It's that time of year again when pirates hear a nagging voice in the back of their heads telling them that life's not all about gold and Doubloons. It's also about the satisfaction of shattering Skeleton Lords, the glee of snagging a Shadow Stormfish and the adrenaline rush of a frantic Fort raid. Anything else? Oh, it's also about relationships. That's the point we wanted to make. We remember now.

Whether you brave the open ocean as part of a full crew or as a multitasking sea hermit, it never hurts to have a special someone in your thoughts. It's even better if they know you're thinking about them, so we've created these free Sea of Thieves-themed card designs to present to your preferred pirating partner! Just pick a favourite design from the four below and grab the full-size printable version via the link beneath the image, or plunder them all in a single download right here – including a fifth design from the range posted on the Rare site! Want one as a print or T-shirt? Got you covered.

And don't stop there: scroll on down for info on a new addition to Sea of Thieves' official downloadable soundtrack!

Click here for a full-size version of the above image

We've also marked the occasion by expanding Sea of Thieves' downloadable soundtrack with 'The Wild Rose', theme to the most romantic of Tall Tales. Check out the official artwork below, listen to it via Spotify and download it through any of the services listed! We've even thrown in a clean version of the original artwork (as seen in the header image at the top of the page) to use as desktop wallpaper, which you can grab right here.

A few words on the track itself from composer Robin Beanland:

"For 'The Wild Rose' I wanted to write something that would tug at the heartstrings, as it's quite a sad love story. I really like the wistful melody that makes its journey around a Bb major chord, an Eb minor chord and a solitary G minor chord. I originally wrote something quite different, but on returning from the 2018 Christmas break, I immediately scrapped what I had as I thought it sounded a bit 'regal' and not very romantic... but that melody later made a return (with different instrumentation) as the main theme for 'The Fate of the Morningstar' Tall Tale. Hope you like it!"

Catch up with us at the Sea of Thieves Forums or on our social channels below! Let us know your thoughts on the track and which card design you went with – Kraken comparison, enthusiastic shipping, Wild Rose reunion or not-at-all-sinister winged monkey – and how well it was received. We hope the sentiment was returned and you set sail today with a heart full of beautiful, sparkling gold. Love! We meant to say love.