Creator Spotlight - TizzyTam

Make-up, camera, Spotlight! Get to know another freshly inducted streaming Partner…

A cosplaying corsair and a host at both SoTFest and the Merfolk’s Lullaby Awards, this content creator is never afraid to strut her stuff in the name of some good pirate content, often in on-brand make-up or full-blown pirate costumes. We decided it was time to have a chat with another streamer recently welcomed into the Partner Programme, so we caught up with the one and only TizzyTam!

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[Q]: What was your introduction to the world of games?

[A]: This is going to sound very odd, but my mum got me into games at a young age playing Zeus: Master of Olympus followed by getting my first ever PlayStation 1 where I would spend hours playing Crash Bandicoot. Me and my mum used to spend ages playing these games together. This then led me onto The Sims where I used to spend more of my time creating houses than playing the game.

Also, seeing as I know I am getting asked many questions, I have one for those reading this right now: what was your favorite childhood game? Mine was Worms. “Incoming!”

[Q]: How did you become part of the Sea of Thieves community?

[A]: I remember originally people telling me about the game from an old community I was in, but I had no-one to play it with. Then my partner Chris told me to get the game as it was fun, so I did and just casually sailed with him. We then got a crew with my friends Giddy and Div and ended up playing most evenings doing PvE together. Not long after this, I started watching streamers playing and saw how much more there was to Sea of Thieves. This led me into playing a lot more PvP. I loved the idea of trying to battle people for loot or to protect my own.

[Q]: How did creating content become your ‘thing’?

[A]: I used to stream GTA RP and took a huge break. One day, Chris said try streaming Sea of Thieves and I had no idea that there were Partner Drops that day. A lovely streamer called Asylum then raided me on my first stream in like two years. This motivated me into streaming. I honestly appreciate all the support people gave me from the start... and even though they tell me not to thank them I STILL WILL.

[Q]: How do you decide what kind of content to create?

[A]: I still don’t know if I have decided. I enjoy the livestreaming side of content creation more, but that’s because I am bad at editing.

[Q]: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced while creating content?

[A]: I had a period of time where I felt boxed in. I felt I owed people thanks for helping me achieve my goals. I felt like I had to follow their advice when in fact I started to lose my own way. I didn’t believe in myself. However, some amazing people in the Sea of Thieves community helped me to see this, and reminded me that I have worked hard and tried my best. They supported me a lot through a hard time.

[Q]: What different channels do you have?

[A]: I mainly use Twitch, but I also am on TikTok where I try to do some short Makaton videos. I hope to focus more on TikTok this year.

[Q]: What do you enjoy most about the game now, and what are you looking forward to in future?

[A]: I really enjoy the unknowns. The fact that each day is different. One day I could be completing a Legend of the Veil Voyage in only a Cannon Rowboat with my friend Randy, and the next I could be getting into some intense PvP with Spammals and Doughzer.

[Q]: What’s been your most memorable Sea of Thieves moment so far?

[A]: SoTFest 22 – hosting and meeting all the amazing people in the Sea of Thieves community was amazing. I loved meeting people who I have played with or fought against, and people who have just chilled in my chat and Discord. I have a lot of anxiety when meeting people, and it helped me come out of my shell a lot. I also loved meeting the team who work on the game.

[Q]: What’s something you’re particularly proud of accomplishing in gaming?

[A]: I really enjoyed completing the Legend of the Veil using Cannon Rowboats only. We used two Rowboats in total but did NOT use the boat at all from the start. It was very long and stressful, but Randy was a pro at using the oars.

[Q]: How did you come up with your channel name?

[A]: I just remember having an old Club Penguin account called TizzyTam. I think it was because I liked the name of the chocolate bar Tim Tams! I have no idea, all I know is I played Club Penguin and Habbo Hotel with those names.

[Q]: What do you like to get up to when you’re not streaming?

[A]: I like to play other videogames and watch Star Wars. I love Star Wars now. I have watched Star Wars in chronological order including all the miniseries. I even feel that Sea of Thieves and Star Wars have MANY similarities… Flameheart is Emperor Palpatine and Belle or Larinna are Anakin before he turns into Darth Vader… oh, and Pendragon is Jar Jar Binks. Umm, I’d better stop there before I get too carried away…

[Q]: What advice would you give to a new content creator?

[A]: Be yourself – have fun in what you do. If something is not going well, think of ways to overcome it. People come to see you, not to see you trying to be someone else.

Also, make sure your work/life balance is good. Your own mental health is important. Talk to people when you need to, because content creation can cause anxiety and stress. Never keep this to yourself.

[Q]: What’s one thing you would advise a content creator not to do?

[A]: Never feel pressured to be someone you are not, or to feel that someone is responsible for your success. Take pride in what YOU have done and how hard YOU are working. You are the person who presses the live button every time you stream. You are the one that people are there to watch. You support people even with the smallest actions you do. Be that person you may have looked up to.

[Q]: Could you give us one more random fact about yourself?

[A]: I suddenly thought of my random fact after sitting here thinking for around 20 minutes. I used to be a radio DJ for Euro Truck Radio (Simulator radio).

And so ends another Creator Spotlight. Thank you so much to TizzyTam for taking the time to speak to us. We’re excited to follow her journey as a new Sea of Thieves Partner and to hopefully see her return to SoTFest in 2023 and beyond!

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