Arena Tavern Waiting Time Improvements

Find out more about our efforts to pick up the pace of crew vs. crew play!

Note: The Arena game mode was removed from Sea of Thieves on March 10th, 2022. The content below has been preserved as a snapshot of the time it was originally published. You can find more information on The Arena's closure by following this link.

The Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update has been out for a little over two weeks now, and in that time the team has been busy reading through your thoughts and feedback.

One area in which we’ve received a lot of helpful feedback is The Arena, with long waiting times being a major point of discussion. Well, as of today some changes have been implemented to make waiting times between Arena contests much shorter, and our Producer Jason has put together a write-up of what you can expect going forward. Over to Jason!

Jason Cross, Producer of The Arena here with a quick set of changes to The Arena tavern waiting times.

We have been reading your feedback every day here at Rare, and wanted to improve the tavern flow so that we can get you back into the action faster whilst keep matchmaking performing effectively.

We have just implemented the following changes which you will begin to experience immediately:

Reward Timer: 15 seconds – down from two minutes.
Staging Timer: One minute – down from five minutes.
Ready Timer: One minute – unchanged.


Reward Timer: Time spent in the tavern following a contest when rewards are given and the banners are unfurled.
Staging Timer: Time spent searching for a fifth crew when you have four crews in the tavern. When this timer expires, your game begins the Ready Timer.
Ready Timer: Time spent when all crews are ready to go, the countdown music begins to play and you can prepare for battle!

In most circumstances, your maximum wait time in the Sea Dogs Tavern will be two minutes and 15 seconds, where previously you could have waited for over six minutes.

Your wait time will still be extended if you are matched with three crews or fewer, as the optimal Arena experience is with 4-5 crews. We want you to have the best time possible!

Thank you all for your feedback. Each comment helps us make The Arena a better experience for everyone.

See you in battle.

- 'Cast Away' Cross