcanoes.

More trying times in the heat of combat forced crews to get creative with what they loaded into their cannons, some even using their unwitting pets. Setting another record, a daredevil known as Cpt Nixson sent himself hurtling across the skies 1,368 times during Legends of the Sea, and still lives to tell the tale. Thanks to the Ferryman, of course.

Whether your crew is sailing the open sea, heading into ship-to-ship combat or waving farewell to your sinking Sloop from ashore, nothing marks the occasion better than a good shanty! In fact, one trusty bard took it upon themselves to break into song a remarkable 17,993 times. Even being locked below deck in the brig couldn’t stop this performer from belting out a tune or two.

In a quest to master the elements, some pirates may fall victim to that which is out of their control. Many a daring member of The Hunter’s Call chasing the Stormfish fell victim to a stray lightning bolt – such is the risk of trying to catch such an elusive creature. Z3roProduct was struck a shocking 145 times while sailing, shovelling and shooting their way to becoming this month’s most notable not-so-lucky lightning rod!

Speaking of the elements, RJGPLATINUM set quite a record during The Seabound Soul content update, spending a whopping two hours and forty minutes ablaze. However, with Legends of the Sea came a new contender for the title of Human Torch: one ever-flammable pirate spent two hours and fifty-five minutes blazing a trail across the Sea of Thieves, narrowly dethroning the previous record holder and claiming all the bragging rights.

Recently, we were proud to partner up with the gaming charity SpecialEffect, giving players a chance to donate to their cause while snagging some pretty nifty sails. It is with a great deal of joy that we can confirm the Noble Pathfinder Sails raised over £76,000 for the charity! We want to say a massive thank you to all players who got into the giving mood and picked these up. This month we will be teaming up with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to offer another set of swanky sails. The Valiant Dawn Sails will be available in the Pirate Emporium when February’s content update launches!

This concludes our look back at what legends were made in January’s update! We recently had a catch-up with Aaron from the Sea of Thieves Design team, who kindly walked us through how the immortalisations came about in a behind-the-scenes chat. Now Crews of Rage is just around the corner, where an explosive new chest has begun appearing, as well as the much-requested ability to change your pirate’s appearance. Grab your crew and set sail in our second free content update of the year when it goes live February 19th. See you on the seas!