Following the legendary goings-on in the Legends of the Sea update, February saw the seas engulfed in the fiery fury of Crews of Rage and its new Cursed Chest. Screams of anger echoed out as pirates attempted to tame the flames of the Chest of Rage, resulting in quite a number of ship-based fires. Heart of Fire is rapidly approaching, so what better time to peruse the most notorious records set in February’s content update?

Molten Sands Fortress was under siege by hordes of Ashen Skellies, but that didn’t stop the brave souls out there from diving in head-first. With such threats as The Mutinous Helmsman, The Duchess and The Two-Faced Scoundrel awaiting those going after the increased haul, pirates were truly put to the test. This lone fort was completed a whopping 109,670 times up to the point our stats were taken on March 4th, which meant a whole lot of loot was pried from the clutches of those dastardly Skeleton Lords.

In a bid to complete a fresh set of Commendations, a wealth of skellies fell at the hands of bold buccaneers – 60,568,138 to be exact! This isn’t to say it was all smooth sailing this month, as many seafarers met their untimely demise. The Ferryman had his hands full, accommodating a total of 11,513,152 visits from unfortunate souls.

With a certain irritable wooden fellow cropping up all over the place, collectors were keen to get their hands on the Chest of Rage, despite its anger management issues. Players were more than happy to look past its explosive personality to pick up the Commendations and gold, as a massive 370,884 of those scorchers were turned in. Thanks to their value, these hot-tempered treasures were also top targets for theft, resulting in 82,951 being snatched by rival crews.

Crews grabbed their buckets and attempted to calm the flames of rage, sometimes to no avail. Unlucky ships were engulfed in flames 1,375,175 times, resulting in many frantic screams of “grab a bucket!”. Don’t presume that this was all the work of our loveable crate of warmth, however. Sure, it may have caused one or two fires here and there, but 6,554,296 firebombs were thrown, undoubtedly causing several impromptu campfires. It isn’t angry, just misunderstood.

And that brings you all up to speed on what players got up to during the Crews of Rage update in February. We also politely pestered two of our wonderful game developers, George Orton and Josh Mitchell, for some insights into the creation of the Chest of Rage and the update itself in a behind-the-scenes catch-up recently. Be sure to check out the thoughts and inspirations behind our most recent update, and we’ll be sure to let them out of the brig soon.

Players will be getting busy with the new Blunderbomb, checkmating rival crews with the chainshot and assisting Sir Arthur Pendragon in another Tall Tale when the Heart of Fire content update goes live later in March. See you on the seas!