A couple of weeks ago we spent a long weekend at EGX, close to home in the Birmingham NEC. We set up in the Xbox area with 12 stations ready for crews to embark and create their very own Sea of Thieves adventures. There were notorious swashbucklers, intrepid explorers and countless melodies sung with gusto! Anticipation was teeming and wait times occasionally hit the four-hour mark, so it’s safe to say all the most eager buccaneers were out in full force.

Check out our recap video to hear exactly what those daring pirates thought of their maiden Sea of Thieves voyage!

Sea of Thieves: EGX 2017 Show Floor Player Reactions

Duration 3:41

Yearning for more EGX piratey goodness? Jon McFarlane, our Community Video Manager, offers a few thoughts on his latest convention experience:

“It was great to have the opportunity to take Sea of Thieves to EGX 2017 and have the game playable for the first time (outside the Insider Programme) in the UK. Having personally been to almost all of the other big shows this year, it was awesome to see that the great British public were no less enthused about getting their hands on the game than any other country.

“These events can be exhausting, but being surrounded by people who are as excited to be playing the game as you are about making it makes it a whole lot easier. We are always humbled by the time that people will spend queueing to play the game, and ecstatic to hear phrases like ‘Game of the show’ and ‘Worth the wait’ after they have finished their sessions! In fact, time and time again at these shows we see people coming back for second and third rounds on the game, getting into character and singing shanties or just plain laughing their heads off.

“Just like our game, what I love about these shows is the social aspect, whether it’s chatting to fans who you interact with online but never meet, or making new friends. Here’s to many more!”  

Our adventures in 2017 are far from over.