Join the Creator Crew and Share Your Adventures!

Interested in content creation? Find out more about our latest initiative for Sea of Thieves players!

Ahead of that most wonderful time of the year – International Talk Like A Pirate Day – we’re delighted to announce the launch of the Creator Crew, a new programme for creatively minded Sea of Thieves fans who enjoy making and sharing content around the game.

Ever since the earliest days of development, Sea of Thieves was designed to be a game in which players could create their own unique and memorable stories. These stories – in turn exhilarating, suspenseful, surprising and hilarious – have often made for great viewing and we’re humbled that Sea of Thieves has been played by some of the world’s best-known and loved content creators.

But we’re also incredibly proud of the army of players who create Sea of Thieves content for the sheer love of it, to share with their friends and showcase their creativity and gaming skills. Since launch, 593,000 players have livestreamed the game, with hundreds of thousands more sharing content across Xbox Live, social media or YouTube. The creativity, humour and storytelling ability shown by our creators has been an inspiration to us, and they’ve played a huge role in making Sea of Thieves the game and the community it is today.

Official Sea of Thieves Creator Crew Announce Trailer

Duration 2:29

The Creator Crew is our way of saying thank you to our creative community, and to support the millions like them who’d like to start making content but lack the specific knowledge or spark to get started. Join the Creator Crew today and you can:

  • Unlock exclusive in-game rewards by streaming the game, including an eye-catching Creator Crew sail together with gold, Doubloons and exclusive Player Titles. You can start earning these rewards in just a few minutes, so jump in!
  • Submit your video content to share with the Sea of Thieves community and get featured on the Creator Crew website or through our regular Creator Spotlights. Who knows, you could be famous!
  • Watch a range of high-quality tutorial videos that teach the basics of creating content and provide invaluable tips for improving your output. Produced by members of the Sea of Thieves community and Rare’s in-house team, these videos are perfect for aspiring creators or those looking to learn a new skill!
  • Access a private Forum where you can meet and share ideas with other creatively minded players in the Creator Crew. Be part of our community of creators!
  • Download our Creator Asset Pack of imagery, audio and visuals that can make creating content easier!
  • Becoming a member of the Creator Crew is quick, easy and free: simply join through our new Creator Crew page. All you need to do is sign in and link your Mixer or Twitch account. And if you don’t already have a Twitch or Mixer account, set up a free Twitch account here or Mixer account here.

    We look forward to welcoming you to the Creator Crew and can’t wait to see the stories you tell and the content you share. See you on the seas!